VIDEO: Attorney Says Thabo Sefolosha Targeted, Provoked By Cops For Being Black Prior To Violent Arrest

Thabo Sefolosha

April V. Taylor The violent arrest of Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha outside of a Manhattan nightclub following a stabbing caused many to question what was behind it, especially considering Sefolosha sustained injuries that required surgery for a fractured tibia and ligament damage that ended his season. The incident was investigated by the New York Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, ...

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Quarterback Suspended For Photo Of Him Giving Nazi Salute, Wearing Confederate Flag

tyler owens

April V. Taylor Pace University football captain and quarterback Tyler Owens has been suspended pending an investigation into a photo posted on Snapchat of him draped in a Confederate flag making a Nazi salute. The photo was captioned “The grand wizard,” which is a reference to the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Pace University President Steven J. Friedman called ...

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Michael Jordan’s Attorney Claims His Name Is Worth $480 Million In Civil Suit Over Steak Ad

michael jordan

April V. Taylor An attorney for basketball superstar Michael Jordan argued that Jordan’s name is worth $480 million during a civil suit against a grocery store that used Jordan’s name and image for a steak ad without permission. The grocery store chain, Dominick’s Finer Foods, is now out of business but is still being sued over the unauthorized use of ...

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Derrick Gordon First Openly Gay Division I Player

UMass shooting guard Derrick Gordon has made history as the first openly gay athlete to play in a NCAA Division I men’s basketball game.  Gordon came out last April in an Outsports profile, crediting NBA player Jason Collins coming out as a source of inspiration. There was nothing extremely noteworthy about the announcement of Gordon’s name during the UMass starting ...

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NFL Star Leaves League To Become Farmer

nfl farmer

In 2009, Jason Brown signed a five-year deal with the St. Louis rams that was worth $37.5 million, which made him the highest paid center in the NFL at the time, but in 2012, Brown decided to leave it all behind to become a farmer and harvest free food for the hungry.  Despite being ranked one of the best players ...

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: College Athletes Are Being Exploited, Should Be Paid


NBA legend and basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has joined the growing number of people who feel that college athletes are exploited and should be paid.  Abdul-Jabbar penned an online essay published by Time.  In it, he uses several statistics to show that the majority of players support having their rights and contributions protected by a union as well as feeling ...

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Policing The ‘N’ Word and Other Slurs In Pro Sports


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III ESPN’s Outside The Lines did a fantastic job on raising the issue about using the ‘N’ word in sports. It is understood that many of our civil rights organizations have fought and continue to fight every day to have this word removed from everyday language. Whether in sports, entertainment, or in the workforce, each person has ...

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Is Lobbyist Attempt To Ban Gays From NFL A PR Stunt?


By David Bloodsaw The Root reports that a Washington D.C. lobbyist wants to ban gay athletes from playing in the N.F.L. We’ll address the legalities momentarily.  Hopefully, you can remember a little about lobbying from your high school government class. Lobbyist Jack Burkman is introducing legislation that will prohibit gay athletes from playing professional football in the N.F.L. His firm ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: Gay or Straight, Let’s Focus On The Human Being

Michael Sam

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III For a while now, the sports media has been focusing so much attention on Michael Sam and his admission that he’s gay that it’s difficult not talking about the upcoming football draft without hearing his story. With the possibility of being the ‘first openly gay’ football player, Michael Sam has handled himself professionally. Not appearing ...

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The Woman Who Lit the Olympic Torch thinks Obama is a Monkey

by David Bloodsaw The Huffington Post reports the lighting of the Olympic Flame was by former Olympian Irina Rodnina, who last year tweeted a doctored picture of the Obama’s with someone holding a banana superimposed over the picture. The disgustingly racist picture received much outrage when it was posted by unimaginative figure skater, who has since deleted the picture. Immediately following the ...

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