How Subway Dancing Became A New York Art Form — And A Crime


Randy Vargas is a 19-year-old high school senior who dances for money after school on the trains beneath Manhattan. Among fellow dancers, he is admired and envied for his mastery of the “hat trick,” which he performs by juggling a baseball cap off his knees, feet and shoulders. Slim and elegant, he has long eyelashes and a smile so wide ...

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Saa’s Story: How She Escaped After Being Kidnapped by Boko Haram


She came up onstage wearing a wig and sunglasses. I sat there stunned, slightly shivering, because the 18-year-old girl in front of us could have been anywhere but here at that moment had she not made one of the most fearless decisions anyone could ever make. Her name is Saa (changed for her safety), and she told her story to ...

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Watch: Chicago Cops Barge Into House to Arrest Man Who Ignored Them


A Chicago family says police barged into the home of a 29-year-old man simply because he lives in one of the city’s high-crime neighborhoods. LeRoy Hubbard III was walking home to his parents’ house in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side Friday night when two police officers pulled up.   “They said ‘Come here,’ so I just kept walking,” ...

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No Hoodies Allowed in Harlem Businesses, Signs Warn


Neighborhood shops are making it clear that customers wearing hooded sweatshirts or masks are not welcome. “DO NOT ENTER WITH HOODIE OR MASK” read signs posted on three businesses along Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 126th and 129th streets, warning “IF SO YOU ARE NOW TRESPASSING.” While businesses see them as a way to stop shoplifting, some residents say the signs ...

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Boy, 13, Shot Nine Times for Laughing About Neighbor’s Burglary, Father Says


A Gary, Indiana, boy was killed Friday after being shot nine times by a neighbor whose home was burglarized earlier in the day, police said. The 13-year-old boy, Kobe Jones, was reportedly laughing about the home invasion after his neighbor created a scene outside the home on the 1000 block of Polk Street. Police said the home was burglarized at ...

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Do You Know Who’s Running for District Attorney? Here’s Why You Should


It’s bad enough only 15 percent of us will be passing through the polling station for one of the most important elections of our time. You can imagine that barely a slice of voters know or care about the local prosecutor running for office. And yet that position commands as much control over our daily lives as does a member ...

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‘Black lives matter': Family of Milwaukee man shot 14 times seeks charges after cop fired


The family of a black man shot 14 times by a white police officer in a Milwaukee park marks the spot where he died with red spray paint before starting a rally and marching through city streets. “Shame on you. People of color are people, too,” protesters chant while carrying signs declaring, “Black Lives Matter.” The rallies are one way ...

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White House intruder Dominic Adesanya forcibly removed from court after breaking into hysterics during hearing


The most recent White House fence jumper was ushered out of court Monday after hysterically screaming during his initial appearance. Dominic Adesanya appeared in court in connection with the two counts of assault on a police dog, four counts of resisting arrest and unlawful entry and one count of making threats he was charged with last week after scaling the ...

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‘I was very frightened,’ Dallas ER nurse says of the night she had to treat first Ebola patient in U.S.


Tears and fear gripped the health care workers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Sept. 28 as they began treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first diagnosed Ebola case in the U.S., 60 Minutes reported. Duncan, who had recently arrived in Texas from Liberia, was only a suspected Ebola patient when emergency room nurse Sidia Rose began crying as ...

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Police investigating assault and theft following argument between Brown family relatives


In a recent statement, Michael Brown’s mother asked that her son not be part of self-serving business or political actions as she pleaded that he be remembered for the good.  A reported assault and theft this past weekend may dramatically underscore that sentiment. It happened Saturday night, October 18th, at about 8:15 pm in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ.  ...

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