Department Of Justice Strikes Deal To Reform Cleveland Police Department

April V. Taylor In what seems to be becoming a pattern, the Department of Justice will now be monitoring the activities of the Cleveland Police Department. The city has been rocked by protests recently after an officer was acquitted in the death of two unarmed people whose vehicle was shot at a total of 137 times. The details of the ...

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Man Jailed As Teenager For Murder He Did Not Commit Released After 44 Years

prince johnson

April V. Taylor At just 16-years-old, Prince Johnson was sentenced to life in prison as a juvenile for the murder of Marta Roman, an ice cream vendor’s wife. Johnson was tried as an adult despite being a juvenile, and after spending the last 44 years in prison for first-degree murder, he has now finally been freed after being released by ...

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Is Israel Illegally Deporting, Abusing African Immigrants?

Africans in Israel

April V. Taylor Hundreds of African asylum seekers, mostly from South Sudan and Eritrea have made their way to Israel, and rather than being welcomed with open arms, racial tensions have risen as many of them have been offered cash to leave and now face expulsion. Estimates are that tens of thousands of Africans have traveled through Egypt and other ...

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‘VIOLENCE HAS HIT HOME': Heavy NYPD presence in Queens as rapper Chinx, gunned down in drive-by, laid to rest


The widow of slain rapper Chinx wore white while many of the mourners filing into a Queens cathedral to say farewell Tuesday were clad in black. But all around the Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral of New York the dominant color was blue — NYPD blue. Norman Seabrook, head of the Correction Officers’ union and a cousin of the 31-year-old performer, noted the ...

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Native American Students In Utah Are Getting Pushed Out Of School At Alarming Rates


Native American students in Utah may be getting referred to law enforcement agencies before they even know how to read. Fifty-five Native American students in kindergarten through sixth grade were referred to police officers during the 2011-2012 school year in Utah. By comparison, not a single white student in this age group received this action, even though the state educates ...

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Paula Cooper, once youngest death row inmate in U.S., found dead


An Indiana woman who was once the nation’s youngest person on death row but whose sentence was eventually commuted to a prison term was found dead in Indianapolis on Tuesday. Indianapolis police said 45-year-old Paula Cooper was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound outside a residence on the city’s northwest side. Cooper had been released from prison about ...

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Elderly Texas Man Sues After Officers Allegedly Stormed His Home, Broke His Hip and Left Him Unattended


An 82-year-old Texas man alleged this week that officers in military gear stormed his home, broke his hip and then left him without calling for medical assistance. Herman Crisp told KTBC that Georgetown deputies wearing SWAT uniforms gave no warning before throwing a flash-bang device outside his home last September as he was sitting in a chair and smoking a ...

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Graphic Video Captures Screams Of College Student As Border Agent Hits Her With A Stun Gun


An Ogdensburg woman, just days from earning a degree in law enforcement leadership from SUNY Canton, said she found herself pushed to the ground and shocked with a stun gun by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on Thursday after refusing to comply with their orders. U.S. Customs and Border Protection acknowledged the incident and said it is investigating. The ...

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This Program Is Reclaiming Hip-Hop As A Tool For Success


On the corner of Holt and Gary Avenues in downtown Pomona rises a massive, 24-thousand-square-foot cobblestone building. It once protected the savings and investments of Pomona residents, but now it serves a different purpose. Spray-painted graffiti and images of hip-hop moguls decorate the walls of the former PFF Bank & Trust. A life-sized boom box has replaced the teller-counter. Walls ...

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Zambia Hits Major Milestone In Push To Stop Open Defecation


Zambia just took one big step forward toward becoming an “open-defecation-free” country. According to the Southern African nation’s government, no one in the country’s Chienge district is relieving themselves in the open, NPR reported. It’s the first district in Zambia to do achieve the status. The milestone, set last month, marks progress in Zambia’s fight to ensure all of its ...

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