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Urban League Study: 92% of Black Teens in Chicago are Unemployed


According to the Chicago Urban League, the unemployment situation for African American teens has gotten to the point of near hopelessness.  The study, released and reported by MyFoxChicago, says that a stunning 92% of all teens in the city of Chicago are currently unemployed. The study cites the steep decline in the number of available jobs in the city and ...

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Rep. Keith Ellison Pushes Bill to Cut into Big Banks’ Profits and Share the Prosperity

Washington, D.C. – With endorsements up and down Main Street, as well as from international HIV/AIDS and climate change activists, The Inclusive Prosperity Act (H.R. 1579), a financial transaction tax sponsored by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), was unveiled today at a Capitol Hill press conference. Ellison’s bill would create a Wall Street sales tax, providing hundreds of billions of dollars ...

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Argues that Racism is Inherent in Detroit City Takeover

by Rev. Jesse Jackson Imagine Gov. George Wallace of Alabama in 1963 appointing an emergency manager in Birmingham with broad powers to dismiss elected officials, renegotiate contracts, sell assets and become sole authority of the city’s pension funds a month after the voters rejected the emergency manager law in a statewide referendum? What would Dr. King have written from his ...

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Michigan Gov. Appoints Kevyn Orr as Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager

Kevyn Orr

The governor of Michigan decided that the elected leadership of Detroit didn’t know how to manage the city’s financial crisis and chose to appoint an emergency financial manager. And although that has been common knowledge for quite some time, what wasn’t apparent was who Gov. Snyder was going to appoint to the position. On Thursday Gov. Snyder revealed that Washington ...

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Mr. President, Come to Chicago and Address the Crisis of Gun Violence in the Black and Latino Communities!

      Mr. President, after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, you made a solemn visit to the grief-stricken community of Newtown, Conn., and spoke passionately about their horrific experience with gun violence. Our nation mourned the young lives lost on that terrible day. Black and Latino communities in Chicago know far too well the pain and ...

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She, for one, thinks that people w celine luggage tote ill invest in luxury during an economic crisis

hermes birkin bag It’s about audience’s desire to see it, and how well this one does, and if these guys are up for taking another trip and doing something (expletive) crazySales data is showing much higher spending from the Haves over the Have While history has shown throughout time that there will always be the rich and poor, in no ...

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Most Blacks Don’t Give Blood, Do You?

blood donation

Why don’t more blacks donate blood? It’s just one of those hard to get to the root of sort of things. Even though sickle cell disease impacts mostly African Americans, and blood donations are life saving treatments for the disease, most blacks don’t give blood. WBTV.com reports: Doctor Jessica Bell, a pediatric hematologist oncologist at Presbyterian Hospital, says blood transfusions help ...

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U.S. Warns Sudan: Reach a Peace Agreement Or Else


The U.S. is warning Sudan to reach a peace agreement or face UN sanctions. The UN Security Council has given Sudan a deadline of until Thursday to reach a peace agreement. “It appears increasingly unlikely that a comprehensive agreement on outstanding issues will be reached” by the August 2 deadline, said Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations. South Sudan annexed ...

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More Youth Have Died in Chicago Than in Afghanistan


KultureKritic.com Staff According to CBS, President Obama’s home city of Chicago has turned into a war zone.   More youth have died in Chicago this year than Afghanistan (144 to 228).  The murder rate in Chicago is four times that of New York City and double that of Los Angeles, known for its gang activity. Two teen boys were killed ...

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As Euro Flounders, African Economy to Grow 4.5% in 2012

african economic growth

Europe is in crisis. Greek’s real debt to GDP ratio is upwards of 400%, and it’s not the only European country swimming in debt.  Many countries in Africa, however, have largely recovered from the 2009 crisis and are expected to experience growth in 2012. “Africa’s economy should see a rebound in 2012 after popular uprisings and political unrest brought overall economic ...

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