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President Obama Has an Atrocious and Embarrassing Record on Granting Pardons


President Obama Has an Atrocious and Embarrassing Record on Granting Pardons


Although the Obama administration is often criticized for their liberal views, it comes as a shock to some that he has one of the lowest pardon rates in recent administration history, Around the same time in Bill Clinton’s presidency he had already pardoned one in every eight applicant that applied for the program. George W. Bush had already pardoned one in every 33 (which at the time seemed like a bad record as well), Obama however has only pardoned one in every 50 applicants.

The total pardons that Obama issued also fell short of Clinton’s record. Clinton granted 396 pardons and 61 commutations over his eight year presidency. Obama has only given 39 pardons over five years and just one commutation.

Obama’s reluctance to issue more pardons is surprising considering his Justice Department is serious about their “smart on crime” campaign that is supposed to relieve the prison of non-violent offenders. He also has been serious about affirming the constitutional powers of the president especially with a currently aggressive congress,

It should be noted the president signed a law that shortened the mandatory minimums on crack offenses. He also reduced the use of mandatory minimums against drug defendants who are non-violent. These laws are leaving people to question why similar laws weren’t made for inmates who are stuck in jail for other non-violent crimes.

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Some people request that the president should develop a wider communication and pardon inmates that have serve a certain amount of their sentences. Some critics say he should give the job to another attorney rather than relying on the attorney currently in charge. Rodgers was also the pardon attorney with the Bush administration.

Many people think that the scandalous pardons in the past have kept the President from making an effort to pass any new ones.

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  1. Huge

    October 14, 2013 at 11:20 am

    If it doesn’t get to his desk, he cannot sign it. Put someone in charge who can do that. Furthermore, if enough proof, evidence, and documentation can be provided to show how whites, jews, gays, and women will benefit Mr. Obama will do the right thing. After all, his mantra is: “MAKE me do it!”. He worries too much about what may happen to his life if he makes a mistake by doing something that is perceived as unpopular among the above mentioned groups.

  2. moonhead

    October 15, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Why are we so concerned about criminals who got themselves involved in criminal activity? I for instance did not vote for any politician, to grant amnesty for anyone. I want responsible representatives, who will make the lives of every American more comfortable, and satisfying. I didn’t vote for representatives to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, who are residing illegally in our country, and whose children are getting free medical care, food stamps, and a free education, while millions of hard working Americans goes without. I didn’t vote for our representatives to waste their time seeking to give gay people the right to marry someone of the same gender, although I do believe in gay rights. President Obama, whom I voted for and supported twice, has lost his damn mind. While he has an executive order for every damn illicit group, he hasn’t done one damn thing to eliminate the huge Black unemployment rate. Every damn illegal immigrant has a job, while millions of Americans can’ even get a job at a hamburger stand. This president, is turning into the worst President in America’s history. So I really don’t give a damn about him freeing some damn person accused of committing some damn crime. I’m more concerned about the millions of us that don’t have a job, and committed no criminal activity.

  3. Ann G.

    October 15, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Since this President has been in office there has been one disaster after the other. He came in with 2 wars going on, one unnecessary, how many hurricanes have we had, how many F-2 & F-3’s have we had, then there is all the problems with budgets with no compromising from congress, who the hell has time to think about pardoning drug dealers, and thugs? The economy was in a tailspin when he came into office, he had to concentrate on building it back up, as I said one thing after another, under the circumstances, I think he is doing a damn good job! Maybe he will get around to pardoning the thugs on his way out of office. I don’t care if he does or not, had they been somewhere working 8-12 days taking care of their children, they would not be in prison!

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