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George Zimmerman’s Biggest Champion Once Called Oprah Winfrey a N*gger


George Zimmerman’s Biggest Champion Once Called Oprah Winfrey a N*gger

Frank Taaffe is probably best known for going on every news broadcast that would have him to defend George Zimmermantaaffe4. But Mediaite reported today that Taaffe was making his own white supremacist styled podcast before the Zimmerman case.

During one podcast, Taaffe defended the use of the “N” word, using it to describe media mogul Oprah Winfrey:

Yeah, she’s a n*gger because she keeps spewing out all that bullsh*t. She goes over to Switzerland and she says that the lady didn’t want to share a handbag because she thought that she couldn’t afford it, and she keeps just doing what she’s doing. She keeps stirring the pot. She keeps trying to promote her boy Obama. You know, Obama could do no wrong. You know, it’s birds of a feather, they flock together and stick together, and to me, she’s a n*gger. Oprah Winfrey’s a n*gger. She ain’t a n*gga, she’s a n*gger.”

Most recently, Taaffe defended Michael Dunn, who gunned down teenager Jordan Davis after instigating an argument with Davis over loud music. Taaffe’s defense was that black men should always be suspected of violence because the data supports it:

You talk about the white man being the devil—well, here’s a fact…According to the FBI, and the US Department of Justice, African Americans make up 12 percent of the population, yet they commit the most disproportionate amount of violent crimes. Over 60 percent of the murders were convicted by African Americans. And 32 percent were under the age of 18. So, when Michael Dunn pulled into that gas station, you know, you wonder why we have these premonitions…

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