Was Mercer’s Mother to Blame for the Umpqua College Shootings?


Reported by Liku Zelleke No amount of finger-pointing will bring back the innocent lives lost in the Umpqua Community College shootings and neither will it help much with consoling the families of the victims. But getting to the root cause of a problem and finding out why it happened could help in preventing future shooting incidents that could claim the ...

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White Supremacists Plan To Build ‘White Enclave’ In Nebraska

craig cobb flags

April V. Taylor Prominent American neo-Nazi Craig Cobb has reportedly bought three delinquent tax properties in Nebraska where he and others plan to build white nationalist communities for the Pioneer Little Europe cause. According to the Kansas City Star, Cobb purchased the properties cheaply last month at a Webster County sheriff’s sale, paying $25, $100 and $3,410 each for them. ...

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Asian Woman Asks White People To Pay Up For Her Stress Therapy


By: Angela Wills Just when you thought you’d heard it all, 29 year old Rinna Rem of Portland Oregon gives you something to think about. The Thai-Cambodian woman blames institutional racism brought forth by whites and their treatment of her for years of stress that she has endured, and now she wants whites to pay up. Rem pays $100 monthly ...

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Are Today’s College Students Too Needy?

college students

April V. Taylor Boston College research professor Dr. Peter Gray recently wrote an article for Psychology Today in which he highlighted how needy today’s college students are and how college’s are struggling to address the declining resilience among their student populations. Just a couple of examples of the neediness include a student who called Counseling Services because she felt traumatized ...

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New Report Shows Black Women In South Face Extreme Barriers And Hardships

two black women

April V. Taylor A new report from the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative (SRBWI) entitled “Unequal Lives: The State of Black Women and Families in the Rural South,” reveals that Black women and children in the South fall at the bottom of every social indicator of well-being. These women a children face harsh inequalities that create extreme barriers and hardships ...

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There Has Been A Mass Shooting For All 204 Days Of 2015

mass shootings

April V. Taylor According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, a crowd-sourced project that tracks mass shootings, the 204th day of 2015 brought with it the 204th mass shooting of the year, leaving one for everyday that has passed. As a recent article in The Washington Post points out, mass shootings have filled news headlines to the point where people are ...

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VIDEO: NYC 12-Year-Olds Heartbreaking Discussion About Race

being 12

April V. Taylor Being 12-years-old is difficult for many pre-teens as they sit awkwardly between being a child and a teenager.  Most pre-teens are just beginning to question authority and develop their own sense of self-identity, and while the transitional journey y is awkward and confusing for most tweens, it is even more tortuous for children of color, particularly now ...

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WATCH: MTV Documentary “White People” Full Of White People Crying Over White Privilege

white people

April V. Taylor The new MTV documentary “White People,” directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning executive director Jose Antonio Vargas, claims to ask some “very uncomfortable” questions about white privilege and white frustration. In what many people are calling a cryfest of white tears, the documentary highlights the perceived struggle that White teens and young adults face in coming to terms with ...

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Bernie Sanders Wants Country To Apologize For Slavery, Won’t Personally Apologize


April V. Taylor On Wednesday’s edition of the Joe Madison show, presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders stated that the United States, as a country, should apologize for slavery. Interestingly enough, he dodged answering a direct question about whether or not he would personally apologize if he were to be elected president. The statement came after the shows host, Joe ...

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Ten Years After Katrina, New Orleans Sees Income Loss For Blacks, Slight Education Gains

New Orleans 10 Years Katrina

April V. Taylor Ten years after Hurricane Katrina leveled New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward, where many of the cities lower income African Americans lived, the Urban League of Greater New Orleans and the National Urban League are reporting that while New Orlean’s African American community has made some educational gains, but the median income of Black families has not increased ...

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