10 Cities Where Gentrification Is Happening At A Horrifying Rate


April V. Taylor The change gentrification imposes on neighborhoods and cities is ruthless and unapologetic, often causing such drastic changes in urban areas that they become unrecognizable in just a short period of time. Two decades ago, the term gentrification was not something most Americans had heard of, but today, conversations about cities, race, and community can rarely be had ...

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How The Healthcare System Fails Black People In America

black patient white doctor

April V. Taylor While it is no secret that Black people face prejudice and racism in nearly every aspect of their daily lives in the United States, one of the areas not widely discussed is the discrimination and racism faced by Black people within the healthcare system through doctors and hospitals. Multiple studies have shown that there are health disparities ...

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Nearly Half Of All Americans Are Poor, Own Nothing


April V. Taylor Recent news headlines have been filled with the revelation that more than half of all children in public school are considered poor because they are living at or below the poverty line.  Additional information lays bare the economic hardship faced by many of the families these children are a part of.  While all of the information brings the ...

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Gentrification Has Pushed The Black Middle Class Out Of NYC


April V. Taylor Gentrification continues to happen in ever increasing waves across the country as higher income white people move into what have traditionally been Black and working class neighborhoods.  A lot has been written about whether or not the destruction of the fabric of communities is indeed harmful, and social media has even coined the term “Columbusing” to describe ...

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Stress Really Can Make You Lose Your Mind, Literally

Brain Loss

Doctors and experts have consistently reiterated how harmful stress can be, resulting in a person being distracted, forgetful, and anxious, but researchers are now finding that stress does not just produce an emotional or mental reaction, it can actually kill, shrink, and stop new neurons from generating in parts of the brain through the stress hormone coritsol. The hippocampus is ...

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Are College Degrees Worthless?

college degree

As many students struggle to find jobs that pay them enough to pay off their student loan debt, some are speaking up to declare that the college degrees they paid thousands of dollars for are essentially worthless.  One of those people is Rosalyn Harris, who enrolled in the for-profit Everest College at age 23 as an unemployed single mother. She ...

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Wayne Brady’s Battle With Depression Caused Breakdown


While many people may think that comedian and TV host Wayne Brady is always happy, he has opened up to admit that he has secretly battled depression for years.  Brady is an Emmy-award winner and star of Whose Line Is It Anyway and Let’s Make A Deal.  Despite his confidence as a host and comedian that brings laughter and entertainment ...

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President Obama gathers leaders to find ways to fight the Ebola epidemic


The spread of the Ebola virus is getting very serious and causing alarm around the world.  If the virus is not contained, it could pose a global threat similar to the Spanish flu, which killed 20 – 40 million people, more than the number of people who died during World War I.  The virus appeared to be nothing more than ...

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Dr. Mary Canty Merrill: Today, Ferguson… Tomorrow, Who Knows?

Dr. mary canty merrill

By Mary Canty Merrill, PhD Friends, someone asked me today when people (namely Blacks) are going to stop talking about Ferguson and move on.  I’ve already shared some of my feelings about this situation, but each day it seems that new and disturbing reactions, scenes and information surface, and I’m reminded that some people just don’t get it – or ...

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Can anything quell America’s thirst for guns, violence?


A spate of recent shootings across the country underscore the history of violence woven into the very fabric of America, but advocates and activists continue working for peace. Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, allegedly ambushed and killed two police officers, who were having lunch in a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas, June 8.  According to police, the couple left ...

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