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Dr. Samori Swygert: U.S. Calls for Reparations Now, But Not for Blacks


Dr. Samori Swygert: U.S. Calls for Reparations Now, But Not for Blacks

John kerryBy: Dr. Samori Swygert

This is lengthy but if you are African American, THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

The demand for reparations to African Americans starts NOW! I read an article last night in the Washington Post about how Secretary of State John Kerry, his advisers, and other State Department officials are in active negotiations with France to pay out REPARATIONS to U.S. Holocaust survivors.

The Background

Washington D.C.’s metropolitan subway system is designed by using color coded rail lines that demarcate which city sections it services. The city is developing its’ new Purple line route. A French company, Keolis, has won a $3 Billion dollar contract to construct this route. Keolis has a parent company, SNCF (Societe’ Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais). The route is 16 miles long. The Keolis subsidiary also has contract bids for railway systems in Florida, Massachusetts, and California.

This company is responsible for the transportation of approximately 76,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps. According to the article, only 2000 Jews survived the slaughter. The French government had contractual agreements to compensate Holocaust survivors in the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, and Belgium. America was not included in the negotiations. $6 Billion has been paid to survivors in the aforementioned countries by the French government so far.

The U.S. General assembly is blocking further contracts to this company to build the Purple line until negotiations between France and the Keolis-SNCF connection are resolved and reparations are made.

The Discussion

The mere fact that the American government can currently acknowledge, engage, entertain, negotiate, and fight for payment of reparations to Holocaust survivors shows tremendous amounts of disrespectful hubris to African Americans. The Jewish community deserves their reparations to the fullest extent, they do!

However, the fact that our own country is mute, mum, and incredulously obstinate on righting the injustices done to African Americans in America is beyond belief. The first thing that will be said is that “there are surviving Jews from the Holocaust, and they have tracked down their Nazi affiliated violators”.

Well this is my answer. There is evidently no statute of limitations on time elapsed to bring violators and their benefactors to justice. Secondly, America has delayed, procrastinated, ignored, and refused to compensate African American reparations from generation to generation, thus, all surviving victims of American slavery have died off. The intentional, and negligent stalling on executing reparations has resulted in the temporal death of our ancestors that would fit the eligibility criteria for reparations as survivors of slavery.

America is delinquent in its attempt to address its iniquities and atrocities against African Americans. The failure to be accountable and assume a position of immunity against reparations is a slap in the face, especially when America is willing to negotiate with France to get reparations for Jews.

America,…….. are African American lives worth less than Jewish lives? If so, please furnish the criteria and protocol, and the authors of it. America didn’t ship Jews to Nazi concentration camps, but it will use African American tax dollars to conduct contractual commerce with a Nazi affiliated company and to facilitate payments of reparations to Jews. However, the United States itself, profited from the system of slavery for centuries, and AND NOBODY CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT IT? This is flagrant and blatant hypocrisy.

I’m not interested in hearing that we can’t trace back who was involved in slavery. We have several groups and organizations that have meticulously traced the beneficiaries, ancestors, and institutions that were active participants in slavery. For starters, John Kerry and President Obama can start by reading The Debt by Randall Robinson. I don’t know why president Obama is not for reparations.

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The death of the participants in slavery doesn’t relinquish their ancestors and government from paying African Americans our reparations. WHEN I OWE BACK TAXES FROM YEARS AGO, I HAVE TO PAY IT OR THE GOVERNMENT WILL GARNISH MY EARNINGS AND CONFISCATE MY PROPERTY RIGHT? Here is my argument for beneficiaries that say they have nothing to do with slavery and that it was their great great grandfather that was involved. WHEN I OBTAIN PROPERTY, I ACCEPT ALL LIENS AND TAXES ON IT, AND I’M RESPONSIBLE TO PAY IT DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WASN’T THE PERSON THAT ORIGINALLY GENERATED THE LIEN.

African Americans were considered property, and that property has liens and back taxes on it that require payment on delinquent holders. The interest alone would bankrupt America!

This is why I am so impassioned about this. I see a clear double standard of justice happening before our eyes. The fact that MILLIONS of our African American ancestors lost their lives in the system of slavery and were never paid for the building of America is a resounding call for justice to be done. Let’s not selectively fight for and reward one group and deny another. How do we entertain talks on minimum wage today, when minimum wage for ancestors were Chitlins and bread? How do we talk strong on income equality today, when there was no income for African Americans period? How do we talk strongly on child labor laws, when children slaved day in and out for profit? How do we talk so strong about human trafficking, when human trafficking of African Americans raised America to capitalistic prominence and generational wealth?

The system of education demonstrates just one aspect of the crippling effects of slavery. Harvard was founded in 1636, Yale in 1701, Princeton in 1746, Columbia in 1754, Brown in 1764, Dartmouth in 1769, U of Penn in 1740. The Ivy League Schools are considered the upper echelon of education. Since Harvard’s founding, more than 2 centuries of education was afforded to whites, while concurrently and simultaneously, reading was a criminal act and books were contraband for more than 2 centuries for blacks. However, we allowed affirmative action to be sabotaged and dismantled. Aside from the Native Americans, no other ethnic groups in this country has been subjected to violent systemic subjugation in America. The Indians have received, and still receive subsidies from the American government.

I would like to quote what one of the Jewish Holocaust survivors said in the article. Leo Bretholz, a 92 year old survivor said, “It’s important for one reason: Justice should be done. When they [pay reparations], they admit they did something wrong-terribly wrong-sending people to be murdered.”

Finally, I’m going on record to say this is not about hate speech or being Anti-Semitic. I’m saying, African Americans want the U.S. government to actively work on compensation just like they are doing for the Jewish community. I stand as a single voice of millions that feel America should vigorously and diligently prepare compensation for African Americans and open negotiations. Stop hiding behind technical legalese, law lexicon, and constitutional verbiage and shoddy constitutional excuses and do what is right and just.

What are your thoughts, am I alone on this??


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  1. ana

    February 23, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    ”Every Man a King.”…”The estimated[125]million people of America have seated themselves at the dinner table to consume the products which have been guaranteed to them by their Creator…”There is provided more than what is needed for all to eat…”The Financial Masters of America have taken off the dinner table[80%] of the food placed there by our Creator,through the labors of African Americans…”600 families at the most either possessing or controlling the entire[85 to 90% of all that is in America…”They cannot eat the food, they cannot wear the clothes,so they destroy it….They have it rotted; they plow it up; they pour it into the rivers; they bring destruction through the acts of mankind to let humanity suffer; to let humanity go naked; to let humanity go homeless; so that nothing may occur that will do harm to their vanity and to their greed…In conclusion,African Americans need a we,us and a should to be compensated for Reparations to the fullest extent for slavery.

  2. Imhotep

    February 25, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Its a god..damn shame that this country’s power brokers wanna pay a French company to do work in the Capital where our folks could do the work. Where do the profits go? And they have blood on their hands!! This country has been sold out for about 25 years and we are not considered worthwhile citizens to make a wrong right!! Yet we pay the French, and they are as Racist as they come!! Fyck em all!! Subeck Hotep. .

  3. BigWill

    February 25, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Until Black people agree and work towards becoming UNIFIED we WILL NEVER get what is rightly ours. To expect different is futile.

  4. SayWhat

    February 25, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Dr. Swygert, I am with you. I am at a loss for worrds to express how sick reading this news made me feel. On the trail of unjust atrocities commited against young black males, particularly of late, this is the icing on the cake. It is evidently clear that little has changed since our “emanicipation” and this country is on the fast track to resort back to the days when black men swung from trees at community picnics. Given how long it took the government to intervene on behalf of slaves decades after the E.P. was signed proves they have refused to acknowlege any wrongdoing or their complicit participation in perpetuating the institution of slavery. Yes, the fact is America would be bankrupt if reparations were ever granted the descendants of slaves. So, is it realistic to think this will ever be an offer on the table? As Ana mentioned above, “African Americans need a we…”. What we really need is to bankrupt this economic system with a financial boycott. When are we ever again going to participate collectively and demonstrate our power as a people, on same magnitude as during the civil rights movement? WE are the only solution to OUR problem. As hate perpetuates and racial tension escalates, how long are we going to wait for change to come from a system that cannot even have a dialogue about the aftermath of slavery???

  5. Antonio

    February 25, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    The Hawaiian’s have been asking for some recognition for years and very well may get it soon, possibly prior to President Obama leaving office. in my opinion, A senator needs to start the process and we go from there.

  6. Antonio

    February 25, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    I think we have enough black senators and representatives in office to move forward if black people will come together and stay together, with a few million signatures to get the process started and build. an ace in our corner is the fact that President Obama is still in office. We need to do this now!!

  7. Antonio

    February 25, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Let’s get the process started while President Obama is still in office.

  8. s'ann

    February 25, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    How contradictive!!!!! In 2008, Congress offered an unacceptable and uncontested apology for slavery and had the audacity to say the apology came with no monetary reparations. In addition, according to the “Huff Post” on August 2, 2008, President Obama (then Senator Obama) went on record opposing reparations by stating, “I have said in the past _ and I’ll repeat again _ that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed.”

    Moreover, Congressman John Conyers [D-MI] submitted several years ago, a legislative bill, H.R. 40, proposing the establishment of a Commission to Study Reparations for African Americans. According to Congress.gov, Congressman Conyers reintroduced the bill on January 3, 2013, and on January 25, 2013, the bill was referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice. I urge you to call your congressional leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus to push the bill forward. You might also want to check out the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’cobra) to see what they are doing as well.

    Peace and Solidarity
    In addition, for other groups who have received reparations, include Japanese – Americans, who successfully won their court battle for reparations for internees during WWII pursuant the Civil Rights Act of 1998. Dr. Mary Frances Berry, former U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Chair, is a expert on that case. Also, for background information, here is a good resource paper on reparations: http://www.ic.nanzan-u.ac.jp/AMERICA/english/documents/27OKUDA.pdf.

  9. Tokunboh

    February 25, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans were interned (forcibly relocated and confined) by the U.S. military following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Women, men, and children were all interned, with no determination of whether any were actually disloyal to the United States. People with as little as 1/8 Japanese ancestry could be interned (e.g., one great-grandparent of Japanese decent). Many of the American-born internees had never even been to Japan.

    Even though the Pearl Harbor attacks were actually orchestrated by the U.S. government (The McCollum Memo), in a successful effort to find a reason to nuke Japan, the U.S. government formally apologized for the internments with the Civil Liberties Act, signed into law twenty years ago on August 10, 1988. The law also granted reparations to surviving internees and their families. These were reparations just for unconstitutionally and cruelly incarcerating people in internment camps.

    The middle passages, or Slave Trade, was one million times worse than the Japanese internment. Approximately 50 million Africans died in the forcible capture, transportation and enslavement of Africans for the purposes of forcible labor in order to make the United States of America the richest nation on the face of the planet and this is a conversation that they refuse to even broach. I am not a man to make threats, but let me just say this. If White America was about to be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth, and all that could save it was a drop of moisture…….I’m sorry but I would rather die than even spit. These people are monsters and it’s way past time we stopped playing the Nelson Mandela card, forgiving and appeasing them.

  10. HiRoader2

    February 28, 2014 at 5:57 am

    Surely the whole reasoning ,excuses and conditions for this multi $billion contracting is total Bullcr–p.., And there’s no telling how many greedy hands are in this white washed proposition…. But the REAL disgrace here is while friends & family are contemplating emailing or calling Washington D.C. they need to consider the AA representatives already in place while these crooks make deals right in front of their faces… Here’s where the minds & lenses should be cleared and focused … Aside from that the 90% percent support given to not only those representatives. The entire democrat party campaigns without progress or protection for its most dedicated support base… In fact the WHOLE political republican vs democrat., good cop vs bad cop theater has been a distraction, a diversion… Not one CBC representative has publicly answered to regressive laws like stand-your-ground and the gerrymandering of their very own constituency… DISGRACE?.. The African American constituency wil have “vote for policy ” instead of “politicians ” meaning since the dawn of the civil rights era, as times past the representatives seem to lack agenda, progress.. After watching YT vids of civil right leaders like Dick Gregory and Mississippi’s “Skip” Robinson, it’s clear representatives lost agenda and goals… “AA’s don’t have communities they have neighborhoods ” quoted Dick Gregory… Communities govern themselves

  11. Charles

    February 28, 2014 at 10:22 am

    The prosecution of this country and the officials that have presided over it from slavery until today is long overdue.This corporation that is masquerading as a government is in violation of numerous human rights violations including genocide.The idea of reparations is justifiable but will not be acknowledged by the criminals that perpetrated the atrocities and continue to do so today,not only to the people in this country but around the world as well.World courts have convicted previous presidents and officials for war crimes and other human rights violations to no avail.The people have to change this though a constitutional provision available to us.Then and only then will the wrong done to us receive the attention it deserves

  12. Mic Theory

    February 28, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Forget reparations its not gonna happen. If you want to uplift seek economic empowerment in the following ways 1. Go green utilize the new solar and wind technology to become energy free which equals no more gas and electric bills, no threats to cut off your heat government subsidies to offset price and an average of 20k added to the value of your home. Secondly if you are going to buy a car purchase the Chevy volt Obama gave you the blueprint not only will you be saving Detroit but no more waits at the gas pump EPA rates it as having 93 miles to the Gallon again Govt tax breaks and low leasing agreement with GM are in effect avg. lease for 2014 car is 289-330 per month. Average trip to the pump is once every 2-3 months and cost for charge is 2.14 cents or zero if you followed step 1. Step 3 Investigate real estate in desert areas and land that was thought to be useless wind farming and solar fields are cropping up all over Ghana is building the third largest solar power plant in the world while American companies sell out our future to China willy Nilly and send our jobs overseas. Watch Linked TV stay informed with non partisan news unlike Fox which is entertainment news and not factual but biased by design according to who pays for advertising. Support small mom and pop and neighborhood businesses unless Walmart Kmart and all the other conglomerate “Marts start putting products on their shelves actually made in the USA. Isn’t your country worth an extra 10 cents at the checkout if not why not check out to the USSR.

  13. j lewis

    February 28, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    You don’t see it yet. The 2.4 Trillion spent since 1962 on housing, welfare, food stamps, ADC etc.. Is the only reparations. Blacks will be getting.

    While we’re waiting how about doing g something that will make you some money. That way you will be ahead of the game when you finally understand reparations are not forth coming!

  14. Tokunboh

    March 9, 2014 at 12:40 am

    @Barbara Wyllie Guthrie:
    I thought your question had signs of an interesting premise and thought I’d answer in a slightly unconventional manner. “How, let me ask, would you look upon me, were I some dark night in company with a band of hardened villains, to enter the precincts of your elegant dwelling and seize the person of your own lovely daughter Amanda, and carry her off from your family, friends and all the loved ones of her youth—make her my slave—compel her to work, and I take her wages—place her name on my ledger as property—disregard her personal rights—fetter the powers of her immortal soul by denying her the right and privilege of learning to read and write—feed her coarsely—clothe her scantily, and whip her on the naked back occasionally; more and still more horrible, leave her unprotected—a degraded victim to the brutal lust of fiendish overseers, who would pollute, blight, and blast her fair soul—rob her of all dignity—destroy her virtue, and annihilate all in her person the graces that adorn the character of virtuous womanhood? I ask how would you regard me, if such were my conduct? I am your fellowman, not your slave (anymore)” – Fredrick Douglas (in a letter to his former slavemaster who was still holding his four siblings captive in 1848.

    Cultivation Theory which explains a large portion of why and how perception is formed by the media attempts to disseminate the apparent ignorance and gullibility of the average American [white] citizen. The American Slave Trade was the worst genocide in the history of the world with approximately 50 million Black slaves killed in the process of forcible transportation, forced labor and the separation of tens of thousands of families; millions more died to provide the labor required to resurrect and turn America into one of the richest countries in the world from cotton and tobacco production, after which they decided the next logical step in their perpetual consolidation of power in the new lands, was to make the Black Diaspora a race everyone would despise and be afraid of. All along the Nazi-like historical path of American Caucasian development, corpses litter the way courtesy of the 1646 Law which made religious heresy punishable by death, the 1662 Law which recognized slavery as a hereditary and lifelong condition, the 1696 Law which excused any white person who killed a slave while carrying out a punishment, Virginia’s 1705 Law which explicitly defined all blacks, mixed or otherwise as slaves forever, the 1756 Scalp Act in which Governor Robert Norris put a perpetual bounty on the scalps of Indian women and children, the 1790 Law which allowed citizenship for whites only, the 1857 Dred Scott Decision which proclaimed that Black people had no rights a white person was bound to respect and would never be citizens of the United States, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which allowed white settlers to steal Indian land and livestock with impunity, displacing the owners in the infamous Trail of Tears genocidal trek, the 1863 Miscegenation Law which forbade intermarriage and interracial sex between whites and other races, the 1881 Chinese Exclusion Law and the literally millions of lesser known racially-based laws in towns, municipalities, corporations and neighborhoods all across America, which historically has decided who gets to be elected into what positions of power; the inequality in how and where resources end up being allocated have been a testament to the culture of prejudice and inequality for which America, unfortunately, is most known. Even worse, descendants of these early Neanderthal Caucasians have been inculcated with the feigned validity of these laws, and though most of them have long been repealed, they still act as if they believe these laws to hold true. Even while Thomas Jefferson was penning hateful and vitriolic words in ‘Notes on the State of Virginia’ about the inferiority of Blacks as an excuse why they would never be assimilated into American society, he was lost in the throes of passion, in bed, by one of these so-called savages, Sally Hemmings. Ironically, in the twilight of his years, he only allowed his trusted butler, a slave named Burwell, unrestricted access to his person. If you read “The Black image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America”, by Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki you will come away with a deeper understanding of the sinister progression of hatred for Blacks that American Caucasians have cultivated since persons, other than the Native Americans, have settled in this land. “Without Sanctuary”, a pictorial showing hundreds of unjustified lynchings, replete with cheering white mobs, in America, by James Allen [Twins Palms Publisher] is another excellent book. Thousands were killed after the U.S. annexed Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hawaii in 1898 all in the name of ‘Manifest Destiny’. The question you should be asking isn’t (sarcastically), “How far back should we assume the responsiblilty of history..right or wrong”, but “When will America truly and completely voice out sincere Mea Culpas and own up to the past, instead of burying it under layers of denial; under the continued institutionalization of racism in modern society; under this current ‘let’s just move along, nothing to see here’ mentality (of which obviously you are a student of); under the economic, social, political, judicial, religious, behavioral, and human segregation that has consumed the mentality of the nation. That, my dear friend, is the question you all should be asking yourselves. I bid you good day

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