New Study Proves Media Perpetuates Criminalization, Worsens Racial Bias

confirmation bias

Media bias towards Black people is nothing new; in fact, American media has never existed without the criminalization and commodification of Black bodies that repetitively communicates that Black people are no good. UCLA history professor Robin Kelley states, “This is nothing new. That’s what’s so sad. The portrayal of Black men hasn’t really changed except that there’s a lot more ...

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Can Black Cops Love Black People And Fellow Officers?

Black cop Black citizen

April V. Taylor While the debate surrounding police brutality and mass incarceration is largely discussed in a racial context, the killing of Freddie Gray by six Baltimore police officers has peeled back another layer by revealing that white officers are not always the perpetrators of violence against unarmed Black civilians; three of the officers indicted in Gray’s death are Black. ...

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#BlackGirlsMatter:Are We Losing Black Girls By Ignoring Their Pain And Mistreatment?

Black Girl

April V. Taylor Activist Tiffany Gill is the creator of the film campaign Black Girls Unscripted was recently conducting a listening session for the documentary when one of the girls who was participating, “Ms. Tiffany, why don’t Black girls matter?” Stunned and unsure of how to answer, Gill asked the question back, asking, “…why do you believe you u don’t ...

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Are Black Americans Treated Better Than Africans In Thailand?

Black people Thailand

April V. Taylor Americans are often times treated differently when visiting foreign countries than people who may be from somewhere else, and it seems as though it may be no different in Thailand. However, there seems to be a distinct difference. The Root recently revealed that many Black Americans in Thailand find that they are treated better than African immigrants ...

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Brooklyn Landlord Gives Inside Scoop On How Racist Gentrification Really Is

caucasian invasion brooklyn

April V. Taylor Despite the fact that gentrification is still defined differently by different groups, the way those most disproportionately impacted by an act choose to define something tends to be more true and less white washed.  As a victim of gentrification, I choose to define it less as the renewal and rebuilding that gentrifiers define it as and more ...

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Racism, Poverty Causing DNA Deterioration, Aging Among Urban Poor

Detroit Struggles To Re-Build A Bankrupt City Amidst Poverty And Blight

April V. Taylor A new study published in the American Sociological Association’s Journal of Health and Social Behavior has found that the urban poor in America are experiencing a physiological deterioration resulting in accelerated aging and chronic stress as a result of their income level and racial-ethnic identity. The study was conducted by a group of prominent biologists and social ...

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10 year old killed by police show black males being shot around the world


By Taylor Miller In the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, many deaths have been attributed to the confrontations between officers and criminals, including four recent deaths of inhabitants during an anti-drug raid in the Complexo do Alemão. Law enforcement’s actions are believed to have more of an effect on the young Black males of the community. Eduardo de Jesus, a ...

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National Disgrace: U.S. Now ‘World Leader’ In Child Poverty

child poverty, torn shoes

April V. Taylor According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), child poverty rates in the United States are now some of the highest in the world, with, “[Children’s] material well-being highest in the Netherlands and in the four Nordic countries and lowest in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and the United States.” More than half of all public school students in ...

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Preacher, SCLC leader Says Black Families Should Arm Themselves Against Police

samuel mosteller

April V. Taylor In an ironic twist, Rev Samuel Mostellar, who is the head of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), has called for Black families to arm themselves against police violence. The irony comes because SCLC was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to help promote social change through nonviolent tactics, frowning upon not ...

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New Program Helps Defendants And Families Fight The Court System

participatory defense

April V. Taylor As people all over the country contemplate what it means for the United States to be the most incarcerated country in the world and for more Black men to be under the control of the criminal justice system than what were enslaved in 1850, many Americans are forced to consider the issue of mass incarceration on a ...

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