Obama calls for end to mandatory minimums, mass incarceration


April V. Taylor Speaking at the annual NAACP meeting, President Barack Obama laid out expansive plans to overhaul America’s criminal justice system, including reviewing solitary confinement and reducing mandatory minimum sentences related to non-violent drug offenses. Obama also specifically called on Congress to overhaul some of the laws that allow for tougher punishments and harsher sentences for men of color ...

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Jimmy Carter Says Obama’s Election Inflamed Racists

jimmy carter

April V. Taylor In an interview for ABC News’ “This Week,” former President Jimmy Carter sat down with George Stephanopoulos. During the interview, Carter stated that he believes that Obama’s 2008 election may have possibly agitated some white Americans who hold racist beliefs. In continuing the conversation Stephanopoulos asked Carter if he was “surprised that the election of President Obama ...

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Bernie Sanders Wants Country To Apologize For Slavery, Won’t Personally Apologize


April V. Taylor On Wednesday’s edition of the Joe Madison show, presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders stated that the United States, as a country, should apologize for slavery. Interestingly enough, he dodged answering a direct question about whether or not he would personally apologize if he were to be elected president. The statement came after the shows host, Joe ...

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VIDEO: Lawmaker Cries During Speech, South Carolina House Votes To Remove Confederate Flag

jenny horne

April V. Taylor After hours and hours of emotional debate over the emotionally charged symbol, the South Carolina House voted to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol after having flown it more than 50 years. The final vote was 94 – 20, significantly more than the two-thirds necessary to move the bill to the governor’s desk. Governor Nikki ...

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How America Pretends Black People Are Overreacting to Racism, Burning of Black Churches


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III After the June 17 massacre shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the topic of race, racism, and domestic terrorism has been discussed at length. In addition to that, the issue of hate crimes and acts of terror are hot buttons. With so much racial divide in this country, it is ...

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April V. Taylor: Are Religion And Obama Justifying The Slaughter Of Black People In The US?


April V. Taylor There is an all too often overlooked but common thread that runs through American history, perpetuating some of the most horrific acts governments have ever inflicted on their own citizens and indigenous populations.   From Indian Removal, wars with Mexico and Spain,slavery, the Civil War, segregation and the current conflicts in the Middle East, a “pattern of ...

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Has legalized weed led to reduced use among teenagers?

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.00.12 AM

By Nigel Boys After the legalization of medical marijuana in 23 U.S. states, those in opposition feared that it would lead to more underage usage of the drug, but a massive new study shows that not to be the case. In fact, the Guardian reports new research showing that teenage usage has actually decreased as of 2014 from 8 percent ...

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VIDEO: Confederate Flag ‘Parade’ Ends With Car Accident, Video Goes Viral

Bree with flag

April V. Taylor In response to the national outcry calling for the Confederate flag to be removed from government offices, buildings and land, Confederate flag supporters held a rally in Dalton, Georgia. An unidentified man decided to record a video of the ‘procession’ of dozens of trucks and vehicles flying the Confederate flag. Little did he know, he was going ...

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SCOTUS Strikes Down Key ‘Violent Felony’ Provision of ‘Three-Strikes’ Law, Thousands Could Get Reduced Sentence

court gavel

April V. Taylor Although overshadowed by the Obergefell decision that legalized same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court, in the case of Johnson v. United States, struck down a key provision of the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), better known as the “three-strikes law, dealing a blow to overcriminalization and unecessarily long mandatory minimum sentences.” The ruling essentially concludes that sentences under ...

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Thousands Wait Hours In Line To Pay Respects To Slain Senator

pinckney lying in state

April V. Taylor Thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to Senator Clemnta Pinckney as he lay in state at the South Carolina State House. Many waited for hours, snaking around the building and onto a nearby street after Pinckney’s casket was brought to the state house in a caisson drawn by two white horses. A row of legislators ...

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