Oprah Calls Selma Actor David Oyelowo “One Of The Dearest People In My Life”

oprah oyelowo

April V. Taylor According to the New York Daily News, Oprah Winfrey reports that she is upset that actor David Oyelowo lost out on the best actor award at the Spirit Awards and that “Selma” got snubbed by the Oscars, only earning a nod for Best Picture, but she says that there is a silver lining to being involved in ...

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Should Little Girls Be Twerking With a Grown Man Giving Instructions?

The culture of New Orleans has two faces. One is an elegant blend of french and southern style living. Where you can find amazing food and there’s always a Beignet, Daiquiri and a good celebration. But then there is the not-so-favorable side of the culture of black New Orleans, which is very different from the branded “New Orleans” experience that ...

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NBC’s Brian Williams Apologizes for Ignoring Arsenio Hall

arsenio hall

Arsenio Hall is one of only a handful of late night talk show hosts to have had a successful career that spans decades. Hall’s stint as a popular talk show host began in the 1990’s, but Hall chose to leave the stage, only to recently return to late night. With that much success under his belt, one would think that ...

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Malcolm X Died at the Hands of Black People, Now Rappers Want to Murder his Reputation Too

by Dr. Boyce Watkins My good friend Etan Thomas sent me a picture of the latest album cover released by the rapper Nicki Minaj.  The cover of the album, called “Lookin Ass N*gga,” made me turn my head to the side, trying to figure out why Minaj would do something so ridiculous.  What I actually saw in the album cover ...

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Andre 3000’s Father Dies of an Apparent Heart Attack

Rapper Andre 3000 has had a very difficult year.  In the midst of his efforts to make a comeback to the music industry, he is finding that tragedy continuously strikes his family.  Andre (whose real name is Andre Benjamin) found out that his father, Lawrence Walker, died of an apparent heart attack.  He was out chopping wood when the incident ...

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Samuel L. Jackson Once Held the Morehouse College Board of Trustees Hostage


by Tiara Williams Samuel L. Jackson has had a jaw-dropping journey. His life has been very much like a film, we the audience have watched the main character rise, fall, grow, learn, and adapt to life’s challenges. He has faced many obstacles segregation, drug addiction, and failure. These experiences have given his life texture and meaning. Now, we all revel ...

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This Is Why Kanye West Calls Himself a Genius


sac lancel solde toms outlet online Kanye West gets a lot of grief for calling himself a genius, but if you take a look at his success in an industry where he’s a novice, his bold self-proclamations begin to make sense. The producer and rapper has only been in the fashion business for a short while, but his Air Yeezy ...

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Reporter Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne

When studying journalism, isn’t one of the first things you learn is to check your information for accuracy?  There is a reporter who is going to be ridiculed for life after embarrassing himself during a pretty important interview with a highly signifiant celebrity. Samuel L. Jackson was on the show to promote his new film, “Robocop,” when the reporter asked ...

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Academy Award Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead from Overdose

  It’s sad to see someone go when they are at the top of their game.  It is even more tragic when they die for reasons that are unnecessary.  Academy Award Winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in New York City this week.  Hoffman, according to TMZ, died of an apparent drug overdose. Authorities found Hoffman with a ...

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Op-Ed Refers to Jay-Z as a “Poor Excuse for a Husband”

by Liku Zelleke The stars and guests at the 2014 Grammy Awards were entertained by none other than Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z as they sung “Drunk in Love.” Everyone there seemed to like it: people were dancing to the steamy song and after it ended the couple were given a standing ovation. But, it seems there are some ...

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