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Virginia’s Slave-Trade Center May Be Destroyed For A New Ballpark


By Andrew Scot Bolsinger The mayor of Richmond, VA wants to build a ballpark and spur downtown economic revival in historic Shockee Bottom, the city’s oldest neighborhood that was also the center of the slave trade prior to the Civil War. But a group of African-American leaders believe the area is “sacred ground,” according to an Associated Press report, and ...

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French Sculptor Falsely Makes White Men The Heroes Of Slavery

IOW-David D'Angers.Gobert at Guadeloupe.3mb.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-large.Gobert at Guadeloupe.3mb

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert The artist Pierre-Jean David d’Angers, well known during his time, commemorated some of the most celebrated public figures of his time in stone and bronze. One image he depicted is a representation of a violent episode in the history of slavery in the West Indies; but this is a deceptive type presentation, editing history to suit the ...

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Why Black People Are Moving Back To The South


By Andrew Scot Bolsinger For virtually the entire history of blacks in America, a North-bound migration for better jobs, less discrimination and more opportunity has taken place. Now, perhaps for the first time in history, blacks are migrating back to the Deep South. Many, according to the Christian Science Monitor, like retired autoworker Charlie Cox simply want to return the ...

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The Black History Fact That You Have To Know

john young mambo wings

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert Talk about your wing man! Although several people claim the invention of Buffalo wings, John Young who started a restaurant called John Young’s Wings and Things in Buffalo, New York in 1964 is part of the starting lineup. Young, a farm boy from Alabama, started cooking with his father on a riverboat before relocating to Buffalo. Young ...

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8 facts about The Underground Railroad


The highly respected Underground Railroad was a network of clandestine safe houses and routes that helped thousands of slaves to free states and Canada. It was responsible for the freeing of tens of thousands of  slaves. In case any of our readers share the beliefs of Atlanta Housewife, Porscha Stewart who thought that the Underground railroad was a functioning railroad ...

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White High School Students Pose with a Black Body hanging in the Background


By Yolanda Spivey A school district in Phillipsburg Pennsylvania is coming under harsh scrutiny after a picture surfaced showing several of their high school students in a racially insensitive situation. The students, who are all on the Phillipsburg High School wrestling team, are seen in the picture posed next to a dark colored faceless dummy that is hanging by its ...

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Michael Moore: Whites have committed the worst crimes in history

Filmmaker Michael Moore is no stranger to controversy.  Being a Canadian, he comes to the United States with a fresh eye for equity and is better able to see the prejudices and imbalances of our society.  He doesn’t understand how a country can let people die because they have no insurance.  He doesn’t understand how the rich people are able ...

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When 2 Chainz is Part of Your Black History Tribute, You Know Your People are Lost

by Dr. Kimberley Brown Only a people with a dreadfully poor understanding of their past would make a mockery of it. No one else on the face of this earth does it… which begs the question: what so unfortunate has happened to us, which no other group has experienced, that would cause some of us to lose our minds, make ...

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Is there More Sympathy for the Jewish Holocaust than for Slavery?

There is an on-going debate about whether or not slavery can match the Nazi holocaust, as measured by the impact that it had on those affected.  A persistent belief is that while one painful experience is remembered with regularity, the other has been rewritten in history, mainly because the government responsible for slavery still remains in power. These remarks, made ...

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Release Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes: A Granddaughter’s Heartfelt Appeal

By Myaisha A. Hayes Last Spring while in Cape Town, South Africa, I had the opportunity to thank Desmond Tutu personally for his letter of support for my grandfather, Robert Seth Hayes, a former Black Panther Party member and one of America’s longest held political prisoners in the United States. The love and compassion I received in South Africa about ...

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