Dr. Ben Carson Sends Powerful Message To His Critics


By Robert Stitt Dr. Ben Carson is a retired African American neurosurgeon and a Republican candidate for president. He has been called names by the liberal black community for many of his “unpopular” stances. His views make him, they say, an Uncle Tom and a traitor to his race. One of the views causing the black voters’ hardship regards poverty ...

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#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Force Jeb Bush To Abruptly End Nevada Town Hall

Jeb Bush town hall blm

April V. Taylor Black Lives Matter protesters made good on their promise to disrupt a Jeb Bush town hall in Las Vegas with chants of “Black Lives Matter.” Some members of the mostly white and Republican crowd countered the chants with “all lives matter” and “white lives matter.” Bush claimed to have met with protesters earlier in the day to ...

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Dr. Ben Carson’s Closing Remarks In Republican Primary Debate Had People Cheering


By Nigel Boys While most of the candidates excitedly blew their own trumpets during the first GOP debate on Thursday, a newcomer to the political arena won the hearts of the nation and had them in stitches. In front of a live audience and moderators, Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace at the Fox News-Facebook Republican presidential primary debate ...

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Jesse Jackson Slams Obama For ‘Failing’ Black People By Not Providing ‘Targeted Plan’

jesse jackson and obama

April V .Taylor Jesse Jackson is in the midst of a nationwide campaign to inspire accountability in government and corporations towards disadvantaged people, and more specifically helping African Americans feel a sense of empowerment. He launched the campaign in response to the persistent and increasing rate of police shootings of Black people and economic inequalities that include the disproportionate Black ...

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Poll Shows Most Americans Think Race Relations Are Worse Under Obama

obama sharpton

April V. Taylor At the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, a New York Times/CBS News poll showed that race relations in America were better than they had been since 1990, with 66 percent of Americans reporting that race relations in the US were generally good and the gap between Black and white Americans who felt that way was at a ...

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Forget Iran, where’s the world nuclear deal?

nuclear weapons

By: Dr. Samori Swygert So the next item on America’s buffet table of issues to swallow is the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Internationally we’re known as the global police because we manage to intervene, slap hands, and wag fingers at any and every move other countries make. As a nation, America is a major regulating body in geopolitical affairs. Freedom of ...

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Why is Bill Clinton Giving Advice To Donald Trump?


By Nigel Boys Even though his wife is running for the Democratic presidential candidate in the upcoming 2016 election, former President Bill Clinton made a telephone call to Donald Trump in May, just before his own announcement in June, according to several aides. The Washington Post reports that “four Trump allies and one Clinton associate,” said they overheard a call ...

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VIDEO: Donald Trump Bashes Obama, Claims Blacks Will Turn To Rich White Man To ‘Rescue’ Them

donald trump angry look

April V. Taylor Presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to have made a habit lately of saying profoundly offensive things about communities of color. Despite numerous controversial comments, some of which have resulted in him using partnerships and sponsors, Trump is still soaring above his rivals with an estimated 19 percent of the Republican vote. His most recent gaffe occurred during ...

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Obama calls for end to mandatory minimums, mass incarceration


April V. Taylor Speaking at the annual NAACP meeting, President Barack Obama laid out expansive plans to overhaul America’s criminal justice system, including reviewing solitary confinement and reducing mandatory minimum sentences related to non-violent drug offenses. Obama also specifically called on Congress to overhaul some of the laws that allow for tougher punishments and harsher sentences for men of color ...

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Jimmy Carter Says Obama’s Election Inflamed Racists

jimmy carter

April V. Taylor In an interview for ABC News’ “This Week,” former President Jimmy Carter sat down with George Stephanopoulos. During the interview, Carter stated that he believes that Obama’s 2008 election may have possibly agitated some white Americans who hold racist beliefs. In continuing the conversation Stephanopoulos asked Carter if he was “surprised that the election of President Obama ...

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