Junk Science: Psychologist Says Obama is Pushing Gun Control Because He Was Abandoned as a Boy | Kulture Kritic
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Junk Science: Psychologist Says Obama is Pushing Gun Control Because He Was Abandoned as a Boy


Junk Science: Psychologist Says Obama is Pushing Gun Control Because He Was Abandoned as a Boy

If you thought right wing crackpots would settle down after President Obama’s reelection, then you’re wrong. They’re still determined to paint Obama as apsychiatrist boogeyman Manchurian candidate, set on destroying America. A Fox News psychiatrist recently stooped to a new low by trying to connect President Obama’s mental framework to his push for harsher gun control laws.

Fox News psychologist *Dr.* Keith Ablow said he believes Barack Obama advocates “disempowering” people through gun safety legislation because he was “abandoned” as a child.

Ablow told Fox host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday that for Obama, this is all about control.

“Controlling weapons isn’t going to stop mass killings,” he explained. “The common element in these murders is untreated or poorly treated mental illness. We’ve deconstructed the entire mental health care system. It is in shambles, and the president’s reticence to make that the issue that should be front and center is a defining moment that defines him as unwilling to do the right thing to fix what’s broken.”

Ablow continued, saying,  “His solution runs psychologically in the direction of disempowering the individual every single time.”

Ablow was undeterred in his nonsense, concluding: “Number one, the autonomy of others did him no favors as a kid, when he was abandoned again and again by people who were — quote — unquote — responsible and supposed to do the right thing, like parents. So his belief, ‘You know what? What good is individual autonomy in decision making? What good did it do me? The collective is what needs to be empowered, and all the better if I’m the center of that collective and the most powerful person in it.’”

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Amazing that over two dozen kids were massacred in their first grade classroom, then President Obama decides to do something to try to prevent that from ever happening again, and the knuckleheads at Fox somehow trace it all back to Obama’s childhood. Someone should investigate Ablow’s childhood, but before that, it might be a good idea to check his certifications and degrees. He may be the one who is off his rocker, as he obviously skipped his morning meds.

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  1. Derrick

    January 23, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I keep telling y’all these crackers are CRAZY!!!

    Now, do y’all see, why I call them ‘crazy cracker caucasoids’? HUH?

  2. Mother-Nature

    January 23, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    This Dr. Ablow needs a shrink himself and probably should be put on meds. Obama was not abandoned…he had his mother, grandparents, and then his mother remarried when Obama was like 10 years old. And that is certainly not the reason for “gun safety” concerns. The FOX NEWS nuts keep making up lies and slandering the Democrats, Pres. Obama, Colin Powell and anyone that does not jump to their insane tunes. They don’t want to be confused with facts, evidence, and research.

    Consider the stupid mess that they say about CLIMATE CHANGE and Al Gore. They have twisted all the science that 98% of scientists have claimed — that greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, destruction of rainforests, and other forms of pollution are causing the planet to warm up. BUT ….FOX NEWS pundits, reporters, and this clown…and others — HANNITY, OREILLY, BECK….LIMBAUGH….all promote lies. WHY? They are in the pockets of BIG OIL and other polluters.

  3. bahati sobukwe

    January 24, 2013 at 3:52 am

    I swear I’ve heard it all from the kook asylum-fox news! Do they listen to what they say? Racism has really made those people sick. Ablow needs to examine why they hate the black President. It is no justification for this craziness except that they are sick. We should use fox news’ people as a study in racism and its ratification. The classes should be taught in our universities.

    It’s a shame that we are a pseudo democracy– if we were not maybe we could have their heads cut off or something for damaging the country with their vileness.

  4. bahati sobukwe

    January 24, 2013 at 3:54 am

    Sorry, I meant eradication instead of ratification. It’s very early in the morning. I’m going back to bed now, sorry.

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