Race In Film: ‘Criminality From People Of Color Is Viewed As Inherent’


Over the years, some of America’s most beloved movies have focused on narratives that draw distinctions between “good guys” vs. “bad guys.” But when delving deeper, many of these differences also deal with the diversity, or lack thereof, of these characters and the race of the actors who play them. In a HuffPost Live roundtable Tuesday, host Ricky Camilleri and ...

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Sony Hack Attacks Presage New Warfare: The Weaponization of Code


North Korea is a miserable, backward, hellhole of a place. It has a per capita GDP ofless than $2,000 — trailing Yemen, Tajikistan and Chad — and about one-sixteenth the size of the GDP of South Korea. The Hermit Kingdom derives its power through the twin pillars of state repression and an all-encompassing propaganda apparatus. This poor, delusional country managed ...

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Group Rejects Bill Cosby’s Comment About ‘Black Media’ Coverage Of Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby

The National Association of Black Journalists is responding to Bill Cosby’s comments regarding coverage of the rape allegations against him. Cosby on Friday spoke with the New York Post’s Page Six, breaking his silence on thesexual assault allegations more than 20 women have made against him. While the 77-year-old did not address the accusations specifically, he did address the press’ ...

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‘I’m Real Tired Of Our Kids Getting Misused And Abused’


Michael Brown’s father spoke in San Francisco on Monday evening, where he urged students to get an education and told of his own recently learned lessons on police violence. “It really didn’t hit hard until it hit my own backyard,” Michael Brown Sr. said about the killing of his unarmed son in August by a white police officer in Ferguson, ...

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Twin brother plays in game to honor slain teen: ‘Issy would want me to play ball’


Two days after seeing his twin brother shot to death, 15-year-old Demacio Bailey stepped onto the basketball court Monday night to honor his memory. “He said, ‘Mama, Issy would want me to play ball,’ ” the boys’ mother Delores Bailey told reporters during the Johnson College Prep game, referring to her slain son Demario by his nickname. “He said, ‘I’m ...

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Local businessman, police officer selling ‘Breathe Easy’ t-shirts


“I Can’t Breathe” is a phrase that continues to gain national attention and momentum. A Mishawaka police officer and business owner has come up with his own phrase in response to “I Can’t Breathe.” His name is Jason Barthel and he says he wanted to do something that would bring people together not tear them apart. He owns South Bend ...

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John Crawford’s Family Files Federal Lawsuit

John Crawford III, Tressa Sherrod

April V. Taylor The family of John Crawford III has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Beavercreek, two Beavercreek police officer, the Beavercreek police chief, and Walmart.  Crawford was fatally shot August 5th by a white police officer while holding a toy gun that was for sale inside a Walmart he was shopping in.  The lawsuit specifically charges ...

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A Black King Faces Death as an Equal Among the European Elite


A harrowing image of the inevitable end of earthly life sweeps off the heads of those who have achieved the greatest prominence among mortals. The scythe held by an outsized figure of Death cuts through the heads of the elite, leaving sprays of blood on its sharpened edge. The range of people taken in its wide swath includes powerful rulers ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: White Cops Aren’t the Only People Killing Black Americans

Dr. Sinclair Grey III

End Injustice Period! by Dr. Sinclair Grey III The grand jury decisions in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY have sparked protests globally due to the way the justice system treats people of color. Without a doubt, voices need to be heard with regard to the injustice too many people face on a daily basis. Let me be frank with this – ...

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Roosevelt Mitchell III, M.Ed: Shonda Rhimes Appeases Every Minority Group Except This One…

Roosevelt Mitchell

Where’s the love Shonda Rhimes? by Roosevelt Mitchell III, M.Ed I tuned in and witnessed the #TGIT (Thank God it’s Thursday) craze that the talented producer Shonda Rhimes has created with her hit shows “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” She does a masterful job of penning fantastic plots filled with suspense that keeps viewers glued week to ...

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