James Liddell: Is The Image Of Black People In Shambles? | Kulture Kritic
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James Liddell: Is The Image Of Black People In Shambles?


James Liddell: Is The Image Of Black People In Shambles?

from-king-to-obama-perceptions-of-progress-in-the-black-communityBy James Liddell

Recently I had the pleasure of reading the YourBlackWorld.net article, “12 Years a Slave Posters Recalled for Allowing White Saviors to Overshadow Black Star” and it somewhat shed some light on an interesting subject in my mind – the black image overall and relative to other races.

Reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement…we marched…EVERYBODY benefited.  It’s been stated time and again, “Why can’t WE do anything that’s strictly beneficial to US? Why must we remain INDIRECT beneficiaries of our own DIRECT efforts?”  This thought process seems to have taken hold within the Black psyche and is revealing itself in a general distain for promoting ourselves.  Of course, all this remains in a world where all other races have no qualms putting themselves first, even at our detriment.  Not to paint them as a bad or evil or any foolishness like that but to set the foundation for the understanding of the basic nature of the world in which we live.  Seems everyone understands this (and benefits from it) except blacks.  It’s increasingly important to follow up whatever successes we achieve with a consistent positive image of our people and our culture, which directly correlates into social power for blacks residing in positions of power.  If other racial groups, which are in a much stronger standing than the black community, fell the need to do it, then we certainly must do it and at an ever-increasing rate should we have hope to “catch-up”.  Catch-up here, meaning remove ourselves from the lower-rung of the social latter and from becoming, in the words of Dr. Claud Anderson, “A permanent lower class”.  I believe this is indeed a reasonable possibility especially considering our lack of advancement as a community under the first black President of the United States.  No, not blaming anyone or pointing fingers, however we have much to do and we MUST take note of our progress as to direct our efforts into the MOST beneficial paths.

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Social racial power is real.  People see and judge by races and generally make assumptions on others based on the condition of that individuals overall people and community.  Is this right or wrong? We actually have NO time to even engage that discussion.  Time is a luxury we’re running quite short on.  Any attempt to change this is a sure waste of time and against just about every law of nature there’s ever been.  Prejudice, racism and discrimination are all by-products of a human existence. Do we have to be perfect? No.  Can individuals attain accomplishments on their own merit? Of course…  We can name countless blacks that have accomplished the impossible while our general community remains in shambles.  Let’s see how much we could accomplish should “the splinter” be removed.

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  1. Antonio

    January 3, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    Print this article and all of the responses and mail it to every house in this Country.

    Well said!

  2. shouldofpickyourowncotton

    January 4, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    This is such an absurd and exaggerated article about black amerikkkans image being in shambles.The truth is black folks in this racist country and around the world is biasly depicted in a negative image .The sad thing black Amerikkkans believe the stereotypes,distortions,lies, and propaganda.They are more blacks today who has a high school diploma,college degrees,own a home,multple cars, are millionaires, and own businesses!!The truth is more caucasians/whites commit more white on white crimes 84% google it,plus more whites are on food stamps and public assistance.Black Amerikkkans have made great strides despite systemic racism!! Black negative imagery is self imposed not by the caucasians /whites but by so call BLACK FOLKS whose plan is to EXPLOIT US,

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