Larry Elder: Absentee Fathers are More of a Threat to the Black Community Than Racism | Kulture Kritic
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Larry Elder: Absentee Fathers are More of a Threat to the Black Community Than Racism

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Larry Elder: Absentee Fathers are More of a Threat to the Black Community Than Racism

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Black conservative writer and pundit Larry Elder has a message for the GOP regarding how to get more of the black vote: Stop talking to blacks like they’re stupid. In an larry elderinterview with The Daily Caller,  Elder said the only hope the GOP has of reaching black voters is if they talk to blacks like adults.

“Stop talking to blacks like they are children to whom the truth cannot be told,” Elder said.

Elder also said that racism is no longer a major issue in this country, and that the biggest threat to the black community is absentee fathers.

“To avoid poverty, UCLA public policy professor James Q. Wilson said that everyone — not just blacks — must do three things: finish high school, don’t become a parent until at least the age of twenty, and get married before having a child. Do this and you will not be poor,” Elder said.

Elder then recalled a conversation with former NAACP head Kweisi Mfume, where Mfume agreed that absentee fatherhood was more of a threat to the black community than racism.

“I once asked Kweisi Mfume, then the head of the NAACP the following question: ‘As between the presence of white racism and the absence of black fathers, which poses the bigger threat to the black community.’ He immediately responded, ‘The absence of black fathers.’ Screaming about racism won’t solve this problem.”

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Elder then goes on to explain how Republicans need to explain why Democratic policies are bad for the African-American community.

“Republicans need to explain how the welfare state has undermined the formation of traditional two-parent families,” he said, “that the Democratic Party’s allegiance to teachers unions means urban parents are forced to send their children to schools the parents don’t like; that policies like minimum wage hikes destroy jobs for the unskilled; and admitting students under ‘race-based preferences’ means a higher drop-out rate for the ‘affirmative action student’; that raising taxes on the rich threatens the prosperity of all.”


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  1. Nixak

    December 25, 2018 at 12:43 am

    Negro’s like this {non}Elder guy like to engraciate [?presstitute?] themselves w the FOX Noise crowd by validating their race-baiting hype.
    Yes absentee father’s is currently a problem in the Black community. BUT- {non}Elder acts like the on-going attack & destruction of the Black family has nothing to do w the US racist system, which is PURE a-Historical BS!

    I grew-up in an all Black neighborhood in Chicago some 3 – 4 decades ago. At that time I’d say that 70% – 80% of my peers had their fathers at home as functioning hard-working & responsible fathers & husbands. So what happened that within 2 generations we went from 70% – 80% of urban Black house-holds w 2 parents- to now its the reverse- 2/3s to 3/4s of urban Black house-holds are now headed by single moms??? It could NOT be genetic, other-wise I could NOT have grown up in an urban environment w 70% – 80% of Black families w their father at home!!! So could the roll-out of the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ & the Prison Industrial Complex – leading to the ‘New Jim Crow’ have something to w it [In the 1970s over 60% of US’ prisoners were white men – Since then the prison population has exploded by 4 – 5Xs w most of the increase being Blacks & Latinos for non-violent drug offense- usually marajuana possesion – Blacks make up 1/2 of US prisoners – Prisons are now BIG BIZ]???
    And what about the dismantling of the rust-belt’s industrial sector & the wholesale off-shoring of jobs- which was/is an assault on the working class as a whole & caused depression-like unemployment among Blacks- well before the Economic crash of 2007-08??? After all Blacks have always been the last-hire & the first-fired!
    What about the US’ stupi-tanment industry pushing degenerate pop-culture to our youth- FOR BIG $$$- which glamorizes promiscuous, irresponsible, & even destructive behavior???

    I bet Mr {non}Elder ain’t prepared to touch any of that, because it so much easier to blame those that have been victimized by these Gov’t & Corp policies! Because the watch-word is so-called ‘Post-racial USA’ in the age of Obama [PS: the Pres has also ‘conveniently’ chided Blacks on this issue].

    • Nixak

      December 25, 2018 at 12:57 am

      This Negro {non}Elder actually said that racism is no longer a major issue in so-called post-racial USA [NOT!]. Either this Negro is from another planet, a d*mned fool or a FOX Noise type presstitute! Apparently he’s never heard of NYPD’s legalized racial-profiling prog called ‘Stop & Frisk’, nor Michelle Alexander’s expose’ on the US’ racist Prison Industrial Complex- called the ‘New Jim Crow’, nor the stats that say every 36 hrs the cops or cop wanna-bes [IE: Zimmerman] gun-down Black men, women, children & elders- w near impunity [if you add Hispanics it would likely be every 20 – 24 hrs]!

      FOX Noise type whites need to hype-up Negroes like {non}Elder, to ‘validate’ their BS Cr-Ap!

  2. Ms. Miller

    December 25, 2018 at 1:16 am

    I have often wondered if Elder was from another planet too. He is like the other FOX NEWS TEA PARTY backward negroes like Allen West, Herman Cain, Mia Love, Jesse Lee Peterson…and the others who simply deny that “racism” is a problem. They pretend that we live in some fantasy world where bigotry, racism and the Jim Crow attitudes suddenly evaporated. Do these negroes get paid to talk this nonsense about race or are they just confused?

    WHITE RACISM is at the root of most of the problems with our families…with poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. Black folks have long been getting the crumbs from the table…and not much has changed on that tip.

    CONSIDER THE PROBLEM OF THE PRISONS….and check out who is in there. Most of the inmate population is BLACK…and Latino and at least half are there via THE WAR ON DRUGS. Now we know that there are lots of problems with that WAR…. What does he think is causing so many BLACK MEN to be absent from their families…if WHITE RACISM is not at the root of it?

    • Ms. Miller

      December 25, 2018 at 1:29 am

      Larry Elder also used the “right wing nut talking point” against TEACHER’S UNIONS as a scapegoat on which to blame this problem. This is utterly sick. The problems with our schools are a result of neglect…lack of funding…and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. It has been the RE-thug-LICANS…Elder’s party….. which has systematically defunded programs like HEAD START and UPWARD BOUND and anything like that, which helped inner city kids to achieve. Right now…the Elder’s party is trying to cut off all sorts of programs…including: MEALS ON WHEELS.

      But they don’t want to cut off any “welfare from the Govt” to the RICH.

  3. Derrick

    December 25, 2018 at 6:54 am

    These Uncle Sambo negroids need to go burn by the woodpile with their caucasoid counterparts (Mfume & Elder), saying that absent fathers are worse than racism.

    These two Sambos are nothing, but Boule’ negroids, whose job is to keep Black people at the bottom of the ship. I ain’t never in my life seen a bunch of slave azz negroids, who love to please caucasoids. For these two negroids to say some stupid shyt like this; makes my liver quiver!!!

    Let’ do the math: If a Black man stays with his family and raises his family to be productive, and be a part of the community, that’s fine, BUT when that Black man gets laid off from his job, or is the last hired and first fired, and deals with racism and discrimination ON HIS JOB, then what? Is it his fought that RACIST caucasoids laid him off, or didn’t hire him, or is it these demonic devils fought? Is it the Black man’s fault when he is PASSED up for a better position just because he is BLACK? Y’ALL KNOW THE ANSWERS…it’s RACISM!!!

    Therefore, it makes no difference what the Black man does to raise his children WITH HIS WIFE, he is still gonna face RACISM! He can have all the degrees hanging on his walls, he can wait until he’s 30 to have children, and he can wait until he gets married to have children, THAT’S STILL NOT GOING TO KEEP RACISM, and the caucasoid racists from RESPECTING him. Who does he have to go to get a job…crackers; therefore, he’s already faced with one hurdle when he walks through the door for an interview.

    These Uncle Sambo negroids (Mfume & Elder) are nothing but slaves for the elite, that CONTROLS the NAACP (Negroids Always Accepting Caucasoids Plans), CBC (Co*ons Being Caucasoids), and the other so-called “Black” un-organizations. The government finances these un-organizations, and Messy Jessy is included, with that Rainbow Push bullshyt, and Sharptongue Al, with his National Action Network garbage.



    We must OVERstand that none of these un-organizations are CONTROLLED by Black people. They are front boys, like DuBois and the other Boule’ negorids, who worked for caucasoids. DuBois hated Marcus Garvey with a passion, and he was the bytch, who had Marcus Garvey thrown in jail for mail fraud, which the government was behind. They had agents, who worked for Garvey, that PURPOSEFULLY set him up!!!



  4. Norman hensley

    December 25, 2018 at 11:27 am

    I have followed larry elder for many years on talk radio hear in los angeles california.
    He started out as a very thought full radio host who could present new ideas and would look at both sides of issues.
    Over the years he became very angry and hateful.
    He seems to have become a self hating black man.
    When president obama first ran for president he became more and more hateful toward black people.he was eventually fired frop his radio show.
    He has now returned to his radio show worst than ever.
    He says the same old thing,he hates al sharpton,maxine waters,jessie jackson and president obama.
    You almost feel sorry for him

  5. Ms. Miller

    December 25, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    BET has been showing the classic movie ‘ROOTS’ this week. We can look at the characters in that movie…and there is one that participated as an ‘overseer’ who whipped Kunta and made him say his new name: TOBY.

    Larry Elder is much like the negro with the whip. He has joined in with the Tea Party and nuts like HANNITY, PALIN, BECK, ALLEN WEST, etc. They also deny existence of racism and/or claim that it has not caused maladies in our society.

    In fact, if we watch ROOTS, we can see a lot of the effects of WHITE RACISM and what it did to Black people and others.

    • Derrick

      December 25, 2018 at 11:35 pm

      If you OBSERVE the media is showing all these slave movies during this hell-a-day (holiday). You have the Jamie Foxx slave movie coming out today (12/25/12), and they are showing Roots all day long!!!

      This is purposefully being done to keep weak-hearted negroids in their place. The media on the small screen (tv) and the big screen (movie theaters) are making sure that OURstory is only about being slaves!!! THIS IS A LIE!!! They NEVER show movies or documentaries about Afrikans being Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, Pharohs and Princesses.

      ALL through their his-story/his-LIE, we are shown in a negative image, and nothing is going to change. These negative images have messed up the minds of weak-hearted negroids, and it shows everyday.

      They had professional slave beaters during our forced enslavement, and unfortunately, these punk azz phraternities have fallen suit! This is where these beatings come from…slavery! Why do you have to beat a man in order to join a phrat? THAT’S SLAVE SHYT, RIGHT THERE!!! These new age slaves are so messed up, that they have begun to hate themselves, and this is the plan these racist caucasoids are carrying out today.

      During the ’60’s and ’70’s Black men were supervisors (overseerers) and foremen’s (snitches), who worked for the slave massa (owner) of these factories. These owners (slave makers) would hire these negroids to KEEP AN EYE on the ‘unruly’ workers (slaves), and this is the same scenario, that the slave maker uses today, which came from slavery!!!

      Today, the MAJORITY of the overseerers are caucasoid males! But, negroids can’t SEE into this new age slavery. ALL of these so-called negroid un-leaders are nothing, but pawns and Boule’ negroids for caucasoids. WHO PAYS THEM…the government, that once ENSLAVED them!!!

      These modern day Uncle Sambo negroids are the reason we are in this condition today! It started with Booker T. Washington, who let a khazar EXPERIMENT ON BLACK MEN AT TUSKEGEE INSTITUITE. This is why it was called the TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT because this Boule’ negroid (Booker) let a cracker do his experiment on Black men at that institution!!!

      MLK was not the leader he claimed to be, also. He co-signed for the Margaret Sangers PLANNED PARENTHOOD PROGRAM, along with other Boule’ negroids, such as DuBois!!!

      Most negroids are not aware of these so-called leaders, who sold us out! This is why this racist government acknowledges MLK to this day because he was a stool pigeon.

      Just look at these negroid leaders today, and you will see the same tactics…they’re fronts for caucasoids!!!

      The media NEVER will show the REAL leaders, who Rebelled against slavery, and they beat the shyt out of their slave makers, and families. They had guns and were not afraid to FIGHT and DIE for their freedom!!! Their are no militant Rebels today because the government has killed them or put them in jail…this is how they keep modern day slaves submissie and passive to this day!!!


      Sharptongue is a bought negroid, and he is owned by MSNBC, and other media outlets. When I heard this clown, call that caucasoid boy, who killed those school kids a “GENTLEMEN”, and “YOUNG MAN”, that’s all I needed to hear from that slave azz negroid!!! HE’S A BOUGHT NEGROID, ,TOO!!!

      WE ARE ON OUR OWN, AND IT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT AND SAVE OUR MONEY. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIGHT THESE devils!!! But, negroids are scared to do that!!! They love giving their money to their enemies, while our own people suffer to survive.

  6. rpsemary davis

    December 25, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Wow these comments are so funny LOL I often wonder about Larry Elder and why he is so bitter and hateful a local show here in L.A. a Fox station call Good day L.A. often give this nutt a platform and durning the campagin season he used every opportunity to spew his hatred for Mr. Obama he reminds me of the head negro in the slave owners house who looked down on other slaves because he thought he was above them and then again maybe his hatre goes back to his childhood because his own Father never expressed or showed him love and so now he’s attacking fathers comparing their absentee to racism well Mr.Elder there is no comparison take it from one who was born and raised in the south where you experience for white only no negros or colored folks as they were known in those days so until you experience that then there is no way that you can make a comparison.

  7. Ester Holzendorf

    December 26, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    I disagree with this statemetn, because it’s too broad a statement. The black male is targeted and so is the black female. That’s why drugs were allowed to be traffiked into the black communities. In order to control the prison growth, and manage the welfare system, the black family had to be placed in a position to be used. Supress the economy, flood the neighborhoods with drugs, dumb down the school systems and wala, you have a people in bondage. The prison system has a set number of beds, and they do not get paid without bodies in the beds. The black female is one of the most powerful beings on this earth, and crack cocain was meant to not only neutralize her, but to destroy her. You see, Europeans know the power of the black female. When you have the black male and the black female on one accord, working together, that is a force to be reckoned with. They know the power of agreement. Nope can’t agree with the statement without an explination. There are reasons that have not been delt with.

  8. Ms. Miller

    December 26, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    If watching parts of ROOTS does not clue you in to who this negro ELDER really is….”the man with the whip”… There is another “overseer negro” character in DJANGO UNCHAINED played by Samuel L. Jackson. We still have these types amoung us… HERMAN CAIN. JESSIE LEE PETERSON, and ALLEN WEST come to mind.

    AS FOR THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY…this wild weather (storms, floods, tornadoes, wildfires) is due to manmade global warming. These rightwing nuts like ELDER and his cronies…tell lies about this threat on a regular basis. Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and that bunch have fooled a lot of people.

    When you hear and read words that describe the weather…like “unprecedented…

    out of season… unparalled in history “… and so forth…that is a sign that these
    weather events are really odd and caused by more than just the regular stuff.

    We know that the polar caps are melting at high speed….thus all the water…rain
    and snow is a result of that.

    It’s too bad that our Gov’t…espec. the RE-thug-LICANS have been lying about this
    problem, denying what has been wrecking the ecosystem for years…and now
    we have a major CLIMATE CRISIS.

    This crisis goes right along with the FISCAL CRISIS and I guess we may go over
    both cliffs.

    • Derrick

      December 27, 2018 at 6:36 am

      I have been saying the weather is being MANipulated by MAN…the white man, for decades!!!

      I tell people this all the time, and they think I’m crazy, but the Truth is coming to the surface. Those boys up in space are controlling the weather! They are shooting objects into Mars, the Moon, and other planets, which is destroying Black Mother Earth’s atmosphere!!!

      This is why these demonic devils are destroying the Earth and the people (mainly Blacks) on this planet because they will be trying to live on Mars within the next 40 years! They already are selling tickets to travel to Mars. These caucasoids think 40-50 years ahead, while negroids only think 4-5 minutes (if that) planning ahead! Let me add this to the soup…this is also the reason these pigs and other yankees are killing Black men, to annihilate us, as a people!!!

      These devils are dwindling, as far as, their population growth is concerned, and this is why they are making plans to leave this planet, and this is why they are also, buying up all these weapons to protect themselves for a race war!!! But, weak-hearted negroids are turning in their guns.

      ALL of these man-made storms and tornadoes are the beginning of the destruction of planet Earth.


      • Ms. Miller

        December 27, 2018 at 7:22 am

        GLOBAL WARMING is what I was referring to…and the main cause is pollution and too much greenhouse gases …in addition to various destructive acts such as the OIL SPILLS into the oceans. The ECO SYSTEM has been thrown off balance…and thus, MOTHER NATURE is reacting….with widespread storms, fires, floods, etc.

        It is just not true that shooting rockets to the moon or Mars causes global warming. Nor is it true that it is connected to any “race war.” SOME people may want to have a “race war”…but that has nothing to do with the THREAT OF CLIMATE CHANGE.

        I am not at all talking about any type of “racial stuff” like you, Derrick…on this isssue.

        There are some limited instances were some scientists have manipulated isolated weather events…but that is not what is causing the major weather disasters which we are witnessing…like HURRICANE KATRINA, and the monster tornadoes, and the big blizzard that hit the U.S. a few days ago.

        • Ms. Miller

          December 27, 2018 at 8:00 am

          Every time you drive a gas powered car…it is causing environment problems due to the fossil fuels it uses. But folks don’t complain with the DMV “forces them to buy insurance to drive. NO. And yet, some of the same people will not treat their own bodies as well and don’t want to have “health insurance.” They follow the nonsensical talking points put out by the TEA PARTY and folks like LIMBAUGH, BECK and the big time OIL POLLUTERS.

          BLACK PEOPLE are a very unhealthy group of folks…but yet they complain about OBAMA CARE???

          The folks who want us to believe that the GOVERNMENT MANIPULATION” is the cause of these wild weather disasters…are the ones who are guilty of damaging our ECO SYSTEM…. “Big Oil and Coal” billionaires. Consider the KOCH BROTHERS…the biggest polluters on the planet…and they finance the TEA PARTY. So does RUPERT MURDOCH…he promotes lies on his FOX NEWS channel about global warming. They also constantly attack the GOV’T….and tell lies about Obama, GREEN ENERGY, and the Dems. Why? Partly because they don’t want any regulations on that cruddy dirty energy that they are getting rich from selling.

          They get gullible people to put blame on everybody and everything but the POLLUTION that they are causing by burning oil, coal and gas.

  9. Gary Daniels

    December 28, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    We need to be very careful about using the rhetoric of “fatherhood” as the cause of problems in the Black community. No credible commentator or social scientist would ever make this statement concerning causality. Ironically, why would absentee fathers be a threat to our communities, but not to white communities?

    Since when have we been able to deterministically make this claim? The family is critically important, but let”s make it clear – if every black father is in the home, then what changes? There is much more to this dynamic than to simply repeat this oft-heard rhetoric. I have yet to hear anyone define how the presence of a father makes a difference in the life of a child or family.

    Perhaps when we begin to promote fatherhood, in earnest, it will be based on the contextual aspects of religious/spiritual, cultural, social/emotional, psychological, biological, and strong family development, as opposed to what the GOP or whites think black folks should be doing. This issue affects all!!!!

    Before Mr. Elder presumes to tell the GOP how to talk and relate to Black people, he should practice it first with Black people.

    I wish him well.

  10. Ms. Miller

    December 30, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    I continue to be baffled at the amount of time, energy, and postings that are spent to put down, criticize, nitpick and slam Pres. Obama — but we see little comment…hardly any…against the awful actions of the TEA PARTY…Limbaugh, Beck, FOX NEWS and that bunch of scoundrels. Republicans are very much responsible for the POVERTY, poor schools, police brutality, and deprivation of opportunity in our Black communities.

    We are witnessing them right now in their “FISCAL CLIFF” debates…trying to cut off funds that help the poor, help students, the elderly, etc. It was the Republicans who crashed the economy. What effect did that have on families????

    Some folks that do all of these postings claim to be “so Black or Afro-centric” — but they simply do not criticize the very people who have been blocking JOBS BILLS, and other benefits proposed by Pres. Obama that would help Black folks. It’s pathetic.

    ” Intellectuals ought to study the past— not for the pleasure they find in so doing…. but to derive lessons from it.” …
    ~ Quote from Cheikh Anta Diop (historian)

  11. Earl

    February 7, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    It is sad to see the vicious attacks here on Mfume and Elders on the negative impact of missing fathers -irrespect of race. But both Herbert Humprey and Patrick Moynihan predicted this outcome in 1968 and 76. “It provides incentives for family breakup. In most cases two-parent families are not eligible for cash assistance and, therefore, a working father often can increase his family’s income by leaving home. In Michigan. a two-parent family with the father working at the minimum wage has a total income, including tax credits and food stamps, of $5,922. But if the father leaves, the family will be eligible for benefits totaling $7,076,” President Carter, Aug. 6, 1977, an address to Democrat controlled Congress. They voted “No”. Democrat benevolence – abortion and welfare – are killing us. See who was fighting for Justice for the Negro between 1858 and 1965. Which voted in the majority against all Voting Right Act.

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