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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – The Uprising of Minority Communities

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – The Uprising of Minority Communities

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The minority community should have a wake up call after this Presidential election. A wake up call that encourages the following: entrepreneurship, home-ownership, quality education, and togetherness. Clearly, there are other areas that minority communities need to wake up about, however, it’s evident when people don’t own and control the economics and politics within their community, they will be used, abused, and mistreated.

This election season has brought about the disrespect and almost dehumanizing of people based on color, culture, sexual orientation, and religion. What’s even more troubling is the fact that the future generation is learning from this misguided and insane ideology. Too many of our politicians like to preach love, liberty, and justice when in fact they are the very ones who condone and even contribute to hatred (consciously and subconsciously). The minority community cannot and must not keep smiling in the face of their oppressors while being stabbed in the back. That’s right; stabbed by being overlooked, marginalized, neglected, and undervalued. In addition, this stabbing includes being pandered for a photo-op and/or a vote.

When politicians and former politicians use social media to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas, you are able to get a better understanding of who they are, what they think, and how they feel about people. For anyone who has Twitter, I would ask you to follow the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani and read some of his tweets. It’s clear that he is a racist, a misogynist, and one who supports the notion of white supremacy. Individuals like Giuliani clearly points out why the minority community must wake up and employ ownership by any means necessary. If the actions of Giuliani and people like him don’t make the masses of minorities upset, nothing else will. This isn’t the time to simply pray. This is the time to do something.

Here’s what minority communities must do to bring about effective change:

  1. Learn to work together instead of against one another. Because minorities (together) make up the vast majority of people (collectively), our unity can work to overthrow the powers that deem to separate, conquer, and/or divide.

  1. Encourage everyone to become active in their community. Let’s face it -whenever there are city council and school board meetings, only a few show up. This isn’t the time to sit home because tax dollars are being used. In addition, if there is no representation in political offices from the minority community, our issues will not be discussed.

  1. Understand why entrepreneurship is vital. It’s no secret that small businesses help the U.S. economy. Not only does it help the economy, it’s also a catalyst to jumpstarting communities. When businesses thrive, people from within communities are able to work. (Here’s something to ponder on – when you own your own business, you’re not begging someone for a job. You’re helping build a legacy)

  1. Stay healthy. When we learn to eat healthy and exercise properly, we reduce many illnesses and diseases that will drain us and deplete us of our financial resources. Pharmaceutical companies are always seeking a profit and if people are healthy, profits from these companies will decline. Do not become some busy with life that you neglect taking care of you.

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The longer minority communities continue to be divided based on stuff, those in power will continue writing and implementing laws that will always benefit those in power and ‘the have’s. Let’s come together and work smart. Here’s a word of caution – we must be cautious and aware of those who will seek to infiltrate our unity in order to disrupt us from working together and building.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author of The ABC’s of Making Business Networking Work For You and success coach. Contact him at www.sinclairgrey.org, [email protected] or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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