Rikers Island Inmate Says He Was Beaten And Sodomized By Guard

NYC Jails Hearings

In the latest horror story to emerge from New York’s largest jail, an inmate claims a guard tied him to a hospital bed before beating and sodomizing him with a nightstick. Bishme Ayers, 25, was arrested on an assault charge in July and brought to Rikers Island, according to the New York Daily News. On his second day there, he ...

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Clashes Between Boko Haram And Nigerian Army Rage On Despite Ceasefire Reports

Nigeria Violence

At least 25 suspected Boko Haram insurgents were killed in clashes between soldiers and the Islamist militants in northeast Nigeria and five civilians were killed in fighting elsewhere in the region, a military source and residents said on Monday. A ceasefire agreement between Boko Haram and the Nigerian government was expected to lead to the liberation of more than 200 ...

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Next Time Someone Says ‘White Privilege Isn’t Real,’ Show Them This


Think white privilege doesn’t exist in America? Consider just how much the color of a child’s skin changes his or her odds of escaping poverty later in life. Roughly 16 percent of white children born into the poorest one-fifth of U.S. families will rise to become a member of the top one-fifth by the time they turn 40 years old, ...

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Labor Secretary Says U.S. Record On Paid Parental Leave Is ‘Dismal': ‘We Need To Lead’


In a wide-ranging and progressive speech on jobs, Labor Secretary Tom Perez said Monday the path to more “shared prosperity” in the U.S. economy lies in a higher minimum wage, paid family leave for workers and stronger union density in the private sector. Speaking at the National Press Club, Perez argued that U.S. workers are significantly better off than they ...

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Donations for Ebola Relief Are Slow to Gain Speed


When Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $25 million last week to support the treatment of Ebola victims and their families, they gave the gift to the foundation that funnels private donations to the Centers for Disease Control, not one of the nonprofit groups that Americans typically shower with money during a humanitarian crisis. Compared to ...

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Alleged r@pe victim’s attorneys to D.A.: Arrest Sanford Rubenstein now


A lawyer for the alleged r@pe victim of lawyer Sanford Rubenstein sent a pointed message to prosecutors: Put him in handcuffs now. “Every day that has passed since the occurrence has only served to marginalize the complainant and the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of Mr. Rubenstein,” read the two-page Tuesday letter from attorney Kenneth Montgomery. “(The woman), ...

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Some Rich, White People in Baton Rouge, La., Want to Form Their Own Town


The rich, white folk who live in Baton Rouge, La., want to secede and form their own town called St. George. Or at least that’s how their critics are articulating the initiative, the BBC reports. The secession, of sorts, is being sold as a well-intentioned plan that will allow St. George’s hypothetical residents to gain more control over how their tax ...

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Rwanda to Screen Travelers From the United States


On October 19, the Rwandan Ministry of Health introduced new Ebola Virus Disease screening requirements. Visitors who have been in the United States or Spain during the last 22 days are now required to report their medical condition—regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms of Ebola—by telephone by dialing 114 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. for the duration of ...

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Cleveland man accused of joking about Ebola charged with felony inducing panic


Bond is set at $10,000 for a Cleveland man charged with inducing panic after being accused of telling a Horseshoe Casino worker that he was gambling to avoid his Ebola-stricken ex-wife. Hours after news broke Wednesday that a Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola had visited Cleveland, Emanuel Smith, 60, told a table games dealer that he was dodging a sick ex-wife ...

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Gavin Seim, Activist, Pulls Over Cop Driving In Unmarked Car In Washington, Demands ID


Here’s a guy who has a little extra in the guts department. Gavin Seim, who describes himself as a constitutional activist, recently filmed himself flagging over a police officer who was driving an unmarked car in Grant County, Wash. The cop seems partly amused, partly in disbelief as Seim asks him for identification. “This is my ID right here,” the ...

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