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Revealed: Secret Radars Allow Cops to ‘Look’ Inside Home

secret radar device

Law enforcement agencies across the country have secretly equipped officers with radar that allows them to see inside homes. The radars—already distributed to at least 50 police departments–allow cops to see if there is anyone inside the home. Police departments across the country began deploying the radar systems about two years ago without any consultation from civil liberties activists or ...

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Georgia Mom Arrested for Having Basketball Goal in Driveway

mom arrested.jpg

A Georgia mother says her daughter loves to play basketball so she put a goal up in the family driveway. At the time that she put up the basketball goal, the mom had no idea that it would lead to her arrest. Jordan Jackson is only 12 years old but she’s already developed a passion for basketball and hopes to ...

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36 People Gunned Down in Chicago Over the Weekend, 4 Dead

Gakirah Barnes, Photo Credit: The Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s viοlence continued to spill out of control over the weekend with 36 people being shοt, four fatally. The incidents began on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune, when a 17 year old girl was kιlled, and two other people hυrt. “There were also fatal shootings in the South Shore neighborhood Friday night and the Washington Park neighborhood early Sunday, ...

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Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News Hosts Over Not Wanting Poor People to Eat Seafood


On Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart picked up on the resentment Fox News hosts harbored toward poor people. As Stewart noted, the folks over at Fox weren’t upset over the budget or the overall cost of food stamp programs so much as the fact that poor people were somehow being allowed to purchase seafood with their ...

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2 Men Arrested for Pretending to Rob People


In a twist of irony, two men recently discovered that pretending to rob people will get you locked up in much the same way that actually robbing people will. Two Philadelphia pranksters learned that the hard way after they were recently arrested for pranking people by pretending to rob them. Investigators allege that the two men, 19-year-old Courtland Gilliam and ...

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White Supremacist Leader Charged With Child S*x Crimes

August Kreis

A former leader of a white supremacist group has been charged with second degree criminal s*xual conduct for sharing child pørnography. August Byron Kreis III, 59, of South Carolina was arrested after the victim’s mother reported to police that Kreis assaulted the young girl and showed her pørnography. Kreis is a former leader with the Aryan Nations and has even ...

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NBC’s Brian Williams Apologizes for Ignoring Arsenio Hall

arsenio hall

Arsenio Hall is one of only a handful of late night talk show hosts to have had a successful career that spans decades. Hall’s stint as a popular talk show host began in the 1990’s, but Hall chose to leave the stage, only to recently return to late night. With that much success under his belt, one would think that ...

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Pastor to “White Christians of Florida”: There is a ‘Stench’ Wafting From Your Houses of Worship

Zimmerman and Dunn

A Washington D.C. clergyman is fed up with how quiet white Christian Floridians have been in the wake of Michael Dunn gunning down unarmed teen Jordan Davis. Pastor Michael Bledsoe believes Christians in the state should be mounting a challenge against Florida’s “stand your ground” law based on principle and penned an open letter to white Christians in the state ...

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Mother of Brain Dead Teen: ‘My Daughter is Alive and Not Suffering’


The mother of an Oakland teenager who was admitted to the hospital for a routine tonsillectomy and later declared brain dead is speaking out for the first time since her daughter was admitted to a long term care treatment facility. The struggle between the mother of 13 year old Jahi McMath and the hospital made national news after the hospital ...

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Student Returns to GVSU Campus to Find Racist Threat on Message Board

grand valley state

A black student at Grand Valley State University returned to campus on Monday morning to find a threatening image in the dormitory. Authorities who are investigating the incident say the student found a racist threat on their dorm room’s message board. The student found a message that was both threatening and racist sketched on the board, according to Dean of ...

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