Government Prosecutors Demanded Sterilization Of Women In Exchange For Plea Bargains


The district attorney in Nashville, Glenn Funk, has now taken the unusual step of explicitly banning prosecutors from offering women plea deals in exchange for sterilization as a result of sterilization being used as a way to coerce women into going through with the permanent procedure. Funk stated, “The bottom line is the government can’t be ordering a forced sterilization.” ...

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Marissa Alexander Reveals Husband’s Lies That Sent Her To Jail, Pain As An Incarcerated Mother

marissa alexander

April V. Taylor After finally being set free, Marissa Alexander recently opened up to Essence about the day that changed her live forever. Alexander was released to house arrest after serving three years for firing a warning shot after her estranged abusive husband, Rico Grey, flew into a rage. Her journey through the criminal justice system has been harrowing and ...

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VIDEO: Police Shoot 17-Year-Old Girl In Head Execution Style, Family Suing

Derrinesha Clay

April V. Taylor The family of 17-year-old Derrinesha Clay has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Lansing Police Department, and a judge recently decided that the lawsuit can proceed.  The lawsuit stems from a 2011 incident in which Clay broke into a local Bank of America branch.  It is unclear what her intentions were, but she wound up hiding ...

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Israel Admits To Forcibly Injecting Black Immigrants With Birth Control

ethiopian Jews Israel

April V. Taylor Israel has admitted that it forcibly and without consent gave birth control injections to Ethiopian Jewish immigrants, according to a report in Haaretz.  An investigative journalist uncovered the fact that most of the women who were given the birth control shots were not aware they were being given birth control and did not consent.  Since that discovery, ...

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Marissa Alexander Released From Jail


April V. Taylor After being sentenced in 2012 to 20 years for firing a warning shot into the ceiling during an altercation with her abusive husband, Marissa Alexander has finally been released from a Jacksonville jail under a plea deal that capped her sentence to the three years she has already served behind bars. Alexander had the original conviction overturned ...

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Black Colorism: How Light Skin Can Be Just As Soul Scarring As Dark Skin

light girls

There has been a lot of debate recently about colorism, specifically whether or not light skinned Black women have experiences that are just as painful, scarring and conflicting as those of dark skinned Black women. The catalyst for these conversations has been a new documentary by producer Bill Duke. Duke’s 2012 documentary “Dark Girls” explored the experiences of living in ...

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Black Women and Police Violence: Turning Tragic Loss Into Triumphant Leadership

fannie lou hamer

April V. Taylor As the nation continues to mobilize around the failure of grand juries to indict white police officers for killing Michael Brown, John Crawford, and Eric Garner, it is Black women who are leading the fight in their communities to put an end to the modern day lynchings and genocide of Black people.  It is women who have ...

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Black Soldiers Killed At Higher Rates Than White Soldiers

female soldiers

The armed forces was long marketed as a way for lower income young adults to get a college education or skill and see the world, but with the United States having been embroiled in turmoil in the Middle East for more than a decade now, that promise of dreams fulfilled has been tarnished as soldiers have continued to come home ...

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This mother-daughter team is warning others about cervical cancer


Nneka and Mary “Dicey” Scroggins are getting applauded nation wide for their hard work to help keep the public informed on important health issues.  The two are from Washington, DC and the mother/daughter team is helping to fight the battle against cervical cancer, which kills quite a few women of color every year.  In many cases, the cancer is caused ...

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A Mother’s White Privilege | Elizabeth Broadbent


  As the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri show us, America’s racial tensions didn’t disappear when George Wallace backed down from the schoolhouse door. Dr. King didn’t wave a magic wand, and we never got together to feel all right. White America remembers this at ugly flashpoints: the Rodney King beatings, the OJ Simpson trial, the Jena Six, Trayvon Martin’s ...

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