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Professor Says that Entertainment has Sabotaged Young Black Females


Professor Says that Entertainment has Sabotaged Young Black Females


Dr. Samori Swygert: Resurrecting femininity in our black females

by Dr. Samori Swygert

We’re embarking on the unchartered journey of 2014.  Every New Year multitudes of individuals make personal resolutions to improve themselves.  I have a vision for black females.

I implore all female readers to be patient, receptive, and not prejudge what I’m saying until they’ve finished reading this article.

I want to see a renaissance of the current state of some of our black females.  Female only indicates gender.  I want to see more ladies and women.  I’ve seen a generation of females that have lost touch with FEMININITY.

“When they reminisce over you my God!”

It’s my opinion that the entertainment industry has sabotaged our young black females.  I remember when young ladies carried themselves with such grace, daintiness, and femininity. That encouraged and harkened black male chivalry and catering.  Young ladies walked and talked with elegance.  They conducted themselves with impeccable savoir faire, and exuded finesse. These characteristics were like honey to us young men, it crafted an image that men wanted to protect and was worthy of cherishing.

Currently, femininity is on a decline.  The lack of both mature parental involvement is responsible for the degradation of our young black girls now.  Many parents are not operating in a cohesive manner to convey healthy and proper modeling for our youth. To complicate matters, the entertainment industry has reprogrammed the psyche of our youth.

“Theres a stranger in my house”

Magazines, movies, talk shows, reality shows, social media (youtube, world star, etc), certain books, videos, and music have reversed engineered the wisdom and lessons of the matriarchs of the black family.  True womanhood is becoming an archaic lost science.  Much of what these forms of entertainment convey are externally focused, and lack the substance that develops the intrinsic quality of today’s females.

It’s difficult to watch more than 5 minutes of reality shows like Love and Hip Hop, Housewives, and Badgirls Club because I see womanhood mutate to disrespectful barbarianism and shallow, ego driven narcissism.  There is a difference between being strong/independent and being bossy, loud and dismissive.  This is similar to women saying they like a confident man and not a cocky/arrogant/obnoxious man.

Rewarding bad behavior

Society and the entertainment industry perpetuate the incompatibility between the black man and woman.  THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED BY REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR.  Why are there TV shows that pay black women to be “ratchet”? Why do music videos objectify black women as strippers?  Why do record labels encourage and endorse black female artists to basically strip in every video and pay them for raunchy dances and lyrics?  Why must black females pose nude on front covers of King, GQ, Esquire, and Source Magazine to be considered “successful” or “empowered”?

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Young black girls see the public attention and fanfare these superstars and video vixens receive. They then imitate it, in hopes to garner the same exact attention. The more lewd and provocative their behavior, the higher their pay and fame. This indoctrinates their psyche as the only method and means to get what they want in life.  They either have to use sex or annoy someone into submission via rambunctious, combative, and bellicose behavior.  Ultimately, many young girls are either dressing like hookers or resembling street thugs, and that’s not attractive!

The results

The results are devastating.  The black man and woman are being rendered socially and romantically incompatible.  This is crippling black dating and the institution of marriage.  The sanctity of marriage in the black community has been rendered dysfunctional and prone to divorce.  We’re carrying hazardous subliminal behaviors that were skillfully implanted (like the movie Inception) in our subconscious into our marriages and households.

Our daughters are assuming the machismo, bravado, and brute character of men like: Sharkiesha, the girl that got an uppercut on the bus, Jerry Springer, or violent brawls on Love and Hip Hop.  This bad behavior fuels female incarceration, because many are participating in acts considered criminal.  Thus we are also fostering a generation of THE NEW JANE CROW!

A real woman knows how to smoothly mitigate conflicts and disagreements without “showing her a$s”.  As a man, it is hard to even treat a female with chivalry, kindness, and respect when they don’t carry themselves in a manner worthy of chivalry.  You can’t act like a man and be angry that I don’t treat you like a woman.

When a woman is super-independent (to the extreme), we don’t feel the need to treat, cater, woo, or bend over backwards because we assume you can do everything for yourself.  Leave some room and work for us to do, allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our utility.  Historically speaking, the only thing we’ve ever really had in America as blacks was that trustful bond between husband, wife, and children.

I envision a retreat back to that graceful paradigm to rediscover feminine allure, attraction, etiquette and beauty.  Hollywood I’m not letting you dictate who my Queen is!   We need our elder matriarchal leaders to reinstall the software into our black females. Ladies you are more than a piece of A$S, you are an ASSET!

I’m just expressing my feelings.  I don’t know the innate intricacies of the female psyche. I don’t like finger pointing, it never yields resolution.  Thus to be fair to my female readers, I’ll share my open letter I wrote to young black males here:


What are your thoughts??  Peace!

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  1. teddybarexxx

    January 2, 2014 at 11:15 am

    the tI agree totally with the writer of this article! One thing i want to add this is just part of the problem. I see issues of society like a pie and within this pie there’s several pieces of the problem but part if the problem nevertheless. Entertainment is part of the problem. It use to be a time we called tv shows programs. They were referred to as a television program i stress the term program for a reason. If you break that word down (tele-vision-program) you’ll understand you must guard what you see or put into your visual mindset the more you watch the more you become people mimic other people regardless if we like to admit to this fact or not! We learn by watching others. We act by watching others. If all one sees is negative images (and hearing) day in and day out you WILL BECOME what you see and hear. Programming your mindset brothers and sisters guard your mind be mindful of what you watch and listen too turn off the radio turn off the tv read read read. When the media tell you a story research the origin before coming to a conclusion. Again i cant stress this enough!

  2. Barbara

    January 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    This is a brilliant article. You are so wright.

    I wish we would come together and do something about the Jerry Springers, Maury Poviches and like, who basically use Black people as “degerates.” They feel they can do this to us, but not to other ethnic non-White groups. I’d like to see them try and do this to the Arabs or other Muslims in this country, instead of poor uneducated Blacks.

    We need some new modern day Deacons of Defense to protect Black female womanhood. I don’t see Jerry Springer disrespecting his own ethic group the way he does Black females and males.

  3. s'ann

    January 2, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Well said Dr. Swygert, but what is missing are strategic solutions. As noted by teddybarexxx, the entertainment industry is only part of the problem. I have said this time and time again, the present generation is being raised by young adults with little or no parenting skills, and the previous generation was succumbed with drugs. So we have two generations with no guidance and direction. People that care are no better, as we are condoning such behavior by not actively getting involved and taking action to stop it. It is my philosophy that it does little to complain, if you are not going to do something about it. I think people that truly care should organize and call for a national boycott to save not only our young females, but our young males, too. Television programs depend on ratings from viewers. If you don’t watch them, the programs will be cancelled. If we collectively complain, they will cancel the programs. I believe awhile back a young lady started an online campaign to save the show, “The Game,” and the same thing can be done to eliminate programs as well. I do not watch much TV, except for the news and a few selective programs of substance, because most of the programs ain’t about nothing. The money that is spent for cable can be applied to our young people’s education. Radio programs can help by not playing degrading music and reframe messages. And for the actors, show hosts and persons creating the havoc, they need to be held accountable. Even laws can be used to correct the situation. The problem is we are accustomed to complaining rather than taking action to correct the situation.

    • Malik Gould

      January 20, 2015 at 12:17 pm

      I agree with you…

  4. s'ann

    January 5, 2014 at 2:00 am

    @Veronica Shorter, Amen.


    August 4, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Well said!

  6. hiroader2

    August 5, 2014 at 6:05 am

    The entertainment industry has REPROGRAMMED the psyche of our youth… How many times have I said that?… Only problem is Both black young females & males are being programmed to be underclass NON-CITIZENS… The solution is weeding ,farming cultivating and harvesting and the rest will follow ….

  7. Sheeka Johnson

    November 29, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    I’m disappointed in this Article and those who are posting scripture. It is clear that there is not a clear understanding of the order if you are relating it to this article as this article is the very opposite as it ask women to be better females so that men can be better males. This is out of order! This was the thinking of Adam as he blamed Eve for eating the fruit. Yet God didn’t hold him any less responsible. Relations between men and women are like a dance the man leads the woman follows. But the key word is LEAD! A leader is responsible for EVERYTHING at least that’s what my leadership training is amounting to. So let’s start with the MAN in the mirror. If I was a leader and saw scantily clad women walking about I would ask what amI doing wrong that is causing tthis outcome. Once again we question the supply of young girls in whores uniforms but not the demand. If you valued the girl in a turtle neck more than the girl in the coochie cutters would not all women try to be that? If fathers stayed in the home not just take care of their children because studies and psychology reveal that out of sight out of mind patterns of thought is most common and that when a man exits the house his role in day to day activities become almost non existent….wouldn’t thefemale and male child have a better understanding about what characteristics a good man worth giving time to would be like? This article is asking women to add another task to their never ending to do list to make life easier and do for men who have not met the needs mentally. Emotionally, and with the rise of ED starting to be physical which is really the only thing that black men can collectively hold on as their claim to fame. I think an attack on symptoms rather than getting to ALL sides of a problem is a waste of time. The black man although set up to be the baby boy of America must understand that if he wants to be a leader he must take ultimate responsibility. No excuses! The feminity will come when masculinity is evident.

    • Malik Gould

      January 20, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      I so agree and he used a picture of my little sister who was lost by my mother to drugs… I found her 4 years ago and we are doing great. But he posts a pic from 6 years ago highlighting s teens painful history. Man… I guess this is how you uplift the youth… Smdh. I’m the one uplifting her while he’s exploiting her over the internret…

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