Muhammad Ali Awarded the Prestigious Liberty Medal for His Extraordinary Contributions to Humanity

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  1. There nothing more hat can said about Ali,he is and will always be the greatest. The athlete’s of the last twenty five years would never have made a stand that Ali did about the Vietnam war. Whether or not you consider yourself a role model as a human being who has access to voice your opinion to great number of people why not take advantage of it and speak about issues outside of your sport. Ali once said the reason he chose not to be drafted into the Vietnam war was because no viet cong ever called him nigger. That statement and his stance besides beating Sonny Liston shook up the world! Today’s athlete’s are either ignorant or scarred to think that if they speak about social ill’s in the world that it won’t have a effect. Ali gave up his title and the liscence to fight for years for his belief’s! Writing RIP TRAYVON on the side of your sneaker is not the same,sorry. Refusing to play a game and not getting paid would have been a more profound statement. But I digress,congrats to the greatest!

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