Gun Nuts Say Restrictions Aren’t Worth It If Every Death Won’t Be Prevented


By Nicholas Muiruri On Thursday, during an event held at Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama disagreed with critics of gun control laws by refuting claims that gun control legislation would not be effective in preventing death. The first person to present their views at the meeting was Taya Kyle. Her husband Chris Kyle was serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL before ...

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Labott of CNN Slapped With Two Weeks Suspension for Pro-Refugee Tweet


By Victor Ochieng Elise Labott, a global-affairs correspondent at CNN, has received two weeks suspension from the network over a heartfelt pro-refugee tweet, a source revealed to Business Insider. Her tweet followed the move by the House of Representatives to control the inflow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. Labott criticized a bill, overwhelmingly supported by the legislators, ...

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Child Sex Sting Linked to Secret Service Officer


By Angela Wills A sting operation being conducted by the Delaware State Police led to the arrest of a White House Secret Service officer. The criminal complaint that was recently unsealed showed that the officer was sending naked photos of himself to what he assumed was a 14 year old Delaware girl. The complaint was filed against Lee Robert Moore ...

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President Obama Visits Newark, NJ to Discuss Criminal Justice Reform


By Doshon Farad Newark, N.J.- During the last year of his final term in office, President Barack Obama has made it his mission to tackle criminal justice reform and mass incarceration, two issues that are directly impacting the African-American community. On Monday, the president spoke at Rutgers University Law School in Newark, N.J. to outline his plan to overhaul the ...

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Obama Is Moving Forward With ‘Ban The Box’ To Eliminate Hiring Bias


By Bo Thornton President Obama is keeping busy in his last five hundred days by announcing several measures he would like to address. One of which is a new order which attempts to curb discrimination against hiring ex-convicts as federal government employees. Obama’s action is considered a step towards what those seeking criminal justice reform call “ban the box.” Once ...

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Hillary Clinton Attempts To Engage Black Voters Overshadowed With Shouts From Protesters At Clark University

DEM 2016 Clinton

By Angela Wills Hillary Clinton rang out promises to black Americans on Friday as protesters in the crowd shouted words of disapproval. The presidential hopeful promised to address issues of racism as it exists in the system and even went so far to say that if she’s elected, she’ll tread in the footsteps of the current president, Barack Obama. Clinton, front-runner ...

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Woman Wins $10.9 Million In Discrimination Lawsuit Against The City Of Boston, Supervisor Allowed To Keep Job

boston city hall

April V. Taylor A Suffolk Superior Court jury has awarded city employee Chantal Charles, who is Black and Haitian, a $10.9 million settlement after ruling that Charles was subjected to discrimination during her time as a senior administrative assistant with the City of Boston. Charles worked for the city’s Treasury Department and had accused the city of giving her fewer ...

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Why Is Gov. Chris Christie Against Flights From New Jersey To Cuba?


Reported by Liku Zelleke Even though relations between the United States and Cuba has been thawing, there are some that think there are a few more issues that need to be settled before everything can return to normal. One such person is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. His bone of contention is Assata Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, who ...

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Pullen Steals the Spotlight on Gun Control With Racist Remarks


By Robert Stitt What is worse: the person who makes inappropriate comments to make a point, or the person who doesn’t get the point and only focuses on the comment? Many people are asking that question after Ex-GOP Chairmain Randy Pullen made outlandish comments about black on black crime while addressing concerns of gun control. Although frustrating, it isn’t unheard of ...

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Hilary Clinton’s Dance With White Feminism


By Angela Wills Many stellar white feminists had Hillary Clinton on their wings during the presidential campaign of 2008. Hillary was front and center of the national platform presenting her stance for the rights of women and was widely accepted by many. 2015 is here, Hillary is here but the admiration of her representation has not shown up. The recent ...

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