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George Zimmerman Chased Out of Miami After $10,000 Bounty Put on His Head


George Zimmerman, who recently went on another publicity tour, seems to love media attention, but he couldn’t have enjoyed the attention he received from an angry crowd in Miami last week. TMZ reports that while Zimmerman was in town to record an interview with Fusion, he decided to take a trip to the beach with his girlfriend, her child and ...

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White Guy Blames Gunshot Wound on Nonexistent Black Man


A manhunt in Redding, California for a black man who’d allegedly shot a white man took an all too familiar turn when investigators learned that the supposed victim had made the whole story up. Earlier this week, police in the Redding area were searching for an armed and dangerous black man after Brent Posada said he’d been shot by a ...

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Reporter Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne

When studying journalism, isn’t one of the first things you learn is to check your information for accuracy?  There is a reporter who is going to be ridiculed for life after embarrassing himself during a pretty important interview with a highly signifiant celebrity. Samuel L. Jackson was on the show to promote his new film, “Robocop,” when the reporter asked ...

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid: I Can Do More Than Just Bash Republicans


In an exclusive interview with Mediaite, MSNBC pundit Joy Ann Reid revealed that her new show, The Reid Report, won’t be just be another show where Democrats bash Republicans. Reid says her show, which debuts on February 24th, will set the stage for shows that follow later in the evening. “We are going to be the table-setter for prime-time, we are ...

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Another Republican Member of Congress Calls President Obama a Liar


During a previous State of the Union address, Rep. Joe Wilson (R) yelled “you lie” during President Obama’s speech. Apparently the accusations of lying don’t end there for the president, since U.S. Sen. Inhofe accused Obama of lying during his pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. At issue is the Benghazi attack and the belief by some on ...

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Rachel Miller-Bradshaw: How Single Motherhood Affects the Children

How Single Motherhood Affects the Children

By Rachel Miller-Bradshaw Conversations about the black family in the United States usually focus on the roles of single mothers and absent fathers; at times, completely ignoring the direct product of these relationships- the children. But as we move forward in our conversation, more attention should be directed to the children. No need to go into a long statistical explanation, but ...

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Detroit City Council President Defends Using Police to Rough Up Reporter for Asking Questions

Detroit City Council Brenda Jones

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones released a statement defending the use of police force to rough up a reporter who was attempting to ask questions of Councilmember George Cushingberry Jr. Fox 2 video clearly shows reporter M.L. Elrick being shoved by police as he attempts to ask Cushingberry a question prior to a Detroit City Council meeting. As Elrick ...

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The Folks Over at Fox News Are in Love With CNN’s Don Lemon


by Yvette Carnell CNN’s Don Lemon has definitely lost some folks on the black left by parroting conservative talking points, but it should come as no surprise that he’s gained some friends as well, not the least of which are the folks over at Fox News. On Thursday’s airing of Fox News show The Five, right wing host Eric Bolling took ...

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White Couple Allegedly Brutally Attacked By Black Youth After Honking at Them

kings plaza

By Staff Blogger A group of teenagers, aged 12 to 18, attacked a couple named Ronald and Alana Russo and assaulted them with racial slurs. The incident took place in Brooklyn, NY. The group consisted of Black young people. The 10 youths encircled the car of the White couple and beat up Ronald viciously while Alana was yanked out of ...

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Chris Brown “Lost His Virginity at 8” to a 15-Year Old; Doesn’t That Make Him a Rape Victim?

by X-Man Everyone in the celebrity gossip world found themselves buzzing over the singer Chris Brown and his revelations about prior sexcapades.  During an interview with the Guardian, Brown said that he lost his virginity at the age of 8.  The reason he says that he was OK with it was because he’d watched so much pοrn, that he was ...

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