California College Gets Heat for Pepper Spraying Incident


State lawmakers are calling for greater oversight of campus police departments after investigators blasted administrators and officers at the University of California, Davis, for pepper-spraying demonstrators – a police action that drew widespread criticism after a video went viral. In a report released Wednesday, a UC Davis task force said the decision to douse seated Occupy protesters with the eye-stinging ...

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Mars Inc. has ended membership in ALEC

Mars Inc. has ended membership in ALEC

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President Obama Says That Kanye West is “Still a Jackass”


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell wonder why President Obama would go out of his way to remind the world that he still thinks that Kanye West is a jackass  The video is below:    

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Zimmerman’s Lawyer Gets Choked Up Discussing Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman lawyer

We all remember the last time MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell tried interview George Zimmerman’s previous attorney; O’Donnell spent  the entire segment interrogating an empty chair. This time, however, O’Donnell was lucky in that Zimmerman’s new attorney, Mark O’Mara, wasn’t a no show. O’Mara didn’t have much to add about how he’d be handling Zimmerman’s defense, but when asked about Trayvon Martin’s ...

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When ‘Stand Your Ground’ Fails

Stand Your Ground Fail

As the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the failure of authorities to arrest his killer, George Zimmerman, continues to grab headlines, many conservatives and gun rights advocates insist that race has nothing to do with it. Some have also rallied to the defense of Florida’s “stand your ground” law, the self-defense legislation under which Zimmerman was able to avoid ...

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Condoleezza Rice: “I Don’t Know When Immigrants Became the Enemy”

condoleezza rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke at Duke University on Tuesday evening and offered a bit of criticism for her Republican colleagues on the topic of immigration. “That immigrant culture that has renewed us … has been at the core of our strength,” she said, according to the The Raleigh News & Observer. “I don’t know when immigrants became the ...

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Allen West: Half the Democrats in Congress are Communists, Obama is Scared of Me

Allen West 2

Rep. Allen West says that he’s been told that half the Democrats in Congress are secret communists. West told a group of Floridians in Palm City that at least 80 Democrats are also members of the Communist Party, according to the Palm Beach Post. West also said that Obama is “scared” to meet with him. “I really wish that, standing ...

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Dr. Boyce: The Day I Walked Through Airport Security Naked


One day, I was in the Denver International Airport hanging out in the non-smoking area.  I had a little time before my flight, so I decided to do what anyone would do in a non-smoking area:  I lit up a cigarette. As you might expect, my puffs got the attention of overzealous airport security.  Many of them obviously attended the ...

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President Obama Stumps for the “Buffett Rule” in Florida, Calling for Greater Taxes on the Rich


President Obama spoke this week in Florida, calling on all Americans to support “The Buffett Rule,” which calls for the wealthiest Americans to pay more in taxes.  He has accused Republicans of “doubling down” on the same economic policies that led to the downturn in 2008. The speech this week at Florida Atlantic University sends a signal that President Obama’s ...

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Mitt Romney’s Campaign Accused of Excluding African Americans Almost Entirely


After a long primary season, Mitt Romney begins his contest with Barack Obama without having attracted any notable black endorsers, surrogates, or high-ranking campaign staffers. An overflow crowd cheers for Mitt Romney outside the Machine Shed Restaurant in Rockford, Ill., last month, Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images   So far, Romney’s highest-profile endorsement from a black supporter might be Aubrey Fenton, a ...

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