Dr. Samori Swygert: Raising the minimum wage is only feel-good rhetoric


By: Dr. Samori Swygert For many workers across America, their hourly wage has remained stagnant, fixed, and inflexible. The only financial increase many have experienced is the cost of living. This article will address the everyday cost of living and its’ incongruences with the hourly wage of the average American. The question to ask is, “Is an increase in hourly ...

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Temple professors were paid by private prisons to produce favorable study


by Dr. Byron Price The latest effort by for-profit prison corporations to laud their superiority over publicly-run prisons is supported by two Temple University professors who failed to initially disclose that their research study was funded by the private corrections industry. This pertinent fact was not revealed until Alex Friedmann, Managing Editor of the Prison Legal News filed an ethics ...

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Dr. Samori Swygert: 11 Catastrophic Trends That Can Ruin Your Life

Dr Samori Swygert discusses 11 catastrophic trends that are happening around the world. www.kulturekritic.com

11 serious trends that we may be ignoring by Dr. Samori Swygert Are we paying attention to these critical trends in today’s society? Our Brave New World is so busy. The average citizen is stuck on a social hamster wheel and the rest of the country is like a circus or movie. It appears as if we only have enough ...

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Criminologist Chenelle Jones give 10 tips for interacting with police


by Dr. Chenelle Jones The police should treat all people fairly and with respect but in some cases (such as the one involving Dr. Ersula Ore), cops misuse their authority and abuse their power. As such, people should know their rights and responsibilities when dealing with the police. The following list offers tips for interacting with the police. When you ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey asks why isn’t anyone serious about ending gun violence?


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Gun violence is no stranger to what’s happening in the inner cities. The number of killings in Chicago, Washington, DC, and other major metropolitan areas can’t help but raise eyebrows as to why this problem continues to occur, but little attention is brought to it. Permit me to say that the shooting at Sandy Hook ...

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African American studies professors at Temple University are at each other’s throats


The Temple University community is up in arms about the dismissal of Dr. Tony Monteiro, a member of the African American Studies Department at Temple University.  The protestors seemed to feel that the firing of Monteiro was retaliatory as a result of his battle with the university over gentrification.  Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Cornel West were among many scholars ...

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Dr Michael Fauntroy explains that Donald Sterling is just the tip of the Iceberg


by Professor Michael Fauntroy The only people surprised by the audio recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his convoluted racism are those who have no idea who he is or what he is about. He is a well-documented and repugnant racist who for decades used his wealth to and privilege to negatively impact the lives of countless ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: Investing In Our Children


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III I remember facilitating a Rites of Passage program in Washington, DC that was geared to boys between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. The boys who participated in this program were of a mixed group. Some were on probation from the juvenile justice system. Some were members of gangs such as the Bloods, ...

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Dr Wilmer Leon connects the dots on the Donald Sterling debacle

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything; you just let them talk…” President Obama April 27, 2014 Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has spoken and he has said a mouthful.  Once again, the never healing scab of bigotry and racism that permeates American society and ...

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: A Call To Action, Coming Together For A Common Cause


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III There was a time when people used to think consciously about their personal struggles and the struggles of their people. I can remember reading in history books the struggles that African-Americans faced for quality education, the right to vote, and the need to undo segregation and Jim Crow laws. Without a doubt, individuals came together ...

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