Freeway Ricky Ross Explains How John Kerry Exposed the CIA's Push to Let Drugs Into Black America | Kulture Kritic
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Freeway Ricky Ross Explains How John Kerry Exposed the CIA’s Push to Let Drugs Into Black America


Freeway Ricky Ross Explains How John Kerry Exposed the CIA’s Push to Let Drugs Into Black America



By Ricky Ross

“Can’t you tell that I came from the dope game? — Blame Reagan for making me into a monster — Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra — I ran contraband that they sponsored” — Jay-Z, “Blue Magic”


John Kerry being nominated to Secretary of the State brings his ever looming presence within theIran Contra Scandal full circle. The man responsible for uncovering a scandal that cocaine was being brought into the United States as part of a multicontinental black market with the knowledge of the CIA and U.S. government will now hold one of the most powerful international offices in the world. The backdrop of his presence on Capitol Hill will always be built upon pillars of his desire to have America be honest to itself, and the rest of the world as to its own actions here and abroad.


In early 1986, the 42-year-old Massachusetts Democrat stood almost alone in the U.S. Senate demanding answers about the emerging evidence that CIA-backed Contras were filling their coffers by collaborating with drug traffickers then flooding U.S. borders with cocaine from South America… In taking on the inquiry, Kerry challenged President Ronald Reagan at the height of his power, at a time he was calling the Contras the “moral equals of the Founding Fathers.” Kerry’s questions represented a particular embarrassment to Vice President George H.W. Bush, whose responsibilities included overseeing U.S. drug-interdiction policies… Kerry’s probe infuriated Reagan’s White House, which was pushing Congress to restore military funding for the Contras. Some in the administration also saw Kerry’s investigation as a threat to the secrecy surrounding the Contra supply operation, which was being run illegally by White House aide Oliver North and members of Bush’s vice presidential staff.
The Reagan administration did everything it could to thwart Kerry’s investigation, including attempting to discredit witnesses, stonewalling the Senate when it requested evidence and assigning the CIA to monitor Kerry’s probe. But it couldn’t stop Kerry and his investigators from discovering the explosive truth: that the Contra war was permeated with drug traffickers who gave the Contras money, weapons and equipment in exchange for help in smuggling cocaine into the United States. Even more damningly, Kerry found that U.S. government agencies knew about the Contra-drug connection, but turned a blind eye to the evidence in order to avoid undermining a top Reagan-Bush foreign policy initiative. —


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Long forgotten today is the resolve Kerry had to have to almost singularly stand up to the Reagan & Bush administration. All despite the McCarthyesqe efforts used to make him seem crazed for his ground breaking investigation.



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  1. ana

    September 19, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Well, its great to know that some of our Elected Officials, have good morals and decency to take a stand for doing the right things, for the good of The People and The Country…However,we are still not sold on War in Syria.

  2. Ann G.

    September 19, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    What is amazing is they never thought little White Jane and Jimmy John would just love the damn stuff, karma is a bitch!

  3. Harold

    September 19, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Getting us ready for his Presidential run. He wants war also. No consideration for the economy and the poor.

  4. Cottin

    September 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Do we have to sell or smoke crack? Just because it is placed in the community…..just asking……

  5. Nixak

    September 24, 2013 at 1:03 am

    One should click on the link to the full article @ Huff-Post’s ‘Black Voices.’
    The CIA & Wall St Banksters have been implicated in the international drug trade for decades. During the Vietnam era there was the CIA run ‘Air America’s heroin runs in SE Asia, while in the US the 1960s & 70s drug-fueled so-called ‘counter-culture’ [actually a counter-revolution] was spear-headed by CIA linked psychedelic drugs IE: LSD, STP etc [featured in the CIA’s MKULTRA prog first established in the 1950s].
    In the 1980s it was the CIA, DEA & the notorious BCCI bankster bank [to which the S&L debacle was tangentially linked]- whose finger-prints were [& still are] all over the Crack cocaine explosion via the Iran Contra scandal [that was largely covered-up], to which Ricky Ross was personally involved & witnessed. [NOTE: one of the main entry points for Latin American coke was a CIA air-port in Mena AR on Slick Willy’s watch]
    The CIA is even implicated in the 1990s ecstasy craze [first used by the racist Apartheid regime’s ‘Project Coast’ to quell the S.Africa people’s uprising]. And even now the CIA & DoD, the UK [culprits of the Opium wars against China in the mid-late 1800s] & NATO are implicated again in the explosion of Afghan Heroin- which has increased +10Xs since the US & UK invaded Afghanistan in the wake of the 9-11 ‘New Pearl Harbor’ event [Afghanistan now supplies over 90% of the World’s heroin]. Meaning this explosion in Afghan heroin has effectively occurred under US & NATO military protection.

    Yet this very same US gov’t whose [along w Wall St banksters’] finger-prints have been all over both the national & international dope trade has used the phony ‘War on Drugs’ as an excuse to lock up millions of Black men in its racist Criminalized {in}Justice System / Prison Industrial Complex [= ‘The New Jim Crow’]!

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