LISTEN: Racist Radio Host: ‘Hang’ Black Congressmen ‘From A Noose’ For Boycotting Netanyahu Speech

racist radio host

April V. Taylor WorldNetDaily commentator and Tea Party fringe radio host Andrea Shea King has stirred up controversy by stating that she wants to see Black elected officials punished for boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech to Congress.  The controversy stems from the fact that she believes the lawmakers deserve to be put to death in what can ...

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Supreme Court Case Could End Democracy As We Know It

Exterior View of US Supreme Court

April V. Taylor Of all the threats posed to America’s democratic process, gerrymandering has to be one of the most lethal.  Gerrymandering is a highly partisan process where elected officials give themselves the power to re-draw congressional district lines.  The problem with this is that it allows politicians to have control over geographic areas there they can create “safe” seats ...

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VIDEO: Tennessee Republican Wants To Start NAAWP, An NAACP For White People

sheila butts

April V. Taylor Sheila Butt is a tea party-leaning Tennessee House Republican who was recently elected floor leader, and like many politicians, she has made a social media post that has caused backlash from constituents, fellow politicians and organizations. Butt made what many feel is a racist comment on the Facebook page of Cathy Hinners, the operator of the website ...

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Yvette Carnell: Al Sharpton’s role in the Comcast debacle reminds us of why he needs to go

hqdefault (5)

In this video, Yvette Carnell explains why the $20 billion dollar lawsuit against Al Sharpton is yet another reminder that the black community needs to let him go. Sharpton was sued this week by Byron Allen and others who were concerned that Sharpton may have been bribed by Comcast to remain silent about the racial implications of the company’s merge ...

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VIDEO: Eric Garner’s Daughter Slams Al Sharpton, Says He’s ‘All About’ The Money

al sharpton erica garner

April V. Taylor Right-wing filmmaker James O’Keefe of Project Veritas secretly recorded Erica Garner, the oldest daughter of NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner, during a protest at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. One of O’Keefe’s investigators posed as a Garner supporter with a hidden camera. Snipes, who is 24, is asked by the investigator if she thinks ...

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Jesse Jackson Joins Fight To Keep South Carolina’s Only Public HBCU Open

south carolina state university

April V. Taylor Jesse Jackson has joined the fight to keep South Carolina State University, the states only public HBCU, from closing its doors.  Jackson wrote an article along with Janice Mathis for Greenville Online. The South Carolina House budget-writing panel has proposed temporarily closing the schools doors due to ongoing financial issues.  The proposal has sent shockwaves through the ...

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VIDEO: Fox Affiliate ‘Accidentally’ Labels Obama Picture As Rαpe Suspect, No Correction Issued

obama mislabeled as suspect

April V. Taylor The Times of San Diego is reporting that San Diego Fox News 5 used a mislabeled picture of President Obama, airing with the caption “No charges,” during a news segment broadcasted by anchor Kathleen Bade regarding the San Diego District Attorney’s Office decision to not file charges against 20-year-old rαpe suspect Francisco Sousa because of a lack ...

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Bill Clinton Apologizes To Mexico For ‘War On Drugs’ Backfiring

April V. Taylor During a speech at the Laureate Summit on Youth and Productivity in Mexico, Former President Bill Clinton apologized for the way the U.S. War On Drugs backfired against the country by providing fuel for and escalating violence that has crippled the country. The audience included business leaders, students and politicians, and Clinton began the apology by stating, ...

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Where Are The Black Panthers Today?

black panthers

April V. Taylor At a time when people all over the country are taking to the streets to protest police brutality and officer misconduct against people of color, it is important to take a look back the Black Panther Party, a revolutionary Black nationalist and socialist organization whose original core practice was armed citizens’ patrols that monitored police behavior and ...

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Ferguson Residents May Be Able To Make Historic Overhaul Of Town Government

ferguson city council

April V. Taylor The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson became the focus of national attention this summer when the death of Black unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of white police officer Darren Wilson laid bare the deeply rooted racial tension and apartheid system of underrepresentation of the town’s Black residents within local government and power structures. After months ...

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