Professor Alan Aja Calls about Mitt Romney's Race-Baiting on Single Parents and Gun Violence | Kulture Kritic
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Professor Alan Aja Calls about Mitt Romney’s Race-Baiting on Single Parents and Gun Violence


Professor Alan Aja Calls about Mitt Romney’s Race-Baiting on Single Parents and Gun Violence

Most of us saw the recent debates, where presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempted to argue that gun violence should be blamed on single parent households.  We’re not sure where Romney gets his argument from, since single mothers aren’t the ones shooting their kids.  This message is consistent with an attitude that leads to blaming victims and race-baiting as part of the Republican political strategy.  The approach is going to be costly to the Republican Party, which has become the home for racist old white guys who are angry that they no longer have all the power. 

Professor Alan Aja writes about the matter in Dissent Magazine: 

Amid the barrage of humorous memes, status updates, tweets, and reports emanating from the second presidential debate, one moment was mostly lost, perhaps misfiled among those infamous “binders full of women.” When the candidates were asked to address the circulation of assault weapons, President Obama, who answered first, hinted toward an outright ban, arguing that weapons designed for soldiers “don’t belong on streets.” The president then shifted focus on the recent up-tick in violence in his hometown, Chicago, citing a comprehensive policy prescription involving cooperation among schools, faith groups, and law enforcement. He didn’t mention it, but in many cities this also involves intervention by current or former gang members, not to mention ex-offenders.

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Governor Romney, eager to keep that NRA endorsement, stood firm against new legislation, erroneously stating that automatic weapons were already illegal in the United States. Then, following President Obama’s transition, he went further, seeking to “out-prove” the president on the issue of urban violence. Romney agreed with Obama that “good schools” are essential, but argued that a key variable explaining America’s “culture of violence” (his words) was…single parenthood. “But gosh, to tell our kids, before they have babies, they ought to think about getting married to someone….Because if there’s a two parent family, the prospect of living in poverty goes down dramatically….So we can make changes in the way our culture works to help bring people away from violence and give them opportunity and bring them into the American system.”


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  1. Ms. Miller

    October 25, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    ROMNEY is showing his self to be a low life scum on almost every issue that comes up. Colin Powell endorsed Obama and gave good reasons.

    Did you see the news about what Gloria Allred had presented about MITT the TWIT? He screwed over the wife of the founder of STAPLES.


    • Ms. Miller

      October 26, 2012 at 10:52 am

      Romney is BUSH ON STEROIDS. Republicans want to hide their heads in the sand and pretend that ROMNEY is not involved. He is…BIG TIME…and getting rich off the suffering of regular citizens…via his investments. BAIN CAPITAL invests in these privatized prisons…and part of the deal is that the Gov’t has to keep them 90% full.

      In big cities…people are fighting “STOP & FRISK” which resembles the old practices of So. Africa. There are some movies and books on this issue out now. Movie: THE HOUSE I LIVE IN…. Book: THE NEW JIM CROW. And Youtube offers some good videos on this issue too…

  2. Suebee

    November 2, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Really shows you how out of touch Romney Is when It comes to blacks In this country. He Is clueless and he would be unfit to run this conutry.

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