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Past “Apprentice” Winner Calls Out Donald Trump’s Disgusting Behavior

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Past “Apprentice” Winner Calls Out Donald Trump’s Disgusting Behavior

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BY:  Giovanni Zaburoni

The Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has changed the political landscape in this country in a way that is sure to have lasting consequences.  He’s loved by all-right white nationalists which is just a politically correct term for white racists.  He’s openly insulted Mexicans, Muslims, at least one Gold Star military family, and recently a video released from 2005 resurfaced showing him and television personality Billy Bush having a misogynistic conversation where Trump said he could “grab women by the pu**y.  This latest gaffe has caused an uproar nationwide and has caused an even greater division amongst the Republican Party.  The Republicans didn’t really care when Trump was calling Mexicans rapists or calling for a ban on all Muslims or asking for the return of Stop and Frisk policies in minority communities because these groups are not a major part of the Republican base.  But when Trump started talking about assaulting white women, who are part of the Republican base, people started denouncing him and his candidacy.

The Republican Party brought this on themselves.  Donald Trump is the candidate they deserve and he accurately represents what the party has become over the past several years.  Trump has never hid who he is and the racial and misogynistic overtones of his campaign has been documented in the past by people who have worked with Trump on his show “The Apprentice” and the “Miss USA” contest and they are speaking out.  

According to the Daily Mail, Former Apprentice winner Randall Pinkett says he was subjected to racist comments and experienced institutional racism while working with Trump’s company.  Pinkett says, “After Donald declared me the winner and said, ‘Randal, you’re hired,’ he asked me a question that he had never asked any contestant prior and never asked of any contestant after me. He asked me if I wanted to share a title with the white runner-up.  The better question is: Why did Donald ask me to share? And my only answer is that he did not want to have an African-American to have a clear, clean, full victory.  Leading up to my finale, Donald was interviewed by US Weekly and when the interviewer asked asked what he thought about the two of us, he said that he thought I was lazy and he thought that she was beautiful.”  While working within Trump’s organization, Pinkett says he didn’t see any executives of color. “I never sat in a room with another person of color over my entire year there other than the person I saw in the mirror.”

Reality television star NeNe Leakes was a judge during the “Miss USA 2019” contest.  She said, “You pretty much knew who was going to win. You’re just kind of told in a way that this person’s going to win. We don’t have any control.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, sources who worked closely with Trump say he didn’t want any Black women to be in the top ten of the competition and “He was very concerned one year. He did not want one woman to win because she was Puerto Rican.”

Now that the whole world has seen Trump in action, these accusations are not surprising.  If anything, it’s just sad that almost half of the country doesn’t care that this is who he is.  They still want him to be the most powerful person in the world.  

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