Family outraged as ‘biased’ prosecutor won’t press charges against Virginia cops who repeatedly used stun guns on man before he died in custody


A prosecutor was “biased” when she declined to press charges against three Virginia cops who three years ago repeatedly used stun guns on a black man before he died in custody, the victim’s family said. Linwood Lambert’s sister was told in a four-hour meeting Monday that there is not enough evidence to bring charges against South Boston officers Tiffany Bratton, ...

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KING: The Black Lives Matter Movement must learn from the struggles of the Black Power Movement


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana The Black Power Movement, like any other struggle for freedom in America, was full of legitimate conflicts, egotistical personalities and a serious struggle for resources. Any one of those factors could’ve very well done the movement in, but the most definitive research tells us that the ...

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Mattress-fire teen says cops threatened to evict his family unless he confessed to deadly blaze


A Brooklyn teen who could spend the rest of his life in prison for setting a mattress on fire that killed an NYPD officer allegedly confessed to the crime to protect his family. “They told me they would evict my family if I didn’t say the truth,” said Marcell Dockery who testified on his own behalf in Brooklyn Supreme Court ...

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High school senior brings life-sized cutout of Sen. Bernie Sanders to prom


High school senior Chloe Raynaud brought the hottest possible date to her prom, leaving all her classmates feeling the Bern. Raynaud, who is slated to attend Oregon State University next fall, put on a gorgeous dress and did her hair and makeup just like everyone else getting ready for prom. But, unlike her friends, the self-proclaimed “stubborn socialist” opted to ...

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‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli could be hit with new charges


“Pharma bro’s” indictment is going to grow a bit. The feds disclosed Tuesday that accused fraudster Martin Shkreli may get hit with a superseding indictment in the next month, but it will have nothing to do with him heartlessly jacking up the price of a life-saving AIDS drug. Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Winston Paes said no new defendants are expected ...

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NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services reportedly failed to intervene in three cases where two kids died and another came close


The city agency that’s supposed to combat child abuse failed to adequately intervene in two cases where children died after the agency was repeatedly warned of maltreatment, a new report released Tuesday alleges. The city Administration for Children’s Services also dropped the ball in a case where a child nearly died at the hand of a parent, the report by ...

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Woman elated after Vermont governor says she gets to keep the duck game officials threatened to take


He’s one lucky duck. After a month-long custody battle, state game officials have ruled that a Vermont woman can keep the duck her dog brought home. Three years ago, Kimberlee Stevens’ trusty canine sidekick Puggy returned home with a wood duck, quickly dubbed Peep. “It was like he was just dropped from the sky,” she told CBS News. “It was ...

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Captain James Cook’s ship HMS Endeavour, used to explore Australia and last seen during the 1770s, likely discovered off of Rhode Island


Centuries after it was used to explore faraway lands, Captain James Cook’s long-lost ship may have been found — off the coast of Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project, or RIMAP, is planning an announcement about the HMS Endeavour on Wednesday. The ship — also known as the Lord Sandwich and HMS Bark Endeavour — was scuttled in ...

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Donald Trump says Americans are letting China ‘rape our country’ on trade, gives inexplicable foreign policy plans


First Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists; now he’s throwing in China, too. The hate-spewing huckster told a rally crowd in Indiana Sunday that Americans are letting China “rape our country” when it comes to trade. When pressed about his comments the next morning, The Donald only doubled down, raving about his nonexistent foreign policy. Trump’s latest diplomatic disaster comes less ...

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The Met Gala is one big advertising scheme for Anna Wintour and her fashion cronies


High fashion’s biggest night is utterly tasteless and crass — and you can blame the gatekeeper Anna Wintour. Tonight is the Met Gala, which gushy media folk call the Oscars of Fashion. It’s covered uncritically by virtually everyone — ooh, look at what Lady Gaga is wearing! Is that Rihanna in Guo Pei? — but it’s not a news story. ...

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