Are Today’s College Students Too Needy?

college students

April V. Taylor Boston College research professor Dr. Peter Gray recently wrote an article for Psychology Today in which he highlighted how needy today’s college students are and how college’s are struggling to address the declining resilience among their student populations. Just a couple of examples of the neediness include a student who called Counseling Services because she felt traumatized ...

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Racism Increases Mortality For Whites And Blacks

April V. Taylor While there are a number of studies that examine the negative impacts of racism, a recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health took a unique approach revealing that living in racist communities increases the mortality rate for both whites and Blacks, as well as for both the victim and the perpetrator of racism.  This ...

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New Report Shows Black Women In South Face Extreme Barriers And Hardships

two black women

April V. Taylor A new report from the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative (SRBWI) entitled “Unequal Lives: The State of Black Women and Families in the Rural South,” reveals that Black women and children in the South fall at the bottom of every social indicator of well-being. These women a children face harsh inequalities that create extreme barriers and hardships ...

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VIDEO: NYC 12-Year-Olds Heartbreaking Discussion About Race

being 12

April V. Taylor Being 12-years-old is difficult for many pre-teens as they sit awkwardly between being a child and a teenager.  Most pre-teens are just beginning to question authority and develop their own sense of self-identity, and while the transitional journey y is awkward and confusing for most tweens, it is even more tortuous for children of color, particularly now ...

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April V. Taylor: The U.S. Criminal Justice System And For-Profit Prisons Enslave Millions Of Americans

prison chaings

April V. Taylor The United States continues to surpass its own world record for incarcerating the highest percentage of its population despite crime rates having dropped consistently for nearly a generation. At the end of 2005, the Bureau of Prisons reported that one out of every 32 adults was in prison, in jail, on probation, or on parole, with race ...

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VIDEO: Man Rips Confederate Flag Off Of Semi In Moving Traffic

man removing confederate flag

  April V. Taylor In a video uploaded by Instagram user belladreamhair, a motorist who was sitting in slow moving traffic decided to venture out onto the busy freeway to remove a confederate flag from a truck that was traveling in front of him. The video of the man ripping the flag off of the semi went viral on Tumblr ...

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White South African Addresses White Americans About White Privilege, Racism

white privilege

April V. Taylor The fact that America ended legislated racism some three decades before South Africa did would lead many to believe that ample time has passed for racism to be a thing of the past, but many recent events have highlighted just how alive and well institutional racism is in America.  Bronwyn Lea grew up in apartheid South Africa ...

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Can Your Attitude About Stress Be The Difference Between Life And Death?


April V. Taylor There is all kinds of research studying the harmful impact stress can have on a person’s health, but a recently completed long-term research study reveals that a person’s attitude about stress may actually be more fatal than particular levels of stress. Health psychologist and Standford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal has spent years telling people how bad stress ...

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New Study Proves Media Perpetuates Criminalization, Worsens Racial Bias

confirmation bias

April V. Taylor Despite the fact that there are numerous studies detailing racial bias in American mainstream media, the way US media subtly sustains racism is overlooked. As a whole, American society refuses to acknowledge the brutal dishonesty and contrived ignorance of racism that is pervasive in American media. Americans of color continue to be racially profiled, disproportionately incarcerated and ...

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Can Black Cops Love Black People And Fellow Officers?

Black cop Black citizen

April V. Taylor While the debate surrounding police brutality and mass incarceration is largely discussed in a racial context, the killing of Freddie Gray by six Baltimore police officers has peeled back another layer by revealing that white officers are not always the perpetrators of violence against unarmed Black civilians; three of the officers indicted in Gray’s death are Black. ...

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