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Ferguson’s New Police Chief Hopes to Bring “transparency and accountability”


By Nigel Boys Rebuilding in Ferguson, Missouri, after the incidents following the death of Michael Brown, will be no easy task for Mayor James Knowles, but he is hoping to build trust within the community with the help of a new interim police chief Andre Anderson, who is African-American. According to USA Today, Knowles introduced Anderson as the city’s new ...

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Billy Graham’s Son: Stop Muslims From Coming to America


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, is causing an uproar with his comments made recently that the United States should stop Muslims from coming to America. Graham’s belief is that Muslims who come to America are becoming “radicalized” and therefore pose a threat to the lives of Americans. The young Graham claims to ...

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What Kenya Went Through in Order For Obama To Visit

obama in kenya

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Whenever a U.S. President travels, you can be sure that security is a top issue. Whether the president is traveling within the United States of America or abroad, security measures have to be taken. The safety of the president is the number one priority. As President Obama landed in Kenya on Friday, he was greeted ...

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What Happened After Hillary Clinton said Black Men in Hoodies Are Scary

hillary Clinton

By Robert Stitt Apparently, if Hillary Clinton saw Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, and Jamie Foxx all walking down the street in their regular attire she would fear one of them. Why? All three of them are known to wear hoodies as casual wear, and according to Clinton in a campaign speech at Brookland Baptist Church in South Carolina, black men ...

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Is John Russell Houser a Terrorist? He Killed Innocent People


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Let’s face it – America has a race problem. No matter how many times people like to use the term ‘post-racial’ to describe America after the election of President Barack H. Obama, the first African-American elected, the truth of the matter is that America has a long way to go before it’s a united country. ...

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TN Anchor Says Obama Is to Blame for Marines’ Killings on Military Base

Tomi Lahren

By Nigel Boys The reason Mohammad Abdulazeez was able to kill four Marines and injure three other people, one of whom died later, on military bases in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week was because President Barack Obama is too soft on Muslims, according to Tomi Lahren. The 22-year-old anchor of One America News Network’s “On Point with Tomi Lahren” went into ...

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Obama Commends Nigeria’s New President For Tackling Boko Haram, Corruption


By Nigel Boys Muhammadu Buhari, who was sworn into office as the President of Nigeria on May 29, after unsuccessful attempts in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections, came face to face for the first time with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office this week. News One reports that Obama praised the 73-year-old former Nigerian Army major general for ...

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Ugly Brawl Breaks Out as KKK Run into Black Justice Group in S.C.


By Nigel Boys Shortly after it came to light that Dylann Roof, the accused shooter of nine people at a historically African-American church in South Carolina, was a supporter of the Confederate Battle Flag, demands to remove it from the Capitol grounds were made. After the legislative body decided to take it down, thousands of people gathered to see the ...

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Man Who Flew 150 Confederate Flags After Charleston Church Killings Arrested


By Nigel Boys Although he lives in the predominantly African-American city of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Edward Lee West flew the Confederate battle flag on his property for years. He even went so far as to increase the number of flags around his home to 150, after the massacre of nine members of a historic black church in South Carolina ...

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Will Obama Tackle Devastation of “War on drugs” on Black Community?


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III There’s no doubt the criminal justice system is overcrowded with prisoners. In addition to being overcrowded with prisoners, it’s fair to say that many of those behind bars have received prison sentences that are both unfair and unjust. Because of this lack of justice and a form of institutional racism, many people have suffered at ...

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