Ravens plan to release Terrence Cody, who is under investigation for animal cruelty

Terrence Cody

The Ravens intend to terminate veteran nose tackle Terrence Cody’s contract after the Super Bowl, the team announced Friday morning. Cody is under investigation for animal cruelty, and the case is being discussed with the Baltimore County State’s attorney’s office, said Elise Armacost, the director of communications for Baltimore County police. Cody hasn’t been charged with a crime. According to multiple sources, ...

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An Open Letter to President Obama: For Our Children


Dear Mr. President, Job well-done on your penultimate State of the Union address, your leadership and persistent pursuit to ensure that all Americans have access to the American dream should be commended. The policies and administrative actions that you have shepherded over the last six years have moved our country’s economy in a very positive direction. Most Americans believe that ...

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Deranged dad kills wife, daughter and mother-in-law in killing spree before killing himself in Queens early Saturday


A deranged dad killed his wife, daughter and mother-in-law with bullets to the head in a methodical murder spree at their Queens home early Saturday, police said. The suspected killer was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound five hours later in a wooded area of Queens, police said. Hulking Jonathon Walker, 34, put a bullet into his own ...

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Campaigners Call For State Investigation Into Fatal New Jersey Police Shooting

NJ Police Shooting

National police reform advocates have called for a state investigation into the fatal police shooting of Jerame Reid, a 36-year-old black man who was confronted by two officers – one white and one black – during an initially routine traffic stop. “Local officials should not handle incidents such as this,” Rev Al Sharpton said in a statement on Thursday, echoing ...

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5 Real Ways to Actually Support Black-Owned Businesses


True, social justice and political activism can help solve many of the continuous problems facing our community, but what about economic growth and stability to help heal our struggling neighborhoods? There is only so much we can expect at the federal level before we start doing our own part outside protest. Yes, boycotting mainstream industry on Black Friday last year ...

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A Detroit Collage: How a Graffiti Artist, Apparel Company and Nonprofit Are Helping to Keep Art in Schools


As Detroit continues to suffer from the scorching effects of bankruptcy, art—a cultural underpinning of the iconic town—remains strong, with artists, particularly urban artists, thriving amid the ashes. And yet even as the urban art scene flourishes, the art curriculum in schools has all but smoldered out, leaving students with little or no hope of getting instruction in something they ...

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Beam Me Up Scotty: Germans Invent Teleportation System

April V. Taylor Ever since television viewers saw Mr. Scott beam up Captain Kirk in the 1966 premier episode of the now iconic TV show Star Trek, teleportation has been the elusive holy grail of futuristic transportation.  Thanks to scientists at Germany’s Hasso Plattner Institute, the illusion of teleportation is one step closer to being a reality. The scientists have ...

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Russian AK-47s To Be Made In US Now


April V. Taylor The recent tightening of US sanctions against Russia have made the inventory of Kalashnikov AK-47s drop significantly, and with demand for the weapon surging after the sanctions, arms company RWC has decided to begin manufacturing the weapon here in the United States.  RWC is the official importer and distributor of Kalashnikov AK-47s. RWC  is based in Tulleytown, ...

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This Tuesday, Georgia Will Execute an Intellectually Disabled Man Unless the Courts Intervene

Warren Lee Hill

Warren Hill has an IQ of 70. He is a person with lifelong intellectual disability, yet Georgia plans to put him to death on Tuesday regardless of this fact. The state is pushing ahead even though the Supreme Court decided in Atkins v. Virginia back in 2002 that executing persons with an intellectual disability violates the Constitution’s prohibition on cruel ...

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Woman Kidnapped at Texas ATM Manages to Escape From Car Trunk


North Texas officials are hoping surveillance video will help them find a robber/kidnapper. Investigators with the Arlington Police Department are still searching for the man who forced a woman into her trunk and kidnapped her from an ATM at the Wells Fargo Bank on North Collins Drive, on January 14. Thursday they released surveillance video from the bank, in hopes ...

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