Preacher, SCLC leader Says Black Families Should Arm Themselves Against Police

samuel mosteller

April V. Taylor In an ironic twist, Rev Samuel Mostellar, who is the head of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), has called for Black families to arm themselves against police violence. The irony comes because SCLC was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to help promote social change through nonviolent tactics, frowning upon not ...

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New Program Helps Defendants And Families Fight The Court System

participatory defense

April V. Taylor As people all over the country contemplate what it means for the United States to be the most incarcerated country in the world and for more Black men to be under the control of the criminal justice system than what were enslaved in 1850, many Americans are forced to consider the issue of mass incarceration on a ...

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Blacks Experience Less Than Three-Fourths The Quality Of Life As Whites

State of Black America

April V. Taylor The National Urban League, a civil rights organization, has issued it’s 39th annual “State of Black America,” report. The annual publication assesses racial equality as it relates to economics, education, health, social justice and civil engagement. The findings reveal that Black people have been challenged “on every front,” specifically in terms of accountability for police misconduct, widening ...

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Smokers Beware: Man Banned From Smoking In His Own Home, Being Sued By Neighbors

man cant smoke

April V. Taylor The home Edwin Gray lives in in Washington D.C. has been owned by his family for five decades, but a recent ruling by a D.C. Superior Court Judge has Gray feeling like his home is not his own. The judge issued a temporary injunction as part of a civil suit filed by Gray’s next door neighbors who ...

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US Suicide Rate Rises 40 Percent, Linked To Economic Recession

suicide rates rising

April V. Taylor As many Americans still struggle to regain their financial footing following the economic downturn that occurred between 2007b and 2009, new statistics indicate that the recession affected more than just home values, household finances, and retirement savings for older adults between the ages of 40 to 64.  Based on data from the National Violent Death Reporting System, ...

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New Data Smashes Myth Of Black Welfare Queen, Most Food Stamp Recipients Are White

white people grocery shopping

April V. Taylor The pejorative term ‘welfare queen’ became part of the American lexicon when Ronald Reagan coined it during his 1976 presidential campaign. While Reagan told the true story of a woman who had bilked the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the woman’s case was isolated, and in the decades since Reagan’s campaign and presidency, the ...

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Two Day Uprising At Texas Prison Leaves Facility In Ruins, Highlights Problems With Private Prisons


  April V. Taylor Prison reform advocates are saying that they are not surprised by an uprising that happened this past weekend at a private Texas prison located about 200 miles south of San Antonio.  The private facility, Willacy County Correctional Center, houses approximately 2,800 detained immigrants. Some are saying the facility resembles a concentration camp more than an actual ...

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10 Cities Where Gentrification Is Happening At A Horrifying Rate


April V. Taylor The change gentrification imposes on neighborhoods and cities is ruthless and unapologetic, often causing such drastic changes in urban areas that they become unrecognizable in just a short period of time. Two decades ago, the term gentrification was not something most Americans had heard of, but today, conversations about cities, race, and community can rarely be had ...

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How The Healthcare System Fails Black People In America

black patient white doctor

April V. Taylor While it is no secret that Black people face prejudice and racism in nearly every aspect of their daily lives in the United States, one of the areas not widely discussed is the discrimination and racism faced by Black people within the healthcare system through doctors and hospitals. Multiple studies have shown that there are health disparities ...

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Nearly Half Of All Americans Are Poor, Own Nothing


April V. Taylor Recent news headlines have been filled with the revelation that more than half of all children in public school are considered poor because they are living at or below the poverty line.  Additional information lays bare the economic hardship faced by many of the families these children are a part of.  While all of the information brings the ...

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