George Clooney stormed away fron a dinner table with Steve Wynn over his remarks about President Obama.

Actor George Clooney Disses Billionaire Pal For Talking Trash About Pres. Obama

George Clooney stormed away fron a dinner table with Steve Wynn over his remarks about President Obama.


Reported by Barry Burch Jr. How many Presidents of the United States can say that George Clooney would curse someone out for them?  President Obama can. The “Gravity” actor actually went as far as to curse his billionaire friend out for making remarks about his other friend – President Obama.  Steve Wynn, a Las Vegas hotel magnate, allegedly began trash-talking the President in front of Clooney, who was simply not having it. The incident took place a couple weeks ago at a dinner in Vegas.  Clooney, 52, and Wynn, 72 got into an intense argument regarding politics, more specifically, President Obama. Clooney released  a statement explaining his side of the story in an email via his publicist:  “He called the president an @sshole … that is a fact … I said the president was my longtime friend and then he said ‘your friend is an @sshole.’ … At that point I told Steve that HE was an asshole and I wasn’t going to sit at his table while he was being such a jack@ss.” According to Clooney, he and Wynn were through with each other following the altercation, and he said it was not about Wynn’s political beliefs.  “It had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with character,” said the actor. Clooney was in Las Vegas promoting a convention when he ran into Wynn and the two decided to have dinner together.  After the dinner is when things got heated. “The place was empty,” said Wynn.  And everything was fine, he added, until a Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) exec told a joke about former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, as reported by In a phone interview, Wynn explained his point of view, saying “He [Clooney] stood up and threw a hissy fit” at the CCA guy. Wynn continued: “Then he sat down and started talking about the Affordable Care Act, and that’s when I spoke up.”  Wynn is reportedly very critical of Obamacare.  “He didn’t like that either.  I think my discussion about the Affordable Care Act was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Wynn then delivered a low blow, saying that Clooney begins to see his relationship with the president a little differently when under the influence of alcohol.  “When he’s drinking, he considers himself a close personal buddy of the president,” he said. “He got up and said, ‘I don’t have to listen to this (expletive) stuff.’  The only person who got excited at the table was George, and he ran off to another bar.” He concluded…“Everybody who’s in my business, the casino business, knows to take actors with a grain of salt.” Do you think George Clooney overreacted? Barry is an award-winning writer and political scientist.  His business, “Barry Writes,” provides biographies, speeches, press releases and so forth to individuals and businesses in need of potent and compelling literature.  Reach him @ and

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  1. Don’t know. But I think I would feel a bit uncomfortable in the presence of someone who was publicly belittling the leader of the nation. Love him or hate him, the President is due respect in a public arena.

  2. Wanda you are absolutely right, you don’t have to agree with the president’s policies but you should respect him as a man. Wynn is nothing more than a money grubbing asshole, who does not want to pay his employees decent wages nor provide insurance for them. He and Donald Trump are like two peas in a pod! They both want to pay slave wages in their casinos! Much respect goes to George Clooney for speaking up. I go to Las Vegas once a year and have never stepped foot in Trumps place nor Wynn’s.

  3. Good for George Clooney. I would have done exactly the same – as any decent person would.

  4. All of the A**holes are being revealed!!

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