Dr. Tommy Whittler: Uncompensated Athletes Get Caught Stealing, the Entire System is Shamed


As I pondered the fates of these four Tide football players, I see nothing funny in this tragedy.  These young men just played (and won) in the BCS Championship Football game in which Alabama completely dominated Notre Dame.  Each team received upwards of $22 million for participating in this one game.  The coaches, Nick Saban (Alabama) and Chip Kelly (Notre Dame) received nearly $1 million bonuses for appearing in the championship game.  Each coach earns $5 million a year in salaries.

The players’ bounty for their efforts that produced nearly $50 million dollars:  Nada.  Zilch. Zippo.  Thus, I am not surprised by these individuals’ behavior just as I was not surprised by Louis Winthrop’s behavior in Trading Places.  But a few questions come to my mind:  Had these young men been awarded monies according to their talents and efforts would they have committed these crimes?   Why would they steal if they had sufficient cash to purchase the rather small items they stole?  And “trading places” for a second, would accomplished adults behave morally if they went unpaid for their efforts?

It’s tragic that these young men committed these acts.  I cannot imagine that their lives will improve given that they may neither receive an education nor play professional football.  I have to believe these actions were done in part because of a lack of finances, which makes no sense given that they just participated in a venue that generated a lot of money.

Tommy E. Whittler, Ph. D.

DePaul University



  1. They don’t get to change the terms of the agreement AFTER the agreement. They knew when they signed up to play college football that college football players don’t get paid. Quit creating excuses to justify bad behavior. They could have adhered to the laws and NOT stolen, they might have been able to go pro. Either way, the things that happen in their life from this day forward are a result for choices that they made. They’re called consequences.

  2. Thanks to You Better Call Tyrone for setting the records straight. There is no excuse for them stealing, so don’t try to find one!

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