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Are Black People’s Organs Being Stolen For Profit?

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Are Black People’s Organs Being Stolen For Profit?


April V. Taylor

In a 2006 article, USA today estimated that more than 16,800 families had been represented in lawsuits that claimed that their loved ones’ body parts had been stolen for profit over the course of the previous 19 years. The estimate was based on data from federal and local investigators, lawsuits and public organizations such as medical universities.

The lucrative business of illegally harvesting and selling organs and body parts without consent does not appear to have slowed down since then. The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 7,000 kidneys are illegally obtained by traffickers every year. Other organs such as hearts, lungs and livers and human tissue such as bones, tendons and other body parts are illegally harvested all over the world for transplant, research and education.

The illegal harvesting of organs and tissue from Black men, woman, and children who are kidnapped and murdered is not covered widely in the mainstream media and is many times written off has more of a conspiracy theory than fact. However, there are several cases that prove that illegal organ harvesting from Black people is happening, not just in other countries, but right here in the United States.

In 2008, former dentist Michael Mastromarino was indicted for stealing more than 1,000 bodies in order to sell body parts and tissue. Michael Brown of Murrieta, California kept bodies that he was supposed to have cremated and sold them for more than $400,000. These men and others who participate in the illegal harvesting and trade of body tissue leave many families without answers about what happened to their family members organs and/or body parts.

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The illegal harvesting of organs from Black people seems to be more sinister due to the fact that organs must be harvested not long after death for them to be viable for transplant. This leads to cases where families have trouble finding answers about the mysterious circumstances their family members died under.

One such case is that of 14-year-old Jason Smith in Eros, Louisiana whose death was ruled an accidental drowning despite the fact that his organs were missing when his body was found. A case that received more attention but did not provide the family with any more answers is that of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson whose death was initially ruled to have been the result of accidental suffocation. A second autopsy yielded a different conclusion, but when the second autopsy was performed, his body had been stuffed with newspaper, and his organs were missing.

More recently in September 2014, 24-year-old Ryan Singleton’s body was found in a California desert with his eyes, heart, lung, liver and kidneys missing. Singleton’s mother believes that his organs were stolen because the rest of his body remained in tact, meaning the organs had not been eaten by animals.

As the disparity between supply and demand for organs  continues to be insurmountable, authorities are considering rewriting the 1984 law that bans the sale of organs, but in the meantime, the World Health Organization estimates that a human organ is illegally sold every hour, and families all over the world are left without answers about their loved ones death’s and burials.









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  1. Jimmy Sherman

    May 10, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    In the 1960’s, the first heart was transplanted in Apartheid South Africa. The method and practice was immediately transferred to the racist state of Texas. Soon thereafter, the old Washington DC politicians changed the age-old definition of “dead” to “Brain dead”, even though, throughout the ages, a fellow human being is known to be ALIVE as long as his/her heart is still beating and pumping blood to the damaged brain. Many people who the doctors said were dead, woke up and surprised us all. But the organ transplant industry doesn’t want us to know the true definition of death nowadays. They even cremate the poor people, possibly to destroy the evidence of organ removal. Someone needs to investigate and insure the public that no wrong is being done to kill our innocent non-suspecting fellow citizens, and that the Hippocratic Oath is being ethically followed to the letter.

    So, please tell your Congress representatives to Rescind the so-called “Brain dead” law today, and prosecute all doctors for committing premeditated murder if they ever again transplant a living person’s beating heart. Thank you in advance and God Bless You.

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  3. John H. Sibley

    May 11, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    In my urban sci-fi thriller BODYSLICK- published by VIBE/ Kensington in New York , I ask the question ‘Does love trump ethics when it comes to the selling of human organs’? Former Bears football star Walter Sweetness Payton had primary sclerosis cholangitis liver disease he was going to get in the long National Organ Network line along with every body else {before he learned it was incurable} despite the fact that he was wealthy and could had easily bought a liver in China, India, or Brazil or in the future underground organ market here in the Chicago , from an organ broker , like the main character in my novel BODYSLICK.
    Does love trump ethics when it comes to the selling of human organs? Is it unethical that a healthy white woman between the ages of 20 and 29 can get 7,000$, as an anonymous egg donor? Is it unethical that at this very moment you can sell your plasma and sperm but not your organs? Most people don’t realize that slavery was the most vilest example of ‘body ownership’ Even in death a slaves body parts could be sold for profits. The issue here is that they are still doing this grisly crime today. The recent scandal at Burr Oak cemetery in Illinois is a classic example? Slave cadavers were harvested and sold by grave robbers to medical institutions illegally ,like the Universities of Michigan, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They pillaged our cemeteries well into the twenty-first century. Blacks slave ancestors were easy targets of grave robbers by whites and blacks.
    If life was a thing that money could buy/ the rich would live and the poor would die BODYSLICK

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