Op-Ed Refers to Jay-Z as a “Poor Excuse for a Husband”

by Liku Zelleke The stars and guests at the 2014 Grammy Awards were entertained by none other than Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z as they sung “Drunk in Love.” Everyone there seemed to like it: people were dancing to the steamy song and after it ended the couple were given a standing ovation. But, it seems there are some ...

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He Was Buried in a Solid Gold Casket: 9 Things You May Not Know about James Brown

By: Britt L A major figure of 20th-century music and a pioneer in every genre of music, James Brown has a resume that puts  modern day musicians to shame. Nearly six decades deep, Brown has created great dynamics in sound and influenced the entertainment that we today call R&B, soul and most importantly, funk. Over 100 chart-topping songs later, James’ legacy will forever live in the hearts ...

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Crystal M. Hayes, MSW: Beyoncé, Feminism is for Everybody, but it Involves Work

By Crystal M. Hayes I am not here to take Beyoncé’s feminist card away. Her feminist credentials are safe with me, and not debatable. In fact, the very idea of questioning a woman’s self determination, seems, well, quite anti-feminist at its core. Beyoncé, like any woman, has the right to claim feminism for herself, and she gets to decide what ...

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Writer Seems To Think that Rapper Juicy J is Now a Positive Role Model


by Dr. Boyce Watkins Some think that because I critique modern commercialized hip-hop (which is not the same as real hip-hop), that I don’t understand it.  They also might assume that I don’t listen to it or wish to censor artists who might be defined as “ratchet.”  Actually, the opposite is true:  I only listen to hip-hop and almost no ...

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Crystal M. Hayes, MSW: Gabrielle, You’re Not Responsible for Dwyane’s Insecurities

By Crystal M. Hayes “All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget. In actuality, when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm’s way.” ~bell hooks “All about Love: New Visions” I am ...

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Ann Coulter, Who Dated JJ From Good Times, Calls Melissa Harris-Perry a Token African American

by David Miller Ann Coulter makes her money by saying things that shock people.  She’s good at it, but not a very smart person overall.  Coulter responded to the controversy involving Melissa Harris-Perry at MSNBC by making a statement that got her in the headlines again. During a recent segment on Fox News, Coulter said that Harris-Perry’s recent apology to ...

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Professor Says that Entertainment has Sabotaged Young Black Females


Dr. Samori Swygert: Resurrecting femininity in our black females by Dr. Samori Swygert We’re embarking on the unchartered journey of 2014.  Every New Year multitudes of individuals make personal resolutions to improve themselves.  I have a vision for black females. I implore all female readers to be patient, receptive, and not prejudge what I’m saying until they’ve finished reading this ...

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Jon Stewart Makes Fox News Host Look Stupid For Saying Santa Must Be White


If you really want to laugh, you should watch this. Jon Stewart goes ham on the Fox News host who seems determined to argue that Jesus and Santa Clause are both white. Check it out.

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Parents in Chicago Tell Clear Channel: Stop Persuading Our Kids to Kill Each Other

Most hip-hop enthusiasts have been astonished by the way the genre has evolved over the last 20 years.  The music went from telling kids to have fun in the park or engage in activism, to telling them to use drugs all day and blow each other’s brains out. Most psychologists and marketing scholars know that this kind of influence on ...

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Dr. Ivory Toldson: “Sweet Havana Honey”


A short story of fiction inspired by unfathomable moments in Black history By: Ivory Achebe Toldson ~10pm, Friday Night FunkJazz~ Yesterday, Jael found Havana while trying to find himself.  But now that he found her, he forgot what he was really looking for.  He certainly wasn’t looking for love.  He was simply acting on a tip and then tripped on ...

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