Pullen Steals the Spotlight on Gun Control With Racist Remarks


By Robert Stitt What is worse: the person who makes inappropriate comments to make a point, or the person who doesn’t get the point and only focuses on the comment? Many people are asking that question after Ex-GOP Chairmain Randy Pullen made outlandish comments about black on black crime while addressing concerns of gun control. Although frustrating, it isn’t unheard of ...

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Hilary Clinton’s Dance With White Feminism


By Angela Wills Many stellar white feminists had Hillary Clinton on their wings during the presidential campaign of 2008. Hillary was front and center of the national platform presenting her stance for the rights of women and was widely accepted by many. 2015 is here, Hillary is here but the admiration of her representation has not shown up. The recent ...

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Minister Louis Farrakhan Calls on Black America’s Best and Brightest


By Doshon Farad Since the early 80’s, march organizer and Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has been known to attract record breaking crowds. Many observers have said that the Million Man March held in 1995 “legitimized” him as a leader in the eyes of the mainstream media. Since that time he has been regarded by many as sort of ...

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After Making Photo IDs Mandatory For Voting, Alabama Will Stop Issuing Driver’s Licenses In Black Counties

i voted sticker

April V. Taylor The state of Alabama has a long and violent history of voter disenfranchisement, particularly for Black voters, and while many would like to believe that the state’s racist legacy is a thing of the past, it sadly is not.  After passing a 2011 law that requires voters to show government-issued IDs before being able to cast election ...

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WATCH: #BlackLivesMatter Protests Hillary Clinton Event, Demands Divestment From Private Prisons

blacklivesmatter clinton rally

April V. Taylor #BlackLivesMatter protesters are continuing to hold  presidential candidates accountable. This time they disrupted a Cleveland campaign stop of Hillary Clinton’s, chanting “say her name,” and demanding that she “divest from private prisons and invest in the liberation of Black transgender women.” Angela Peoples, one of the women who disrupted the event, spoke with Fusion, stating, “We called ...

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LISTEN: Racist Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Endorses Donald Trump

donald trump

April V. Taylor As if Donald Trump did not already appear racist enough on his own, he now has the endorsement of one of the country’s most iconic racists, former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Duke is a self-described “racial realist” who unsuccessfully ran for president as a Democrat in 1988 and later served in the Louisiana House of Representatives. ...

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Trump’s Alabama Rally Sparks ‘White Power’ Shout and Hatred For Illegals At The Border


By James A. Merritt GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took his message to Alabama Friday night and got a roaring welcome. Trump enjoyed a sold out crowd at Ladd–Peebles Stadium where he stumped in front of a crowd estimated at 20,000. The tough talking candidate is reaching many Americans and unfortunately some hate mongers. Many of them matter-of-factly shared their ...

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Would Reparations For Blacks Being 3/5 A Person Be To Give Them 5/3 Of A Vote?

Black person voting

April V. Taylor Ever since Ta-nehisi Coates Atlantic article “The Case For Reparations,” was published, the issue has been widely discussed with a number of proposed solutions being given by various people. Recently, law and policy doctoral candidate Theodore Johnson proposed in a Washington Post article that since Blacks used to only be considered 3/5 of a person, the answer ...

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Presidential Hopeful Jeb Bush Blames Obama and Clinton For Rise In Terrorism


By Nigel Boys While urging Congress to vote against the Obama administration’s pending nuclear deal with Iran, former governor of Florida Jeb Bush also blamed the POTUS for the rise of the radical Islamic militant group ISIL. The 62-year-old GOP hopeful in the upcoming 2016 general elections told a crowd of supporters at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simy ...

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Planned Parenthood Clinics Are Set Up To Control The Black Population Says Dr. Ben Carson

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks at the National Sheriffs’ Association presidential forum, Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

By Nigel Boys In an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” 63-year-old retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate, Ben Carson, said that Planned Parenthood sets up abortions clinics in black neighborhoods to “control that population.” Tying the nation’s leading provider of abortions to eugenics, then eugenics to Hillary Clinton, the author and political pundit who retired ...

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