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NBC Does Story About Late Night Talk Shows…. Fails Even to Mention Arsenio Hall


NBC Does Story About Late Night Talk Shows…. Fails Even to Mention Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall was a successful talk show host in the 1990’s and now he’s back with a new late night show, but somehow NBC’sArsenio Hall2 Brian Williams missed all that while reporting on the ever evolving space of late night talk shows. But Arsenio Hall wasn’t having it and called out Williams and the New York Times for omitting him from the story.

In his Monday report, Williams discussed Jimmy Fallon hosting The Tonight Show as well as the current landscape of late night shows, but left out the only black man with a show, which flummoxed Hall. On Tuesday night’s show, Hall addressed the issue.

“Now, on Sunday the New York Times ran a piece about late-night television and showed pictures of all the late-night hosts. Let me show you. Check it out. See if you notice someone missing,” said Hall, who was not pictured. “But I’m thinking, I’m thinking maybe they don’t have enough room. You know, brown ink is more expensive maybe? You know? And so I just let it go, because you can’t get hung up on this stuff. It’s 2014 and I’m thinking, like just, you know, just let it go. Nobody reads the paper anyway. You know? You know? Papers are passe. And then last night NBC ran this little story.”

After NBC picked up on the story and omitted Hall as well, Hall said he had to go “old school” on them and point it out.

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“If you’re doing a story about late night, all I ask is that you mention me. You don’t even have to use a photo. You know you don’t even have to use a photo. I know how journalism is these days. Use Samuel Jackson,” joked Hall, referring to the journalist who mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.


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  1. Derrick

    February 19, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Black men NEVER last 20 years or more on late night tell-a-LIE-vision.

    it’s unfortunate that negroids watch these racist crackers every night to boost their ratings, but when it comes to a Black man in racist amerikkka, these negroids are just like cauca-soids…f’ked up!

  2. ana

    February 19, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Arsenio Hall is a great Late Night Talk Show Host! He is Fair,Friendly and Funny. In other words,he has what it takes…Arsenio, you are the man!

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