Meet the Black Man Who Wants Obama Hanged


Black has referenced Benedict Arnold, a figure from the Revolutionary War who betrayed George Washington and the United States, as one whose behavior President Obama has mimicked and whose punishment the President should share.  Ironically, Benedict Arnold was not hung for treason, but dying from gout at the ripe old age of 60.  Black has used the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook to deliver his messages of censure against the President


When asked by fellow Republicans if he was serious with his stance regarding President Obama and regarding his expressed  version of events, Black pointed to actions that, according to him, had been committed by the President, like calling for the death of Al-Awaki (sic) and his son on suspicion of terrorism and calling for the death of Eric (sic) Snowden and Bradley Manning,  when they  have not killed anyone.  Black maintains that if anyone else had committed these actions that those persons would be found to be treasonous. To date, President Obama has not called for the execution of Manning or Edward Snowden.

While Black has expressed commentary that is focused on the President, Mr. Obama is not Black’s only area of contention with the current state of affairs in the United States.  For example, Black suggests that income tax is similar to Soviet Communism, and also refers to Liberals as “criminal politicians”.


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  4. Carolyn Marshall

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