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Muslim Woman Accused of “hatred” and Having a Bomb Kicked out of Donald Trump Rally


By Robert Stitt Two days after a Muslim protester was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in Iowa, the difference between the right and left, the liberals and conservatives, can be clearly seen. CNN, known for its ultra-left wing political views, is still running the story as front-page news. The story is not even found on the Fox News ...

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How Black Slaves Had Christianity Forced Down Their Throats By Slave Masters 


By Victor Ochieng Converting someone from one religion to another isn’t easy. And the white slaves masters knew that very well. That’s why they had to deploy different ways and tricks to convert black slaves to Christianity. One of the ways through which Blacks were converted to Christianity is the promise of a blissful place called heaven – this promise ...

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Does Gentler War on Drugs For Whites Show “War on Drugs” Was Really War on Blacks?

drug arrest

By Robert Stitt The Huffington Post recently published a response to the New York times article “In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs.” The articles point out the disparities between white and black drug-addiction, penalties, and social tolerance, but from very different viewpoints. The New York Times article was focused on the “discovery” that white people have ...

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Residents in NJ Town Outraged Halloween Display Depicts President Obama as Terrorist


By Nigel Boys Some residents in Butler, New Jersey are outraged at one of their neighbor’s idea for a Halloween display, which provocatively displays an “anti-ISIS” theme, according to reports. The Daily Mail reports that the homeowner, who asked that he be identified only as Matt, said he created the display because he and his family do not like ISIS. ...

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TX Politician Tasered, Arrested By Same Officer Who Arrested Sandra Bland Who Died in Custody


By Nigel Boys The Prairie View Police Department is under scrutiny again after a female officer was involved in the tasering of a black man. The officer was reportedly involved in the arrest during a routine traffic stop of Sandra Bland, who later died in police custody. Bland was reportedly found dead in her jail cell, in July, in what ...

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Blacks, Hispanics Very Concerned About Racism But Hispanics Unaware of Confederate Flag Issue


By James A. Merritt While the media works very hard to separate us, it appears we have more in common than meets the eye. According to a new Pew report, while Hispanics are largely unaware of the Confederate flag debate, Blacks and Hispanics both believe racism is a huge problem in the United States. Younger Americans find that racism isn’t ...

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Philadelphia Congressman Facing Federal Corruption, Racketeering Charges Claims Innocence


By Nigel Boys Claiming that lawmakers have been the unconstitutional and illegal target of investigations for decades, 58-year-old Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah pleaded not guilty, this week, on federal charges of racketeering and conspiracy. Fattah proclaimed his innocence in his initial court appearance on Monday, blurting out “I would like to say that I’m not guilty,” before being asked to ...

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Obama on Voting Rights: “Progress…must be vigorously defended”


By Michal Ortner After “Time” published a piece written by Jim Rutenberg called “A Dream Undone,” Obama responded with his thoughts on voter’s rights and the forerunners who fought for those rights. In the article, Rutenberg focuses on the work of Henry Frye and other historical figures who labored to see the Voting Rights Act reach its fullest potential. “[The] ...

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R.I.P: The Death Of Julian Bond is the Loss Of a Champion

julian bond

By James A. Merritt Today, Black culture has emerged from its past transgressions into a dawn of media adoration, leaving behind the civil rights movement that preceded its arrival.  Even with a Black president, we often overlook the struggles and sacrifices made by the civil rights activists that paved the way for our daily freedoms. Prior to our recent loss, ...

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PA Man Gets Into Nasty Confrontation With Black Teens Over Confederate Flag


By Nigel Boys After the shooting of 9 members of a historically black church in South Carolina by alleged gunman Dylann Roof, who had posed with the Confederate flag, calls for its removal from prominent places have continued. While there are those who believe states, especially in the south, should remove all reference to their past slavery and racial hatred, ...

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