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What Will Be Obama’s Legacy-Obamacare?


What Will Be Obama’s Legacy-Obamacare?

Obama Delivers Remarks In West Palm Beach As Part Of 2-Day FL Campaign SwingYour legacy is what will define the type of person that you were for those who were not around in your time. If you are successful in defining yourself now, then your legacy will live on long after you do. There are some roles and occupations where a positive legacy becomes more pronounced in history. For instance, any president of the United States will end up with a well-known legacy, it is just up to them to define it. Now it is believed that President Barack Obama’s legacy will be defined by his healthcare initiatives, but will his legacy be a good one?

“Nothing could be more important to Obama’s legacy. The massive health care overhaul stands as a test of one of the central premises of his political philosophy: that government, carefully and judiciously applied, can be a positive force in the lives of the citizens it serves. Obamacare’s success could shift Americans’ attitudes about the role of government in society. Its failure could cement the notion that government isn’t capable of doing big things and doing them well.

The public remains skeptical of the health care reform law. According to a HuffPost/YouGov poll conducted last Tuesday and Wednesday, just 20 percent of people believe they will be better off as a result. Forty-one percent expect to be worse off and 25 percent responded the law won’t make much difference in their lives.

Very few of Obamacare’s reforms have taken effect so far, and the president has scant months to ensure the law fulfills its promise to make guaranteed, stable health care coverage available to those without it. The most pivotal date of Obama’s political life may have been Nov. 6, 2012 — the day of his reelection — but another, perhaps more consequential, date looms: Oct. 1, 2013, when poor and middle-class Americans will begin signing up for the health care law’s new benefits.”

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  1. Mother-Nature

    January 21, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    It was refreshing to hear Pres. Obama talk about the biggest threat we have in his Inaug. Speech — which is CLIMATE CHANGE. If this problem is not brought under control, we won’t have to worry much about other issues…as the monster floods, fires, droughts, tornadoes, blizzards, etc. will take up all of our time.

    Higher Health care costs and new viruses will be the result of a warmer planet. People fleeing wild weather disasters will find themselves having a lot more sicknesses.

    He also mentioned working on helping those in POVERTY. That was also refreshing to hear. It is a very serious issue and the rightwing nuts who want to cut all the budgets are wrong about that. Poverty helps breed lots of other problems….such as: crime, failing schools, and diseases. Poverty will increase as more and more people suffer from the wild weather disasters.

    There are some people on all sides of the political arena who cannot say a good word about Pres. Obama or his family…ranging from the White racists…to the Tea Partiers….to the Black Power groups…and so forth.

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