National Disgrace: U.S. Now ‘World Leader’ In Child Poverty

child poverty, torn shoes

At a time when America’s wealth increased by 60 percent in the last six years, amounting to some $30 trillion, the number of homeless children in America has increased by the same 60 percent in about the same period of time. With 16 million children receiving food stamps, they make up half of the people in the entire country receiving ...

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Black Immigrants Outnumber U.S.-Born Blacks In Some Cities

Black immigrants

April V. Taylor A new report from the Pew Research Center reveals that nearly one in ten Black people in America are actually Black immigrants.  The number of Black immigrants living in the United States has quadrupled in the last three decades growing from 800,000 in 1980 to now include an estimated 3.8 million people. The Pew report is based ...

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New Program Helps Defendants And Families Fight The Court System

participatory defense

April V. Taylor As people all over the country contemplate what it means for the United States to be the most incarcerated country in the world and for more Black men to be under the control of the criminal justice system than what were enslaved in 1850, many Americans are forced to consider the issue of mass incarceration on a ...

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Blacks Experience Less Than Three-Fourths The Quality Of Life As Whites

State of Black America

April V. Taylor The National Urban League, a civil rights organization, has issued it’s 39th annual “State of Black America,” report. The annual publication assesses racial equality as it relates to economics, education, health, social justice and civil engagement. The findings reveal that Black people have been challenged “on every front,” specifically in terms of accountability for police misconduct, widening ...

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Indiana HIV Outbreak Being Declared A Public Health Emergency

hiv outbreak

April V. Taylor The largest single HIV outbreak in the history of the state of Indiana is taking place in the southern part of the state.  According to Fox 59, one small town has been consumed by the outbreak, and authorities are reporting 55 confirmed cases, with the number likely to grow as more people are tested. State health officials ...

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Noam Chomsky: White People’s Fear Of Revenge For Slavery Is ‘Deeply Rooted In American Culture’

Slave Rebellion

April V. Taylor Renowned linguist and activist Noam Chomsky has been speaking with philosopher George Yancy as part of a feature for the New York Times in which he discusses race and racism in America.  In the most recent installment, Chomsky discusses  the roots of American racism and the legacy of black enslavement and subjugation in America, going into detail ...

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United Nations Slams U.S. As The Only Country That Sentences Children To Die Behind Bars

black chidlren innocent

April V. Taylor There are a lot of things about the American criminal justice system that make this country one of the cruelest and harshest places a person can be sentenced to jail or prison. Two of the most sinister aspects are the way children are treated and harsh sentencing, and the fact that these two aspects combine to make ...

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Dr Boyce Watkins: President Obama has nice words in Selma, but his people are among the most tortured on the planet


by Dr Boyce Watkins People have ranted and raved about the brilliant and inspirational speech given by President Barack Obama in Selma.   I applaud the president’s willingness to speak, and we know that such speeches can serve to inspire those who care about the future of this country. However, it is also important for black people to look beyond words ...

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Studies Find Nearly 1 Million Children Possibly Misdiagnosed With ADHD

school chldren

April V. Taylor Two research studies, one conducted by a Michigan State University economist, have revealed that nearly one million children in the United States could have possibly been misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral childhood disorder, with at least 4.5 million children diagnosed under the age of 18. It is considered ...

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US Suicide Rate Rises 40 Percent, Linked To Economic Recession

suicide rates rising

April V. Taylor As many Americans still struggle to regain their financial footing following the economic downturn that occurred between 2007b and 2009, new statistics indicate that the recession affected more than just home values, household finances, and retirement savings for older adults between the ages of 40 to 64.  Based on data from the National Violent Death Reporting System, ...

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