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Dr. Boyce: I Agree with Roland Martin – We Must Ask Hard Questions of Obama

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Dr. Boyce: I Agree with Roland Martin – We Must Ask Hard Questions of Obama

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In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins points out that he agrees with Roland Martin that it’s time to start asking hard questions of the Obama Administration.  Yvette Carnell also writes that for years, she and others have been pushing black leadership to challenge the president to help the black agenda to move forward, and that Obama has failed on that issue.

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  1. Lynn

    June 16, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Dr. Boyce. It seems to me that it might be helpful to put the failure of black leadership to challenge Obama for three years in the context of certain events that happened during the 2008 campaign.
    In particular, the public lynching (by the media) of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. I was a member of Trinity United Church of Christ at that time (and still am). I remember being particularly aware of (and disturbed by) the broad sentiment among average black people that Rev. Wright should just “shut up.” I heard this often, especially after his press club appearance. One example: one day as I and a few other members were getting off the bus a few feet from the church, the bus driver — a middle aged black man who had been talking politics to some passengers — screamed loudly from the open door to us “And tell Rev. Wright to shut up!”

    The vibe back then was that anyone jeopardizing Obama’s chances in anyway should be silenced. The sad part is that this demand was coming from the black community itself. Our own community was telling genuine black leaders — men like Rev. Wright, who spent 36 impressive years faithfully and tirelessly serving his people — to “shut up” and be silent for a politically untested upstart who had no visible record of service in the black community. This was the mistake that numerous black people made: believing it was okay to throw a “lion” for the community under the bus for someone who had yet to prove themselves as loyal to our cause. In my opinion, many black political leaders had to have consciously or unconsciously learned from what happened to Rev. Wright; surely none of them wanted to attract the ire of the black community — their own constituents — the way Rev. Wright did.

    So, in being silent and not challenging Obama, it’s almost safe to say that black congressional leadership gave their constituents what they clearly and most emphatically were showing that they wanted back in 2008-2010: unquestioned loyalty to Obama and total silence. Now that the bloom has fallen from the Obama rose, and people increasingly have the ability to question their own unquestioned loyalty to him, it may be becoming safer in the political environment for people to criticize Obama without being lynched publicly plus rejected by their own people for saying or doing something that “jeopardizes” him.

    In sum, what happened to Rev. Wright was an object lesson for other black leaders: if you attract negative attention to Obama in any way, you’ll be castigated, scorned, chastised and cast out — by the very people you have loved and fought for all your life. We have to revisit and learn from this experience as a people: it was Rev. Wright, and people like him, who deserved our unconditional support, not Obama. By felling Rev. Wright, Obama began a process that has reverberated adverse consequences not only in the sphere of black politics (where black people have essentially abandoned their role as a prophetic people for Obama’s sake) but also, I believe, in black higher education, where (it seems to me) it has become safe to attack and dismantle Africana/African-American Studies programs that train people to have the kind of “unashamed and unapologetic” critically fine-tuned thinking that Rev. Wright has. Through the Wright incident, the message was sent loudly and clearly to white university officials that had stayed their hands with these programs for many years that black people themselves were no longer interested in protecting these kind of thinkers (and the programs that produce them) in the “Age of Obama.” This has left the flanks of such programs wide open to Universities who felt/feel the time was/is ripe to neuter them. And why not? If Wright’s perspective is antiquated — a relic of the past — and something that black people themselves are ready to do away with in the name of “progress”, then why protect/maintain these programs?

    I’m getting long-winded, and will “shut up” now, : ), but just want to say in closing that Rev. Wright was then and is now emblematic of our civil rights and black power ethos — the best of what we have been and are in modern history — and when black people sanctioned and supported his being “thrown under the bus”, they essentially sanctioned and supported everything he’d stood for being thrown under the bus with him. As some wise person once said, “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.”

    • Lynn Brewer

      June 16, 2018 at 4:51 pm

      Just adding this post to add my full name, Lynn Brewer, to the comment that was added above. Thank you.

    • Down south transplant

      June 17, 2018 at 1:33 am

      here here, i one did not find objectionable anything that Rev Wright said he just called it out as it was and has been and continue to be.
      Would i not question my parent’s on where the family was heading as a unit, of course out of concern and need for updating, not out of disrespect but as a member of the family, so Barrack has some ‘xplaining to do if we still have questions or see no progress:) Just saying

      Ps pliz don’t try to shut up:)) if in doubt,(or just need to) speak up, speak loud.

  2. Jacqueline

    June 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    I totally agree. Although I’ll will vote for President Obama. He doesn’t even let the word African American come out of his mouth. Ourr fight to get what right is not totally up to the president. We must band together and help pull each other up. But we do need some help from him. And being mumble and not saying anything is not going to help.

  3. Jackson

    June 16, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Hi Boyce,

    You are right. The so call black leadership are in bed with the Obama administration so, they won’t speak on how he has ignored the African-American community issues. The only politician who has said something is Maxine Waters. In the inner city black people are killing each other left right and center, and he as remain silent. He is from Chicago. Black talk radio never criticize him because, if they do, they will be out of a job. I will not vote for Obama in November and I have decided to change from a Democrate to an Independent.

  4. wil-lie

    June 16, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    what i see is that black do not understand real life…..it all come from the grounds…dirty….everything is on top of the ground or under the grounds….and we as blacks do not have anything to do with this organize…every black men and black women want to be rich…by playing sports and you can see what these cracker are doing with them or they want to be rich by playing music and acting and that’s ok also but you can see what the electronic system have done “destroyed the music and film or have taken a lot of the money away do to downloading” {we know the white people are going to steal our music but we don’t have to} and we can see that the white European have bought Mexican in from Mexico and gave them all the ground jobs the real power jobs, {food growing the most important system in the world}{live stock, chickens, turkey, cow’s hogs, fish, ect…the only thing i eat is chicken and turkey and fish so…….these things are the job creator’s and will all ways be alone with packaging systems and with refrigeration…..{this is first} the communication system 100 % everybody and their mama is talking online about bull shyt…..we can build our on face book…but we need to take our census for black people see where all our people are and what they are going and give them a black social security number and put it in our data bank…keep the white social security # to do your business in white America…..as we build these full poof jobs and work with the world on trade….but first we need knew black leader new black churches to praise god and build businesses,,, sorry al and Jessie you have been here long enough….and we need you set a standard on what we make what kind of tax system….yes I’m talking about build our own system in America……if you kill a man then you die simple…and you will be truly judge by your brothers that will give you the right decision and not kkk decision’s…..it will take a lot of work to build a good system for us for everybody…and the banks will not run our government’ government will run the banks….and we will all have investment in the new America country…..hell we can keep a lot of the constitution…..this is the only way

  5. W. GIPSON

    June 16, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    I am absolytely appalled by the amenesty program. Your amnesty
    program is akin to placing a dagger in the backs of Black citizens.
    Mr. President, have rewarded those who have broken American
    laws and failed those who followed the law. In Los Angeles many
    Blacks are hurting for jobs while facing prejudice and racism and if
    anybody should know about this it should be you. You have
    accepted samesex marriage who will be insisting their partners
    should have more and ignored the male and female marriage. Every one of these items affects Black Americans who came to D.C
    stood in the rain and cold to see the first Black President installed.
    Or have you forgotten while you are on Air Force One costing $181K per hour to operate. I will not vote for you again.

  6. nedrea scott

    June 17, 2018 at 12:07 am

    Some of the comments here actually surprise me. But the one that shocks me the most is the commentary by Wil – lie. I am African Irish Native American, and I do agree that we should be segregated from Society and reality. People in this century of realistic simplicities, and not fantasy, have connections to other race’s and ethnicities, and everyone who is African American has different views on how things should be governed.

    There is no such thing as having a white world and a black world. I not only agree, believe and abide by the Civil Rights Act as well as the Affirmative Action Act, but I believe in harmony and peace within a community of diversified people. The idea of segregation and the idea of re- institutioning jim crow laws do not sit well with me, and this will never happen again because it is against the law and violates the United States Constitution.

    I believe that everyone can live together, and yes, I do know about the the terrible things that are happening to blacks, but our progress in ignorance is not helping things any and I refuse to sit and cry whoast me, when I can simply get up and be the bigger part that see’s a problem and help be a part of the solution, so none of what you said makes any sense at all.

  7. nedrea scott

    June 17, 2018 at 12:14 am

    To add a correction to my earlier statement listed above, I DO NOT AGREE that we should be segregated and I DO NOT support this preposterous foolery.

  8. Mary

    June 17, 2018 at 1:55 am

    Instead of asking the president for help why don’t we ask ourselves what we can do to improve our lives. Every time we ask someone to help Blacks it just reinforces that we feel inadequate to help ourselves. We as a race need to do what the other races do to get ahead. You see the Hispanic people starting businesses. They may not make a lot of money but they make enough to support their families. Hispanic and other ethnic groups support their own but in the Black community we do not. Yes we go to our barbers, hairdressers and undertakers but that is the extent of out support. Do you use Black plumbers, carpenters etc. when you need something done. The Black community has great wealth but we do not keep it in our community. We spend our money in the white community and help them get rich and then we complain about no jobs.
    Our children are as intelligent as any other group but do we encourage and help them stay in school. Do we mentor them and make them feel they can do anything they set their mind on. Immigrants coming to America outperfom us. They are starting businesses. Making their children go school, get good grades and finish college. We don’t need the President or anyone else to help us. We need to help ourselves. Whenever you have to ask someone to give you special consideration, then you are saying to them that you are less then they are. Do you hear Jewish people asking the President to help them get ahead? No. They catch as much hell as we do. All I want is to be treated fairly and if I am not then the laws of this land should support my equality.
    Let us devise plans to help each other get ahead.

    • Daisy123

      June 18, 2018 at 2:32 am

      @Mary, the last time I checked, it is the president’s job to help the citizens of his country. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with Blacks/African Americans asking the president for help. The facts are he has helped all other races especially Hispanics who didn’t put him in office, Blacks did. Also there are numerous programs giving lots of fundng and support to Hispanic to start their business and go to school for free with no documentation needed.

      Check ur facts, Obama has willingly helped every other race and social causes that include the Jews, while blantantly ignoring issues specific to Blacks who are the most negatively affected from historic and current racism. Adding further insult are Black tokens, athletes, celebritiies, and self-described Black leaders who don’t value their race.

      Obama and Michelle need to be called out because both have failed Blacks. Suffering poor Black communities who have been living on top of toxic dumps and dying from it have pleaded for Michelle’s help but she has totally ignored their pleas.

      So yes, Obama and Co need to be held accountable for his part in the continuing and escalation of racism against Blacks. Please save the White man won’t let him do right by Blacks excuse because if one is about doing what’s fair, right and just, then nothing can prevent him from doing so…..


    June 17, 2018 at 3:31 am

    You didn’t pressure Bush and others about the “black agenda”,so now you’ve had an epifany? Give me a break! He’s not Pres.of some people…he’s Pres.of the U.S.A. Roland Martin should stop dressing like a pimp and donate his money to a worthy “Black” cause.
    CHOICE. AND SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Blackallaround365

    June 17, 2018 at 6:34 am

    Rev. Wright will go down in history as a Gatekeeper and champion for justice for his people. Who never compromises the truth as it relates to the history of his people in United States of America. How can you pastor a black people who suffers daily at the hands of white people in this racist society. A true man of god should be expected to speak to the plight and sufferings of his congregations.

    We should know anything less would be a failure to meet the needs of the people he has been called to serve by god. The systems we encounter in our daily lives are so entrenched with racism and bias. The inequalities are staggering. I would think america’s black citizenry should be praying for god to remove them immediately from this unjust and ungodly place.

    If black Americans are so caught up and are convince we are all serving the same god as white Americans. I would suggest we find the nearest exit door and escape this hell of existence here on earth.

    Where I have some level of admiration and respect for the president. I could never willing fully put that kind of trust in a politician. Who at the end of the day rarely delivers what he promises in a democracy. They mostly all have a history of promising the black citizenry their due if they would just be patient.

    If I remember in the last 12 years The no shame in his game President George Bush said pull “yourselves up by your bootstrap”. The most honorable President Obama said “the tide will rise.”

    Do we ever get in anything in return for our vote? Do they have any reason to take black democrats seriously any more? Do we have expectations of them anymore?

    If you live in the same america that we all live in. We know very little has changed in the lives of america’s black citizenry.

    Why compare apples to oranges?

  11. Erik

    June 17, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    A day late and a dollar short. I am a 41 year old black man from NYS. Now you want to start asking the Illuminati puppet Barack Obama some hard questions? You people kill me.
    Why did the “Constitutional Scholar re authorize the Patriot Act that screws the Constitution? What did he sign the National Defense Authorization Act that allows him and future Presidents to kill American citizens without trials or arrest them indefinately? Its amazing how none of you will ever see this man for who and what he really is, a Zionist, Illuminati plant. He is the same as Bush Jr and Senior, the same as Clinton and you are all brainwashed fools for voting for the evil bastard.

    • bennie

      June 18, 2018 at 1:35 am

      you are right

  12. Joseph L. Bass, EdD

    June 17, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    “We must ask hard questions of Obama.” Why? There are at least four Your Black World articles about Obama in just this one email. One of them deals with a Harvard study that says that racism cost Obama 3 to 5 percent of the popular vote. What percentage of the popular vote did Obama get because of racism? Did something like 97 percent of blacks vote for Obama because they agreed with his policies or did a large percentage of blacks vote for him because he’s black? If they voted for him because he’s black, that was racism. Clearly most black voters had no idea what Obama’s policies were and now they are upset because he is following his policies and the bigoted black voters are upset because he isn’t doing what they thought he would do, which had nothing to do with his campaign policies.

    But why ask hard questions of Obama? We are about to go through months of “asking hard questions of Obama” as if doing so means something. Blacks are still going to vote for Obama because he is black, which of course is racism. Joseph L. Bass, Ed.D. http://www.abettersociety.info

  13. Mae

    June 19, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    I agree with one and all. You all said it for me.

  14. Earlean

    June 19, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    If our people would go out and vote to put people in the seats to help the president it would have been greet. Stop COMPLAINING and VOTE. Remember, he is a President that just happens to be black. Which means he is President of all the people regardless of color or ethnic background. He has met oppession on every hand and that is what the other party promised. Listen people, he has had NO RESPECT. NONE.

    Also, he is the President, NOT your SPIRITUAL leader. Read the bible for yourself and you would know what the bible says on how we should live. You just live accordingly. Remember, President of all the people.

  15. Cynthia Williams

    June 19, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    I have to say, I believed our POTUS when he ran and I helped campaign for him, but they always say time will tell all, and his time in office and the decisions he has made have been crucially wrong and basically life and death decisions and he played on the DEATH side.

    First, to appoint someone to the Head of the FDA that is already in the pockets of the company that is poisoning the American People, causing more diseases, and obesity. It’s BIG MONEY BUSINESS…Killing the American People. Thus the increase in pharmacies (look at your neighborhood…one on almost every corner) and Dialysis Buildings now for the increase in Kidney Failures. People already dropping dead like flies, even the slim and fit ones.

    We live in the wealthiest country in the world yet we are the most obese, the sickest and the brokest… How can that be when we have more medicine than medicine has medicine??? MEDICINE DOES NOT WORK! THE FOOD CHAIN IS TOXIC WITH GMO’S AND CHEMICALS, EVEN WHATS IN THE GROCERY STORES.

    But the Kicker came when He said it was okay for Gay to Legally Marry. No Christian would ever say that. And this Is a Christian Country, Our Founding Fathers wrote everything based on the Word of God. To even say that says that he is not on God’s side, which means he’s not on the people’s side either. So to Hell with us, as long as his pockets are full because the wheel has started to KILL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, at least those that are not intelligent enough to get the Knowledge and handle the problem. Save themselves and their families. But God…He had an answer for all of this Rev 22:2, 10, 14.

    • onmyway2018

      July 3, 2018 at 6:39 pm

      Awesome post!! I was appalled at this FDA appointment considering increased illnesses and diseases in the black community.

  16. OMG

    June 22, 2018 at 3:29 am

    What do we want? What questions do we need to ask the president that we arent asking of the GOP? This country has been poorly managed for years and did we ask the million dollar question of those leaders? No! We accepted it just as we do today. We have suffered cruel & inhuman treatment & hated as much as Jesus. So, now lets ask Barack & Michelle what? Here is what Kennedy said in 1961, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! So let us all look at ourselves and say, “what can I do”. Many of us are like the ppl we complain about, we move to suburban areas & think like our neighbors so that we can be accepted. We thought Dr King’s marches was a problem-he should have been more violent, an african american killed Malcolm X, Jesus endured, the betrayal of to very close ppl; peter & judus. So, what will you do ask yourself that question….

  17. Resa

    June 23, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    This is a reply to Lynn June 16, 2018 at 4:38 pm….You hit the nail on the head. I could not believe what was being said around me about Rev. Wright. Especially the fact that what he said in the sermon was true. That’s what I kept asking, what did he say that was not true? The answer made me very sad, “If he keep talking, white people won’t vote for him.” Here’s another “You gotta play the white man’s game, just let him get elected, we have a chance to have the first Black president.”

    Remember, Rev. Wright was minding his own business. The media went after him and tried to destroy his character, he had a right to defend himself.

    President Obama never tried to defend him, after all the time he spent at Trinity. Wasn’t his wedding there? He had the platform to bring attention to the fact that a small snipet of what was said during the entire sermon and to the sermon was misrepresented by the media. That was the beginning of my doubt about President Obama and the forming of my opinion about him.

    Black people are so quick to be careful of making White people uncomfortable and to ignore history. For the sake of the generations that are coming behind us we need to stop trying to please White people like we are on a damn plantation. It is what it is and if what we say is taken as being anti-American then let them blame history and the truth, not us.

    We as Black and African people around the world don’t know real history of Africa because it has been hidden and distorted. The American history that I was taught included very little of people who look like me. It’s more to the story than just slavery and jim crow. We have a very rich history that has been untold for a reason. I just watched a video of John Henrik Clark called A Great and Mighty Walk. What an eye opener. If you get a chance check it out. It’s very educational. Information you won’t find in American history books. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5784756819358533059#.

    We can no longer allow ourselves to be called race-baiters, radical, militiant and the new one is “Constroversial” by others when it’s fact and history. When need to make it clear that when we talk about history, it’s not to make white people feel bad or to get back at them, it’s for our knowledge, heritage and culture. The question that need to be asked is, why you so mad about your history?

    Back to President Obama. Yes, he has done good things. I’d say just enough to barely keep people on his bandwagon, not to mention he’s the lesser of to evils. The Democrats are not too much better than the Republicans. They had both congress and senate the first two years of the Obama administration. They passed Healthcare Reform, that maybe overturned by the Supreme Court. What happened to the single payer options? What’s up with the backroom deals he made with big pharma and the insurance companies? The Bush Tax cuts, he should have ended them and not play games with the same people who, from the beginning, said they would not work with him and would work to make him a one-term president. What about pushing the house to change the tax code. What about campaign finace reform? What happen to hope and change? You see him speaking at all these colleges and he’s right by Howard and Hampton Univeristies. Did he go there? What an inspiration that would have been.

    Black people can cry all day about him not doing enough to help Black people, but at the end of the day, we need to get our house in order and handle our business before asking anyone else to do something. Help those who help themselves. Black people can be given everything on a silver plater but just like anything else, if you don’t have the mentality to handle it, it’s all for nothing. But what really is a concern of mine is his foreign policy. He’s a warmonger. He’s WORST than Bush.

    He’s indoctrinated in Western imperialist mentality. Just as Condi Rice, Colin Powell. If you know anything about the British Empire, France and the US imperialism and colonialism, you have to be concerned. That’s why I know what John Henrik said in the video is true and that’s why it is important that we as Black people know history. When they label people as enemies and terrorist, a lightbulb should go off in your head to know that’s what they called Black and African people. It’s brainwashing.

    He lied about NATO going into Libya for humanitarian reasons, it was regieme change that took them their. His humanitarian mission didn’t help the African immigrants that was left out in the sea to die or left on land to be tortured. He’s killing innocent people with his order to use Drones to kill “terrorist” that the US created. Israel, it’s so much to say about it, I’ll just say this. If oppression was not good for Black South Africans and Black people, than it’s not good for anyone else. His support for the Lukid Party of Israel is the same support America gave to the British controlled South African Government that led to Nelson Mandela 26yrs in prison and Steven Biko’s death. Aparthied is Aparthied. He turned over the leadership to stop hunger in Africa to a company called Mansanto. Look up there history. He had a chance to right some of the wrongs done to Africa by selecting Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, not because she is African, but she was most qualified and had the most experience. But he didn’t.

    Most of this stuff Black people don’t know and don’t care to know. We better start caring because all this stuff is going on under our nose. Prisons are being privatized, guess who will fill them? Our food supply is being geneticlly modified. They are running farmers out of business and replacing them with big corporate controlling parties. There’s so much more. The fact is President Obama is not what he sold and selling, but he is the lesser of two evils. We need to call each other to the carpet and that includes him. Peace#

  18. bahati sobukwe

    June 29, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    If nothing else, President Obama have given our male children an image of power. He has shown that it is ok to marry in his race to a dark-skinned black woman, have 2 children in wed-lock, stood up in dignity for three years to all kind of insults from whites and blacks. Just for that, I say get out and vote for him in 2018. Unless, you think that Mitt Romney has more respect for you and is going to do more for you than President Obama. Get real!
    Because I do know that intelligent black people realizes that a ‘no vote for President Obama is a yes vote for Romney.

    Again, all of the blacks who are complaining about what President Obama has not done for black people are ‘thinking’ blacks…yes? If the President had stood up and told those ‘white’ voters (they did help ya’ll put Obama in office) that he agreed with The Rev. Wright’s opinions of America–that were most accurate and just–do you think that you would have ever had him in congress least of all in the President office.

    As much as the black race needs; I still think the President has done something for black people. His efforts for health care reform and education has touched many black lives. He’s even sent in peace keeping troops in the Congo. I know, I know, I’ve heard it before, “we’ve got to take care of home first’! Pitiful!

    Think about the assult that the President has been under since he has been in office, weren’t you guys awake? Have you not been listening, everything he tried to do is checkmated by the Republicans. Maybe if you had gotten out and voted in 2010, there would have been more Democrats to help him get his bills through.
    When had President Obama had the time to concenstrate on blacks’ 40 acres and a mule that they have never said a word about to the other 40 plus presidents. Now, he should get up in the morning saying African-American every other word. Negroes please!

  19. bahati sobukwe

    June 29, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Maybe we thought that the Office of the President of the United States of America is ran by the President, is that why we are so hurt that President Obama is doing what the office dictates? We didn’t know that it is very little that the President actuallly do!

    Israel has the most powerful lobby that any country has in the U.S. Jews are what we tell each other we don’t want to be and that is monolithics. He will be killed if he goes against Israel, have we noticed that no other president has gone against Israel?
    They don’t dare with these ignorant Americans believing that Jews are the chosen people–it’s in the Bible- you know. Israel is hands off to any U.S. President.

    Did we really believe that the President would be a social scientist that would advocate for social justice and against capitalism in all of this resentment of him being an African- American? Barack Obama is as good as it gets.

    We better save our chastisement against President Obama and try for self-improvement. And, tell each other we better try to help ourselves.

  20. onmyway2018

    July 3, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    Ugh@these simple minded and basic responses accusing blacks of fitting for a SOCIAL SCIENTIST, PASTOR, OUR CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER to blacks. What complete and utter stupidity! Most blacks like me are fully aware of who Obama was in 2008. He was a politician who made promises and accomplished for others EXCEPT HIS LARGEST VOTING BLOCK IN THE HISTORY OF PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS, so kindly shut the hell up about your hyperbole about the president not being the leader of blacks. I’ll not vote for him again because he’s ignored the black community. Carry on water carriers for Obama.

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    Idaho man threatens black neighbor with knives, says he wanted to ‘cut some n—–‘


    A 38-year-old Idaho man threatened a black neighbor with knives and said he wanted to “cut...

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    Cops seek brute whose vicious punch at Queens deli sent 69-year-old grandmother to hospital


    A brute with a short fuse cold-cocked a 69-year-old grandmother outside a Queens deli, knocking her...

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    Nation’s largest police group apologizes for cop-related deaths, but Black Lives Matter advocates say words are not enough


    The men in blue say black lives matter. The nation’s largest police organization Monday issued what...

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Barack Obama in 1993: “When America is Sick, Black People Have Pneumonia” [Video]


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