Who Is Audrey Addison Williams And Why Is She Running For President Of The U.S.? | Kulture Kritic
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Who Is Audrey Addison Williams And Why Is She Running For President Of The U.S.?

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Who Is Audrey Addison Williams And Why Is She Running For President Of The U.S.?

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By Angela Wills

It was on Wednesday May 4th that the presidential race would be introduced to its newest candidate for President of the United States of America. Audrey Addison Williams declared her spot as an Independent candidate on the ballot and stated that she is in the race to win, and defines her platform as one of unity and a revival of the spirit of free enterprise. Her standard of principle as a candidate and as U.S. President is to Re-claim the Heart of Humanity.

Williams says that she has a strong uncertainty regarding the circumstances of division and mean spiritedness surrounding this campaign and its candidates. She prompts the need for change in America, stating that the Face of America has changed and continuous change is necessary. She contends that by the year 2050, White Americans will be the minority. She presents a challenge to the assumption that White Males are best prepared to lead now, as well as the assumption that people have that women don’t possess that same or greater ability, strength, knowledge or capacity to lead the nation.

The Independent candidate strongly expresses that the next leader of the United States of America must be a woman and pledges for the end in tolerance of leadership by means of aggression, control and domination. Her statement is an outcry for the people to take a stand and say no because men need women to lead. The suppression of the feminine voice has caused everyone to suffer. Wisdom and strong-hearted leadership are direct results of women rising together.

Williams offers a detailed explanation of her motivation to become the next U.S. President. She says, “There is a Gold Mine in the hearts and minds of people who we have dismissed as having little or no value. In the inner cities and in rural areas there are millions of Americans who feel abandoned, who are marginalized, and they do not have the tools, the skills or the training to participate in the mainstream. We have to change this”.

The Independent candidate further adds, “I have lived a life of entitlement and I have become increasingly aware of my advantages. The courage to enter the race for President comes from this awareness of my privilege and my responsibility to leverage my privilege in service to humanity. Privilege in my experience has been less about the acquisition of material things and more about the Grace of God manifesting as opportunities to serve, to learn and to grow. Privilege is often invisible to the one who is privileged. A willingness to see and to know is required to become fully aware of the many ways in which we are indeed privileged”.

Audrey Addison Williamson stands behind her motto, The Promise Land is Here Now and we Enter Together.


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