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2 Men Arrested for Pretending to Rob People


2 Men Arrested for Pretending to Rob People

In a twist of irony, two men recently discovered that pretending to rob people will get you locked up in much the same way that actually robbing people will. stinsonTwo Philadelphia pranksters learned that the hard way after they were recently arrested for pranking people by pretending to rob them.

Investigators allege that the two men, 19-year-old Courtland Gilliam and 21-year-old Daron Stinson, were involved in drive-by robbery pranks which they recorded just for fun.

During the pranks, the men pulled what appeared to be a gun on unsuspecting people in Philadelphia and posted the videos on Instagram.

From The Smoking Gun:

In a video (seen above) uploaded February 15, Stinson points a gun at a man salting a snowy sidewalk and demands that the 52-year-old victim put the salt in the car’s trunk. A caption on the video cautions, “Please don’t try this it’s very dangerous poor old head make him waste all that good salt.”

Although Gilliam and Stinson enjoyed their hijinks, police didn’t find it funny at all and began searching for the perpetrators. Once they found the men, police discovered that they were using a pellet gun and not a real gun to prank drivers, but the men were still charged when they were arrested last week.

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Stinson was taken into custody and charged with simple assault on Wednesday of last week while Gilliam was arrested on Thursday and charged with robbery.

Police allege that the Instagram video incriminates the men.



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