Should Little Girls Be Twerking With a Grown Man Giving Instructions?

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In this video, there are young teens and girls dancing to New Orleans bounce music in what looks like a camp of some sort. It is the culture of the community. This is their expression of dance. In most cases their parents, were on the sideline dancing a long with them. It’s New Orleans, baaaby.

You can watch the video here. 



  1. Throw those mothers in jail for pimping their girls. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hate to see what goes on in their houses. Twerking is only for prostitutes or a married woman dancing in private with her husband.

    Umm I forgot this is what happens to the children of “Baby Mamas”. I see no future for these girls.

    If the white founding fathers saw this video, they would rejoice and say “our work is done”.

  2. This is an disgrace to our culture and our race as a people. We are these young ladies are going to get out of this mess ? Someone should be leading these young girls about how to attain a good or a great education in life. How to fulfill their dreams in how to become lawyers, doctors, nurses, educators, etc. all twerking is going to do is get them used and abused ( some even by the very guy training them to do such a thing). What are we becoming as a race? We of this generation know we are losing it; it we don’t turn this thing around & get it together. God help us all!!!

  3. Here we go again! Could we see a group of young black medical students, or a group of black researchers discovering something ? What??

  4. I didn’t see the video till just now..I knew twerking from Miley prostitute and Bebounce performances! This is disgraceful..disgusting and embarrassing! This is the design/plan the white man has for black people..having the black man sell you out!! How much more stupid can you be??

  5. No one under 18 should dance like this on video; ideally, no one under 21. IMO this is just wrong.

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