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Writer Exposes Congressional Black Caucus as Corporate Slaves

Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report points out the ocrruption of the Congressional Black Caucus. www.kulturekritic.com


Writer Exposes Congressional Black Caucus as Corporate Slaves

Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report points out the ocrruption of the Congressional Black Caucus. www.kulturekritic.com


Reported by April Taylor

Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report, recently reported about the relationship between staff members of Congressional Black Caucus big corporations. Dixon pointed out how the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is able to use the Congressional Black Caucus’ race as a tool to justify what Dixon refers to as “particularly nasty pro-corporate measures.”  Many measures are unable to pass through the House of Representatives without some bipartisan votes from Democrats. When these needed Democrats happen to be black, white liberals in Congress and the media are unable to speak out about the support for fear of appearing racist.

Dixon also points out that this phenomenon is not just occurring in Congress but also in state legislatures across the country.  Many of these black Democrats have accomplishments that make them appear to be leaders and supporters of civil rights, but what many are failing to realize is that they are also simultaneously being bought by greedy banksters, giant telecoms, military contractors, agribusiness, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and agents of gentrification.

While many black politicians may start out with good intentions, the politicians who choose to speak up for the poor and oppressed do not attract the needed campaign contributions from big business.  Corporations do not give huge contributions to those that have too strong of a moral compass to be bought off.

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The “sanitized celebrations,” as Dixon calls them, of black freedom and political advancement continues to give black politicians a sense of moral legitimacy that causes their actions of supporting corporations over the American people to not be questioned.  These celebrations are simply a tool used to brand the Congressional Black Caucus as something it is not.  As Dixon points out, “Branding is a marketing strategy intended to evoke a given response in a target audience, summoning real or imagined memories, tastes, feelings or desires in order to get a response from the target audience which could not be obtained by appeals to fact or logic.”

As this cycle of branding and being bought off continues to cause black politicians to devolve into nothing more than a hollowed out facade of leadership, one wonders if it is possible to return to what we have come to know black politics as or if the time of demanding social justice for all has been brought to an end by the financial greed that seems to undermine all modern politics.


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  1. HiRoader2

    June 10, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    This can only be reasoned asto why the African American community has been subjected to “fringe” right-wing state policies… As time moves along the entire civil rights movement will be undone., Not due to the fringes., but the lack of dedication to preserve those civil rights standard of citizenship by these representatives…. vote gerrymandering & stop-n-frisk says alot about representation as individuals rather a group… Not. immitgration, same sex marriages, universal health care diversions, distortion or distractions from the blueprint of civil rights legacy…

  2. Allen Shaw

    June 16, 2014 at 4:02 am

    The first course (lesson) that should be taught to Blacks is Politics 101!
    President Johnson explained it best “You got to go along to get along”!

    With 100 Senators and 500 plus members of congress, the only way any individual get any piece of his legislature passed is to gain the support of a majority of votes!

    How would you get the job done?

    Don’t be so critical until you have placed the shoes on your own feet!

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