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Man says he was beaten senselessly by cops just for asking what he did wrong


Man says he was beaten senselessly by cops just for asking what he did wrong


Reported by Liku Zelleke

About two years ago, Jermaine Robinson, 41, was out for a bike ride near his Hillsboro home and the last thing he could have expected was to be accosted by police officers, thrown to the ground, roughed up and hauled off to jail.

But that’s exactly what happened to him.

Now, he’s filed a federal lawsuit against the Hillsboro police and claims that he suffered permanent injuries during the incident that occurred on June 15th, 2012.  Officers Will Blood and Brian Wilber have been named as the officers that were involved.

Robinson says that Officer Will Blood stopped him while he was riding his bicycle. He says that when he asked him what he had done wrong, he got no reply.

It was then that the two officers threw him to the ground in an attack, that he says, was a malicious act of misconduct that stemmed from Blood’s racial profiling of Robinson.

He says that the two officers grabbed him and threw him off his bike. Officer Wilber then used a Taser on him – twice. Officer Blood then knocked him down and kneed him in the back. They then handcuffed him and took him off to the county jail.

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Robinson says that the way he was arrested has caused him some serious injuries. He suffered a herniated disk in his lumbar spine, which will need surgery. He also sustained bruises, strained muscles and ligaments and significant mental trauma.

He also claims that he still suffers from a long list of health conditions: chronic back pain, stress, anxiety, depression and fear.

The charges that were made against him at the time of the arrest were interfering with an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was prosecuted on one count of resisting arrest and was acquitted after jurors deliberated for a short time.

He was found guilty, though, of three bike violations.

The lawsuit seeks for economic (amount unspecified), non-economic and punitive damages from the two officers and the City of Hillsboro.

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