Racist Florida Cops Use Pictures of Black Men For Target Practice


NBC South Florida is reporting that North Miami Beach police officers have been using pictures of Black men for target practice. The discovery was made by Florida National Guard sergeant Valerie Deant when she visited a local shooting range last month to complete weapons qualification training.  The range, Medley Firearms Training Center, is owned by the City of Medley. According ...

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Man Dies Less Than A Year After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 21 Years

sharrif wilson

April V. Taylor   Sharrif Wilson, a 38-year-old Harlem resident, was released from prison just last year after going to jail as a 15-year-old teenager. He spent 21 years behind bars, more than half his life, behind bars for a crime he did not commit. According to the New York Daily News, Wilson was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital ...

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Man Who Was Exonerated After 39 Years Forgives Witness Who Lied On Him

ricky jackson

April V. Taylor Ricky Jackson spent nearly four decades in jail for a crime he did not commit.  He was recently released after spending more time behind bars than any exonerated U.S. prisoner in history based on records kept by the Ohio Innoncence Project and the National Registry of Exonerations. Jackson was 18 when he was arrested and found guilty ...

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Carl Dix: Rock In The New Year With Resistance To Police Murder


by Carl Dix NO NEW YEAR UNDER THIS OLD SYSTEM! WE CAN’T BREATHE! from Carl Dix On New Year’s Eve, as the clock winds down on 2014, the powers that be will hope to be ringing in a new year that carries forward business as usual. That must not be allowed to go down because business as usual in Amerikkka ...

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Dr. Wilmer Leon asks: What happens if Ferguson officer is not indicted?


Ferguson – Revolt vs. Revolution – The Fire Next Time By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III “This innocent country set you down in a ghetto in which, in fact, it intended that you should perish…You were born into a society which spelled out with brutal clarity, and in as many ways as possible, that you were a worthless human being. ...

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3 Slain Civil Rights Workers To Receive Presidential Medal of Honor

civil rights workers

James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were 3 civil rights workers who were killed by the KKK during a drive to register Black voters in Mississippi, known as Freedom Summer.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, which saw college students from all over the country join the push to help Black people be able to vote.  ...

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Black Soldiers Killed At Higher Rates Than White Soldiers

female soldiers

The armed forces was long marketed as a way for lower income young adults to get a college education or skill and see the world, but with the United States having been embroiled in turmoil in the Middle East for more than a decade now, that promise of dreams fulfilled has been tarnished as soldiers have continued to come home ...

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Miami Prison Holds Father Daughter Dance

father daughter dance

The Miami Federal Detention Center did something out of the ordinary and made history by holding the first father-daughter dance for inmates and their daughters.  The dance was meant to help strengthen their bonds and prepare the men for their eventual release.  According to the Miami Herald, 13 inmates and 20 daughters attended the two hour ball held in a ...

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Dion Waiters Is Muslim, Not Un-American

NBA: New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers

Dion Waiters, a guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has had to explain his absence from pre-game activities during a recent NBA game.  Waiters idd not to take the court during a recent Cavaliers game against the Utah Jazz during the national anthem and the introduction of the starting lineups.  Some people thought that Waiters was being rebellious about being removed ...

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Could Ben Carson Be The First Black Republican President?

ben carson

Speculation is heating up that Dr. Ben Carson may be the first contender in the 2016 presidential race.  While there has been speculation for some time about whether or not Carson will run, ABC has confirmed that he plans to air an almost hour long introductory ad that will be presented as a documentary, entitled “A Breath of Fresh Air: ...

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