Zimmerman and Dunn

Pastor to “White Christians of Florida”: There is a ‘Stench’ Wafting From Your Houses of Worship

A Washington D.C. clergyman is fed up with how quiet white Christian Floridians have been in the wake of Michael Zimmerman and DunnDunn gunning down unarmed teen Jordan Davis.

Pastor Michael Bledsoe believes Christians in the state should be mounting a challenge against Florida’s “stand your ground” law based on principle and penned an open letter to white Christians in the state to vent his frustration.

Pastor Bledsoe of Riverside Baptist Church posted the scathing letter to the church’s website on Sunday after the Michael Dunn verdict. Bledsoe references both Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman in his letter since they both gunned down unarmed black teens.

Bledsoe argues in his letter that the “stand your ground” law has “incentivized” killing and calls on white Christians to do something about it.

Bledsoe writes: “Far be it that I, a white clergyman who is not a lawyer, instruct you as to the illogical nature of your “stand your ground” license to kill but let us note something that is apparent now after two cases where your predominantly white juries could not agree to convict a man who admitted he killed an unarmed teen-ager: if you convict a person for attempting to murder ten teens but fail to convict the killer for actually killing a teen, then you have incentivized killing … .”

He continues by observing that the church in Florida may have lost its way.

“The stench from your houses of worship is wafting its way across this country, polluting citizenship, demoralizing parents and families, mocking accountability and blaspheming the Holy God whom you say you love and worship. If that offends you, try reading Amos.



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  1. Good for him. Now how about some suggestions on what white christians in Florida should be doing, who and how to organize, where to protest, or “do something about it”. Stand your Ground? I must be really naive. Really thought it was about being in mortal danger and not having to let someone kill, steal or rape. Nope, it’s about the kind of tea, the sweat jacket, or music and oops the color of ones skin. But, noooooooooo it’s not the color of ones skin, right?

  2. And let the church say AMEN.

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