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Gun Nuts Say Restrictions Aren’t Worth It If Every Death Won’t Be Prevented

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Gun Nuts Say Restrictions Aren’t Worth It If Every Death Won’t Be Prevented

By Nicholas Muiruri

On Thursday, during an event held at Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama disagreed with critics of gun control laws by refuting claims that gun control legislation would not be effective in preventing death.

The first person to present their views at the meeting was Taya Kyle. Her husband Chris Kyle was serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL before meeting his death courtesy of gun-wielding criminals. Kyle, who is now a widow, wondered how legislation could stop people from achieving their malicious intentions. She queried why the government did not focus its resources on fighting violent crime. She also noted that violent crime was on a decline in the U.S. and that such positive changes could provide an ideal platform for fighting gun-related crime.

Kyle said that it would be foolhardy for anyone to think that criminals will follow new laws. She was doubtful that background checks on perpetrators could stop them from carrying out attacks. Madam Kyle added that outlawing murder was out of the question.

The widow noted that there was a decline in murder and violent crime cases in the U.S. and that most Americans presently support ownership of guns by civilians. Kyle reiterated that even with background checks being carried out, people like herself would still buy firearms if they wanted. At the same time, examining one’s past character could not hinder them from meting out violence to others.

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Paul Babeu, the Sheriff of Arizona, asked whether the new laws would serve any purpose since the existing ones have not been useful. Babeu, whom last year announced his bid for Congress, said that the present legislation does little to prevent the wrong people from acquiring weapons.

Babeu asked President Obama what he would have done to stop mass shootings. He also asked how the government would prevent criminals and mentally ill people from getting guns. He observed that the problem was in getting people to follow gun control legislation. Sheriff Babeu is on record as having rallied citizens in Arizona to take up arms.

While supporting the remarks made by Babeu, Chris Jacob, from the American Firearms Retailers Association, said that it would be better for the U.S. government to enforce the existing laws instead of creating new ones. Jacob was of the opinion that such enforcement would not deter criminals by a significant margin.

In response, Obama said that people shouldn’t harbor the notion that if Americans cannot get to the bottom of every crime, they should not make attempts. The president referred to his Tuesday proposals and reiterated that he was using executive action as a means of ensuring that there was effective gun control since Congress has failed to take action.



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