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Here Are a List of Companies That Would Love to Hire You, If You’re In Prison

April Taylor reports on the slave labor exploitation racism and profit of the prison industrial complex. www.kulturekritic.com

Reported by April Taylor The rise of the prison industrial complex in the United States is a winding and sordid tale with its beginnings deeply rooted in slavery and exploitation. According to California Prison Focus, an organization that works to stop human rights violations, improve medical care, and end long-term isolation in California prisons, with a prison population of more than 2 million ...

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Second City With Highest Percentage of Blacks Aims to Build Economic Independence

Jackson MS is a pre-Civil War city that was built by slaves. www.kulturekritic.com

Reported by April Taylor Jackson, MS is a pre-Civil War city that was built by slaves.  The town of 175,000 is home to some of the poorest citizens in the United States and comes second to Detroit in having the highest percentage of African-Americans.  Recently deceased Jackson Mayor Chockwe Lumumba had a vision for rebuilding the Mississippi capital from the ...

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Dr. Lachin Hatemi: M&T Bank Profiteering at the Expense of Minorities and Low-Income Customers


By Dr. Lachin Hatemi With $80 billion in assets, M&T Bank is one of the biggest regional banks in the United States. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, M&T Bank is a market leader in Western New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Unlike other major banks, M&T Bank continued to churn out handsome profits for its shareholders despite serving some of the ...

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Where Is The Analysis On The Black Family During Black History Month?

black family

By Rachel Miller-Bradshaw As we remember and closely analyze the plight and progress of African Americans during Black History Month, we should take a closer look at the current condition of the black family.  The American black family, from its slavery inception to present day, is volatile and disturbing. Our community cannot expect any significant change if we do not address, ...

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Man Comes Home After Being Kidnapped 18 Years Ago

Nathan Slinkard

By April Taylor Nathan Slinkard, a 23 year old man has returned home to Indianapolis, Indiana after being gone for 18 years.   A recent article from the Huffington Post is reporting that Slinkard went missing nearly two decades ago from Greenfield, Indiana, a small city located around 20 miles east of Indianapolis.  The last time he was home was October ...

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Lots Of People Are Dying From Heroin


By David Bloodsaw There has been a spike in heroin use the past few years and some noticeable deaths have shined a spotlight on the dangers of the drug. In particular, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death and the unsettling details have surprised many people to the dangers and the renewed interest in the drug. The Wall Street Journal reports that Latin American ...

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KKK Leader Says There Is An “Invisible Empire” Of Public Officials Who Support Their Cause


By David Bloodsaw The Raw Story reports that the Loyal White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan have been making their presence known throughout central Florida with membership recruitment flyers appearing in residential neighborhoods. One of the main tenets the Klu Klux Klan is trying to sell is that they have saved America twice from destruction. Their membership drive urges candidates ...

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Meet the Black Man Who Wants Obama Hanged


By Connie K. Grier Joshua Black (who, ironically, happens to be African American), a Republican Tea Party politician who is vying for a seat in the Florida House, is going beyond calling for President Obama’s impeachment. According to Eric Brown, a writer for the International Business Times, rather than impeach President Obama, Black is calling for the President of the ...

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A Small Number of Rich People Control Half of the World’s Wealth


By David Bloodsaw The 85 richest people on the planet have the same wealth as a cumulative 50% of the planets’ poor. In other words, 85 people have as much money as half of all the poor people in the world combined. Aljazeera America reports that the elite have rigged policy and laws that keeps widening the gap between the ...

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Harvard Couple Paid Their Housekeeper $4 Per Week


April Taylor Richard and Martha Smalanskas, a couple from Boston, have pled guilty to charges of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.  A charge of harboring an illegal immigrant is reportedly being dismissed.  The charges stem from the fact that the couple illegally smuggled a Bolivian woman to the United States after allowing her to work as their nanny for ...

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