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Is the New NAACP President Going to Restore Black America’s Trust In the Organization?

Cornell Williams Brooks is selected as the new president of the NAACP. www.kulturekritic.com

Reported by April Taylor The NAACP Board of Directors has made a surprising move by choosing Cornell Williams Brooks as their new president.  Although Brooks is not a well known civil rights advocate, he personally feels as though his entire life has prepared him for this role.  Brooks has a Master of Divinity degree from Jackson State University and a Master ...

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Pres. Obama says Republicans have obstructed 500 bills since he became president

President Obama Delivers state of the union

Reported By Liku Zelleke President Barack Obama is making appearances and attending parties to raise money for the Democratic Party’s effort at re-election. Among the first events he attended was an evening at the Los Angeles home of Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. Among the points that the President brought up in a speech he made to the attendees ...

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Actor George Clooney Disses Billionaire Pal For Talking Trash About Pres. Obama

George Clooney stormed away fron a dinner table with Steve Wynn over his remarks about President Obama. www.kulturekritic.com

Reported by Barry Burch Jr. How many Presidents of the United States can say that George Clooney would curse someone out for them?  President Obama can. The “Gravity” actor actually went as far as to curse his billionaire friend out for making remarks about his other friend – President Obama.  Steve Wynn, a Las Vegas hotel magnate, allegedly began trash-talking ...

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Teacher fired for allegedly saying, “We don’t need another black president”


Reported By Liku Zelleke Cincinnati, OH: A freshman science teacher has been fired from his job after racially slurring an African American student. Farfield Freshman High School teacher Gil Voigt had been put on suspension, without pay, since December, last year. It all started on December 3, when Voigt told a student who said that he wanted to grow up ...

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Advocates for Immigration Reform Fed Up With Obama


By Andrew Scot Bolsinger President Barack Obama’s efforts to spur immigration reform and his adoption of part of the DREAM Act through executive order have done little to slow the pace of deportations, say critics who are ramping up their protest against the administration. The number of deportations is expected to hit a milestone number of 2 million since President ...

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Romney Says Obama Caused Ukranian Crisis

obama and romney

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger Borrowing a page from fellow defeated GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, Mitt Romney attacked President Barack Obama’s foreign policy this weekend, blaming him for escalating the crisis in Ukraine. McCain, who like Romney in 2012 was beaten by Obama in 2008, has been a constant source of criticism for the president’s handling of the Middle ...

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About President Abraham Lincoln


by Tiara Williams The legacy of Abraham Lincoln is very complex. At face value, most people revere him as a maverick and a trendsetter who was before his time. He’s a man that many people believe wanted to change the human condition of slaves. He’s thought to be a man of compassion and generosity. But, what who was the real Abraham ...

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Obama Blamed for Nearly 2 Million Deportations

national council of la raza

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger The head of the National Council of La Raza denounced the American government for its continued deportation of Latinos and for Congress’s inability to pass immigration reform. Focusing on nearly two million immigrants deported during President Barack Obama’s time in office, Janet Marguia called Obama the “deporter in chief,” according to a report by The Root. ...

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Obama Fundraiser In Hot Water For Solicitation


By Andrew Scot Bolsinger A fundraiser who put a price tag on a meeting with President Barack Obama has been forced to resign from the president’s political action committee, Organizing for Action. “Samantha Maltzman, a longtime Democratic fundraiser, has been forced to resign after emails surfaced between her and Dr. Munr Kazmir, a major donor, inviting him to a dinner ...

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The Devil From ‘The Bible’ No Longer Looks Like President Obama

obama the bible

Last year when the History Channel released its miniseries ‘The Bible’, controversy erupted online and elsewhere due to the uncanny resemblance between the actor who played Satan and President Obama. So now even though there is a new movie called ‘Son of God’ in the works, the President Obama doppelganger who played the devil has been omitted. While watching the ...

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